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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hennessy Artistry @ The Loft

Yes. This Hennessy Artistry happened more than a month ago. I've blogged about it here. So on that night I reached the venue for the press conference, which is just below the Loft. Saw Serge there and later his guest Hitomi. I took out my camera and was about to shoot and I found out that there's no batteries in the camera. I forgot to put the batteries that was being charged back into the camera T_T. So, I'll have to borrow pictures from my fellow blogger friends.

There's no more City Hennessy Cocktail such as Miami or Shanghai. Instead there's 10 new mix such as apple, green tea, soda, ginger ale and etc. (I can't remember all lah)

The drinking starts even before the press conference. There's also nice finger food to go with the new Hennessy Mix. I was already quite high even before the event starts. In the press conference, we get to meet Starz Angels, and Caprice.

Bumped into Joyce at the press conference.

All you can drink. Hennessy Soda.

Before going to the Loft. A picture with Jamie and Ren.

With EV here.

Of course, the mature looking 租儿

Serge, me and Jack.

This is what free flow Hennessy did to Ben and I. Red face.

Lovely Jane.

I remembered I took a picture with Sarah Lian but forgot on who's camera. Sigh, never mind. Next time I'll remember to put back the batteries into the camera. A photo credit to SJ and special thanks to StephK. I say sorry first if I forgot to mention your name here because without picture I don't really remember so many. I remember Yat, Joshua, and Sidney. I saw Yee Hou and Anne too. Jess was there representing Juice Magazine.

As I was writing this, the next Hennessy Artistry is coming soon. This one is at the Zouk Phuture. The DJs are cool Lap Sap, gorgeous DJ Yasmin, VJ Spacebar and Young6IXX (American rapper). From the line up, I can already feel the great club music and hip hop theme that night.

Happening this Thursday 4th of June from 9 p.m. onwards. RSVP here.

I hope that I'll get invited again for this Hennessy Artistry event.


mknace unlimited said...


Lyle Gogh said...

image thief!

kellster said...

"matured" looking or not. she is still underage to be at that kinda event.


Simon Seow said...

mk: woot!

serge: credit given wat

Kel Li: kekeke, true true

Lyle Gogh said...

i know lar XD

babychyu said...

simon 1st time wear so nice !