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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun Filled World of Everyone Connects

Any football fans out there? Movie lovers? How about music enthusiast? Well, no matter what you like or dislike, you'll most probably able to find it on The World of EveryoneConnects.

The World of EveryoneConnects is where one will be able to find activity of one's interest online with other people that shared the same interest. Some of the fun things that are available here. It's quite fun to explore the world with your avatar in The World of EveryoneConnects.

My avatar running left and right exploring the interesting subject in the virtual world.

For movie lovers, you can check out movie trailers of on coming movie in Sini Maa at The World of EveryoneConnects!

Sini Maa!

Christmas is coming soon! Have you sent out your seasons greetings from our open house at The World of EveryoneConnects? Open house is where you can send virtual greeting cards to you friends and families.

Open House

There are a lot of greeting cards for different ocasion to choose from. There's Birthday cards, Christmas cards, and even New Year 2011 cards.

Choose your greeting cards in Open House

Hey football lovers. You can direct your avatar over to The Stadium. If you are a Manchester United fan, you are pleased to know that you can catch up with your Man Utd news before the weeks matches at The Stadium @ The World of Everyone Connects. By the way, EveryoneConnects got a viewing party for the Chelsea vs Man U game this weekend! Come down to Padang Timur PJ at 12pm this Sunday.

The Stadium

There's a Kopitiam for the people @ The World of EveryoneConnects to chat too. Watching football at home and need to speak your mind about the match? No problem, walk your avatar to Kopitiam and chat away with other football fans that is watching the same match.

My avatar outside Kopitiams

For those that love music and like to create music. Drop by Jamming Garage to browse through the music selections, listen to music created by others, and also shared your own music creation with the others in EveryoneConnects.

Jamming Garage

Come on to The World of EveryoneConnects and make your own avatar now. There's a lot of interesting stuff there.