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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jay Chou Malaysia Concert Tickets Still Available!!

I was browsing the web and feeling kind of boring. Not sure what makes me come to TicketCharge website again. It's the online ticketing website for Jay Chou 超时代 2011 World Tour Live in Malaysia which will happen on March 4th and 5th 2011.

I was just randomly checking through the seats plan, knowingly all affordable seats were sold out as I blogged about it here. Which, I thought only the Rock Zone tickets were still available. Checking the seats for the RM333 ticket, I chose L16, all sold out, then I clicked on L15.

I can't believe my eyes because I saw a few blue icons, which means available seats. So, I quickly choose the best seat available and check out. Woot, finally I was able to purchase a Jay Chou concert ticket that is within my budget.

The blue seats are available. Red is the seat I selected.

From what I see there are still some seats left in L15 and L14 for the 4th March 2011 concert. For those of you that still wanna watch the concert can try your luck.

Confirmation email from TicketCharge.


czhong said...

Hi there. Do u know what date in his concert in malaysia 2013 pleaseee?? :-)

Simon Seow said...

Hi czhong.

There's no official date yet but it will be in the month of August. You can check out the organizer's website frequently for the date.