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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get a Pizza From Pizza Hut for Only RM 1++

I still remember during Hari Raya I won a Hotlink Hot Ticket from Diese after I commented on her block. Not only that the RM 15 Hot Ticket gives me 120mins of talk time and 300 SMSes to be used up in 10 days. The combined value of the 120 mins talk time and 300 SMSes is RM 60. It's such a bargain.

There's more bargain on the HotTicket. For the Hari Raya HotTicket that I got from Diese, I can use the coupon to exchange for two pieces of KFC chicken free of charge. During this Christmas and New Year season I got another Hotlink HotTicket. After I activated the HotTicket, I can used the coupon to buy a Personal Pan Pizza 6" Family Favourite from Pizza Hut with only RM 1++. Such a bloody bargain.

Be quick, the RM1++ pizza only valid till 31st January 2011.


ai wei said...

will go get my hot tix :)