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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ham Jean Bang (咸煎饼) in Section 17

It was a Tuesday afternoon if I remembered correctly. It is a public holiday but because it's a Tuesday I was on shift. After having lunch at Restoran Jackson in Section 17 (one of my favourite place for lunch when I work morning shift on a Public Holiday or Sunday). I saw a small white lorry parked outside. As a go for a closer look, I saw a variety of 'hum jean bang' (咸煎饼). Usually it's a small stall selling the same thing outside. Maybe the lorry only comes here on Tuesday and the small stall closed on the same day.

Normally 'hum jean bang' (咸煎饼) only comes with two fillings, plain (i think there's five spices powder in it (五香粉)) and red bean paste (豆沙). This mobile stall not only have the two flavours but a few more new fillings that I haven't seen in a 'hum jean bang' (咸煎饼) before.

There's yam paste (芋头), chocolate (巧克力), coconut, pandan, sweet corn and lotus paste (莲蓉). Not only that, for the 'yao char kwai' (油条/油炸鬼) there's also a garlic flavour one. However there's only one flavour for the 'ma kiok' (马脚) or "horse leg".

I decided to buy some for tea time later. I bought yam paste and pandan fillings 'hum jean bang'. Also the garlic flavoured 'yao char kwai'. I like the yam paste filling which is not very sweet and also I like the black sesame on the skin. I think yam paste is the only one that is covered with black sesame.

Yam paste 'hum jean bang'.

While the pandan filling is not too bad it tasted kind of weird in a ' hum jean bang'. Maybe it should stick back to cakes or bread or puff for pandan filling.

Pandan 'hum jean bang'.

The garlic 'yao char kwai' doesn't look different from the normal one except for the strong garlic smell. It's like eating garlic bread only crunchier.

Garlic 'yao char kwai'.

All the new flavour 'hum jean bang' are selling for RM 1 each while the normal two are selling for RM 0.80 each. I forgot how much is the garlic 'yao char kwai'.

Outside Restoran Jackson
Jalan 17/27, Petaling Jaya

Google Map here.


Michelle Chin said...

I thought I saw you today at Chynna...

Simon Seow said...

Michelle: Nope never been there before :p

Bean 阿豆 said...


jfook said...

the panda one looks good. =D

Simon Seow said...

Bean: nice!!

jfook: yeah, quite nice tasting.

Hayley said...

My favourite! Just perfect for my tea time, haha :D