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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jay Chou "The Era" (超时代) 2011 World Tour Live in Malaysia Tickets Sold Out !??

I want to go watch Jay Chou "The Era" (超时代) 2011 World Tour Live in Malaysia which will happen on March 4th and 5th 2011. The bad news is all the tickets were sold out during the launch on 27 November at KL Sogo (main entrance).

Concert tickets are priced at RM760 (rock zone), RM480 (VIP), RM330 (PS1), RM230 (PS2) and RM130 (PS3) were sold out it seems. I checked the online ticket agent Ticket Charge and found that it is true that all the seats for RM 480 to RM 130 were all taken up for both 4th and 5th of March.

I try to check the RM760 (rock zone) and found that I can still able to add to the shopping basket. So, does this mean the ticket for Rock Zone is still available? If it is then this is a good news for Jay Chou fans out there. I didn't check out because I don't have RM 763 (RM 3 service charge) to spare lol.

Now I'll be thinking whether to buy the Rock Zone ticket or not but for RM 763 it will surely burn a hole in my wallet. For those of you that capable and a Jay Chou die hard fan can to try your luck on getting the Rock Zone ticket. I'll have to see how much I'll get for year end bonus first then decide whether to purchase the Rock Zone ticket or not T_T