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Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Guinness!

Christmas came early with Guinness for me last month. I was invited to the launch of Merry Guinness campaign 2010 at Malone's in Sooka Sentral. From my experience with Guinness launching event, I know that it will be a great one.

Free flow of Guinness Draught all night long. Yummy. I drank the first with an empty stomach lol.

Also available are Christmas goodies like cane candy, ginger bread man and Christmas tree bread? :p

It's no fun without some of the bloggers friend like Tian Chad, Jackie, Shannon and Joshua Law.

One will sure see Jessica in a event like this. Also thank you Yuen Yee from Nom Nom Media for inviting me.

Everyone enjoying their Guinness Draught while waiting for the launching.

Let the launch begin.

Mr. Mark Jenner (Left), Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad and Mr. Peter Khemlani (Right), Marketing Manager of GUINNESS® accompanied by the lovely GUINNESS® Merry-rina’s at the Launch of the MERRY GUINNESS® 2010 campaign.

And the food to be served.

Nice food presentation designed by Sidney of BBO.

Dishes true to the Christmas spirit, beef roast, turkey, Guinness infused beef stew and etc.

So, with the tagline ‘Merry Guinness. Share the Magic this Christmas,’ what is this campaign all about?

First, it's about the limited edition GUINNESS® Heritage Collection glass. You can get one for free by purchasing six pints of GUINNESS® draught or one bucket of GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout from participating outlets. Of course Malone's is one of the outlet and so are Sid's Pubs. For more information of the participating outlets go to

This unique glass bears a vintage look and is available in two designs, based on the internationally-acclaimed GUINNESS® advertising campaign that took place in 1938 and 1955 respectively, featuring the infamous Toucan and the smiling head. Taken from the work of legendary English illustrator John Gilroy, who was famous for his iconic advertising masterpiece for GUINNESS®, the GUINNESS® Heritage Collection glasses will bode well as collector’s items that will also double up as great Christmas gifts for friends.

Thank you Guinness for this GUINNESS® Heritage Collection glass.

Famous bloggers spotted: Cheesie, Audrey and Timothy Tiah.

Second round of food, I took the liberty of finishing off the turkey. Muahahaha.

After filling my stomach, it's time to watch magic show.

Listen to live band music.

Oops, not those two. I meant the live band below.

Serge and I while watching the other bloggers doing Merry Guinness greetings video.

Shannon doing her Merry Guinness! Greeting video.

What white Christmas? Black is the new white here.

In addition to sharing the spirit of Christmas with family and friends, GUINNESS® has prepared a game with a magical twist. The Merry Mat game is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser which will make the celebration more thrilling and memorable as it fills the air with barrels of laughs amongst friends. Look out for the Merry Mats at your favourite GUINNESS® outlets nationwide.

We did a test play on The Merry Mat and it was fun. We used virtual dice from my LG phone because we can't find real dice lol.

It was such a fun filled event. Some of them won six mini Guinness bottles from 6 different year. I got the bottle design that started from 2003. Too bad the mini bottles are not included in the campaign this time.

Last but not least, I will like to wish all of you an early Merry Guinness! Go and collect the GUINNESS® Heritage Collection glasses.


melmonica said...

It looked tonnes of fun yo! Cheerios x)

Simon Seow said...

yeah, it's such fun! Especially palying the Merry Mat game.

Hayley said...

Wow Guinness!!
Haha, Audrey looks so neardy with that spec! and why her face so red one?
Have a nice day!!

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: I asked her that too but she herself don't know why her face is red.

c0co said...

GINGER BREAK MAN LEH!!!!!!!!!!!!! YER I WAN!!!!!!!!