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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Runway 101 at HELP University College

TheNanny invited some of us bloggers to the Runway 101 event that is organized by his club and his the organizing chairman. Basically Runway 101 is a competition to choose the best student that took part in terms of catwalk and modeling quality.

The competition started at 7pm but due to work commitment, I only arrive there at 7.45 pm, just in time for their 1st half break. So, I totally missed out the 1st half of the catwalk.

The red carpet walk way.

MC of the night.

Some of the participants during the 2nd half of the catwalk. I lost the name list so can't remember the names :p

Natasha, and Denezia from Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 were the guest model there to do catwalk besides the participant.

Oh, Juanita is one of the judges.

After the catwalk session, it's time for Q&A for the top 5. The questions were prepared by each judges and the top 5 contestant will pick one from the box.

One of the contestant answering the question she picked.

Before the result is announced, we were entertained by a group, Nigel & Co. if I remember correctly. They did few numbers of song and the most interesting one if the male version of Britney Spears' "Oops, I did it again". Nice.

Jennifer (if not mistaken) emerge the winner. I thin mostly because of the votes garnered from the audience. Each audience can vote and it will contribute to the points. She's obviously has a lot of supporter there that night from the shouting of her name.

The 1st winner of Runway 101 was crowned.

It was a very successful event. A job well done, Mr. Organizing Chairman a.k.a. TheNanny a.k.a Dennis Khor. Photo with Diese, Zoe Yve, Dennis and Natasha.

Of course there's Mr. EveryWhereYouSeeHim

Angela, one of the official MDG2 Blogger.

A picture with the first runner-up winner.

ShitZoeTM made a guest appearance to congratulate Dennis for the job well done. We all then embarked to Bangsar for yumcha session.


蓝玫瑰Emily said...


hehe I am from HELP eh!

Simon Seow said...

Emily: ah! really. it's very near my office. HP Tower lol. How's work?

Hayley said...

so, what do u think of this batch's girls?
got potential arr? ;)

ai wei said...

simon is surrounded with lots of pretty gals e :P

§pinzer said...

oi! apa macam la hehe... kena kasi support a bit kan :)

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: got potential in what? modeling? er.. don't know, I'm not professional enough to judge.

ai wei: as always ;)

tock tock: okay.