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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dragon Ramen at Nantsuttei, Parco Millenia Walk, Singapore

When I was in Singapore early last month, searching for food is one of my main objective. So, I DMed (Direct Message) Nic of Black Tie, White Lie for some recommendation. Came back four recommendations on Japanese food. He wrote that there are many new venues for Japanese food.

Following his advise, I came to Parco Millenia Walk which is just opposite Suntec City. I took the Circle Link and stopped at Esplanade MRT Station. There will be two exits one leading to Suntec City and the other is Millenia Walk. Parco is actually a department stores inside Millenia Walk. On the top floor of Parco there's an area called Itadakimasu (something like Bon Appetit in Japanese). This area houses 5 restaurants and all of the restaurants sell Japanese cuisine except for one that serve Italian cuisince. There are specialty restaurants there like ramen restaurant, sushi restaurant, tonkatsu restaurant, and modern ramen restaurant.

After browsing through all the restaurants there, I decided to have my dinner at Nantsuttei which specializes in ramen. What attracted me is the traditional Japanese ramen shop design of the restaurant. From their website, I found out that Singapore is the only outlet outside of Japan they have. Damn lucky you Singaporean. Can't read Japanese? Don't worry, their Singapore outlet's website is here.

I was having an adventurous mood that evening, so I ordered a bowl of Dragon Ramen (SGD $15). The different is the additional spicy minced pork added. There's also nori (seaweed), beansprouts, negi (spring onions), ajitsuke tama (flavoured boiled egg) and chashu (Japanese BBQ pork). Please do not be alarmed by the dark soup based. It is actually their special miso (fermented bean paste) soup, which the miso is fermented in their own kitchen in Japan and then flown to Singapore.

Their ramen is made in Japan and then air flown to Singapore. Slurp..Oh my, this must be one of the best ramen I've ever eaten. It's so springy and solid. There's no the after taste of alkaline water too. Paired with the rich yet not overwhelming black miso soup it will make you to ask for more.

I also love the ajitsuke tama. Hard boiled on egg white yet the yolk is still in a semi liquid form. I bet WMW will love this egg.

To take the taste of the ramen to another level. I asked of the raw garlic. It's free of charge.

Pressed the garlic juice into the soup and voila. A whole new taste. It makes the rich soup tasted stronger with a garlic oomph to it. If you like garlic then this is a very good option to try.

You haven't finish your ramen until you see this picture inside the bowl. Ginny replied me in Twitter saying that the picture is very cute.

Ramen: 4.75/5

As with any Japanese ramen shop, there will always be gouza as a side dish. The Fuufu Enman Gyoza (Happy Couple Gyoza) (SGD $6) here is quite good but the size is a bit too small for my liking.

Rating: 3.5/5

Although the price is a bit steep for us Malaysian but it's quite worth it for the good quality and great tasting ramen. Service is very good as what one can expect from a typical Japanese restaurant. The staffs are very friendly and attentive. I even heard the Japanese couples sitting next to my table say "Umai" (Delicious).


Private House No.P3-06, #03-02 Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
On the 3F of PARCO Marina Bay .
Tel: +65 6337 7166
Fax: +65 6337 7791
Opens from 11 am till 10.30 pm

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get a Pizza From Pizza Hut for Only RM 1++

I still remember during Hari Raya I won a Hotlink Hot Ticket from Diese after I commented on her block. Not only that the RM 15 Hot Ticket gives me 120mins of talk time and 300 SMSes to be used up in 10 days. The combined value of the 120 mins talk time and 300 SMSes is RM 60. It's such a bargain.

There's more bargain on the HotTicket. For the Hari Raya HotTicket that I got from Diese, I can use the coupon to exchange for two pieces of KFC chicken free of charge. During this Christmas and New Year season I got another Hotlink HotTicket. After I activated the HotTicket, I can used the coupon to buy a Personal Pan Pizza 6" Family Favourite from Pizza Hut with only RM 1++. Such a bloody bargain.

Be quick, the RM1++ pizza only valid till 31st January 2011.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jay Chou Malaysia Concert Tickets Still Available!!

I was browsing the web and feeling kind of boring. Not sure what makes me come to TicketCharge website again. It's the online ticketing website for Jay Chou 超时代 2011 World Tour Live in Malaysia which will happen on March 4th and 5th 2011.

I was just randomly checking through the seats plan, knowingly all affordable seats were sold out as I blogged about it here. Which, I thought only the Rock Zone tickets were still available. Checking the seats for the RM333 ticket, I chose L16, all sold out, then I clicked on L15.

I can't believe my eyes because I saw a few blue icons, which means available seats. So, I quickly choose the best seat available and check out. Woot, finally I was able to purchase a Jay Chou concert ticket that is within my budget.

The blue seats are available. Red is the seat I selected.

From what I see there are still some seats left in L15 and L14 for the 4th March 2011 concert. For those of you that still wanna watch the concert can try your luck.

Confirmation email from TicketCharge.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Simon Says Is Now 3!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Dong, dong, dong, dong ,dong, the clock strikes midnight on 27th December 2010, this blog is officially three year old. It's been quite a happening year for me this year.

As the tradition of this blog, every blog anniversary will go with a little bit of change in the background colour and a new header.

This is the previous header paired with a light purple background. I always used the pictures that I've put on this blog through out the years to make the header. So for the header above are the pictures of food review, event, party and other activities that I've blogged about in the year 2009.

This year will be the same, I will use the pictures that I took through out the year 2010 and make it into a header.

Wish you had a nice Boxing Day and a Happy New Year. I hope next year will have more great food review, event, party, movie screening and etc for me.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ham Jean Bang (咸煎饼) in Section 17

It was a Tuesday afternoon if I remembered correctly. It is a public holiday but because it's a Tuesday I was on shift. After having lunch at Restoran Jackson in Section 17 (one of my favourite place for lunch when I work morning shift on a Public Holiday or Sunday). I saw a small white lorry parked outside. As a go for a closer look, I saw a variety of 'hum jean bang' (咸煎饼). Usually it's a small stall selling the same thing outside. Maybe the lorry only comes here on Tuesday and the small stall closed on the same day.

Normally 'hum jean bang' (咸煎饼) only comes with two fillings, plain (i think there's five spices powder in it (五香粉)) and red bean paste (豆沙). This mobile stall not only have the two flavours but a few more new fillings that I haven't seen in a 'hum jean bang' (咸煎饼) before.

There's yam paste (芋头), chocolate (巧克力), coconut, pandan, sweet corn and lotus paste (莲蓉). Not only that, for the 'yao char kwai' (油条/油炸鬼) there's also a garlic flavour one. However there's only one flavour for the 'ma kiok' (马脚) or "horse leg".

I decided to buy some for tea time later. I bought yam paste and pandan fillings 'hum jean bang'. Also the garlic flavoured 'yao char kwai'. I like the yam paste filling which is not very sweet and also I like the black sesame on the skin. I think yam paste is the only one that is covered with black sesame.

Yam paste 'hum jean bang'.

While the pandan filling is not too bad it tasted kind of weird in a ' hum jean bang'. Maybe it should stick back to cakes or bread or puff for pandan filling.

Pandan 'hum jean bang'.

The garlic 'yao char kwai' doesn't look different from the normal one except for the strong garlic smell. It's like eating garlic bread only crunchier.

Garlic 'yao char kwai'.

All the new flavour 'hum jean bang' are selling for RM 1 each while the normal two are selling for RM 0.80 each. I forgot how much is the garlic 'yao char kwai'.

Outside Restoran Jackson
Jalan 17/27, Petaling Jaya

Google Map here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NigaHiga The 1st YouTube Channel To Hit 3 million Subscribers!!

Most of you would have know it by now. What is the most subscribe channel on YouTube! ? Well, it happens to be NigaHiga, yupe, he has over 3 million subscribers now. That's 3,000,000!!! Imagine if every month each subscriber contribute 1 cent to his YouTube ads, that will be a monthly income of USD 300,000 per month. Congrats to you Ryan Higa. I am one of the 3 millions by the way :p

Check out his videos, some of it are very funny. You can check out his channel here.

Actually I only came to know about NigaHiga back when I was watching the web series did by WongFu Productions and KevJumba "FUnemployed". From there I started to take notice of these popular YouTubers such as David Choi and Kina Grannis.

Some of my favourite YouTube channels are WongFu Productions, KevJumba, realannoyingorange, davidchoimusic, and freddiew. So what's your favourite YouTube channel?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

7ASTE New York at Hex & Mayfair, Damansara Perdana

Last Friday I went to another 7aste event and also the last one for this year. This time the venue changed to next block, which is Hex & Mayfair, Menara Taiko, PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana. The previous one was held at Ecoba, Menara Bata, PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana.

I invited my cousin Joyce along because she kept complaining that I never invite her to any of the events I went to.

My cousin Joyce and I.

For VIP, I get a bottle of Jack Daniels and a table (for those that came early). Heineken free flow for all guests. If you want to get updates about future 7aste event, then you should register yourself here. It's FOC.

Other than the free flow of booze and awesome finger foods, I always looking forward the the game at 7aste event. This time it's Wall St. There's 7 branded items which you can predict the price of the item in USD. The one that can guessed the closest price to the real price will be able to win that item. The 1st round there's Calvin Klein watch, Coach sling bag, and Tiffany & Co. silver necklace. Too bad the prices I guessed were too high.

There are girls dressed like OL (Office Lady) to help you with the game.

The party has not even started for 1 hour and Mike Yip's face is red like a baboon's backside.


Thank you Leonard for the invitation.

Joyce and Louise. I found out that night she's my college junior.

Shannon C that I bumped into very often nowadays. Now I won't mistaken her for Tziaaa already :p

Happy to see Weii in the event, she's back to Malaysia after spending months in New Zealand.

Jiayeen that I've met in the previous 7aste. She was a former colleague with my cousin sister.

Jessica and Ceddy were having so much fun.

The show started with Harith Iskandar telling her Singaporean vs Malaysian jokes. He's funny.

My table then became the most popular table to hangout.

Bumped into a very slim Jun Jun Riko there. What's the secret?

Later into the night, the waiters started serving piping hot oven baked pizza. Esther and Taufulou wanted a piece of it or many pieces in the end lol. Esther look hippie right?

The pizza is piping hot with melting cheese all over it. Yums.

Peeps that were there too are Joshua Law, Clevermunkey, Feeq, Jason, Chloe, Yann Lee, Samantha, and Kelvin. Also met a few new faces.

Another great 7aste event. Looking forward to more of it next year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ah Lam Mee Bok 阿林面卜,JLN. Tua Kong Branch, Singapore

On the 6th day when I was in Singapore last month, my sis brought me to one of her favourite place for kueh tiow teng 粿條汤 (flat rice noodle soup). There's this JLN. Tua Kong Ah Lam Mee Bok 阿林面卜branch here in Kwek Seng Huat Eating House in Bedok Road. Unlike in Malaysia where most of our coffee shop will be called Restoran XXX, here most of the coffee shop is called "Eating House". Mee bok is actually the flat type wanton noodle, that's what it's called in Singapore.

My sis told me that other than mee bok, the kueh teow/hor fun/flat rice noodle here is also very good. So we both ordered each a kueh tiow soup. The fish balls and prawns that goes inside the kueh tiow are very fresh. The soup is quite clear and not very salty, there's also no or very little sign of MSG because I didn't feel thirsty even after drinking much of the soup.

The kueh tiow is wider than what we got in Malaysia but it's also as smooth as what we got back in Malaysia. Losing to the hor fun in Ipoh just a bit. I can say the kueh tiow here is better than the kueh tiow used here. Normally I am not a fan of kueh tiow teng but I have to agreed with my sister that the kueh tiow teng here is good.

Rating: 4/5

My sis is also a fan of popiah. She says that the popiah here is quite good also. So, we ordered a portion to share.

It's a simple yet wonderful lunch with my sis. Thanks for bringing me here sis.


Ah Lam Mee Bok 阿林面卜,JLN. Tua Kong Branch
Kwek Seng Huat Eating House
324A Bedok Road, Bedok,