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Sunday, June 14, 2009

MDG2 Grand Finale

Last month I went to the Curve for Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 Grand Finale. This is old news by now, I know. Yet, as one of the official blogger, I felt obligated to blog about it lah.

Juanita drove home this Chevrolet Aveo 1.4l.

Managed to camwhore with Denezia way before the show starts. I was there damn early.

Alison is the red carpet interviewer. She's interviewing Pinky's bf, Ah Fai here. While Jay is the catwalk choreographer, so she's at the backstage the whole time.

I invited Bangsar Babe because she's a fan of MDG2 too. Sorry, I still have no time to get the CD from you :p Let's do lunch this Wednesday.

Zoe Yve was there and she got the extra pass from me. (This is how the picture will look like if the finger block the flash.)

Ah Fai the very supportive boyfriend made this banter for Pinky. How sweet.

Align Center

Jeffro, Nigel and Suresh uses each other as tripod wtf.

How can we forget Dennis the Nanny.

A fellow official blogger, Angela.

Some of the girls from MDG1 were there too.




Online Judges:


Kenny Sia

Kulvinder was around the area. Any plan for MDG3?

With Acha and Sharlene.

Congratulating Pinky for taking 1st Runner-up.

Diese and I congratulating Juanita that's been crown MDG2 Winner.

She called herself Pink Pork Chop but I seldom see her wear pink.

Serge wants free hug everywhere he goes.

Jay was busy the whole night at the backstage.

Ming is not too bad to make it to the top 4.

I didn't get a chance to take picture with Dawn, the 2nd Runner-up.

After the grand finale, most of the bloggers went to SS15 to have burger, except me T_T.

You can catch all the episodes, including the Grand Finale of MDG2 here.


Pork Chop said...

i noticed i dont wear that much pink during events too! hahaha...but i still have a lot of pink collection! wakakkaa

Simon Seow said...

Griza: ah, wear more pink next time then lol

Ciki said...

Phhweet! Wot babes! and i recognize bsar babe:D