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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blog of the Week:

Ok, it's been almost a week that I didn't have any post. Two reason, one is because the Blog of the Week Contest is running and two is that I don't quite have Internet access and been thinking of what to blog in the coming CNY, which my holiday will start on the 6th Feb and end on the 16th Feb.

Back to this week's Blog of the Week. Yes, you see the title. This week Blog of the Week selection is non other than As, those of you who followed my Blog of the Week Launching Contest, we have got 3 person that got it right and the first two that answered correctly will get to claim the prize. The rules says Anonymous will not be eligible, so the winners are amb3rite and crazylobster. Congratulation to both of you.

Now, I don't think I have to do much introduction about I'll do a how I get to know rather than who is KY.

Photo by Asyraf Lee Photography

Two years ago, I was working as a sales executive, and as in sales travelling is a must. Then one fine day I got to go to a place to meet up a customer in a place that I'm not very familiar with. So, as what I usually do with unfamiliar road or places, I google it. I always add in map + location in my search. In the result, there's a website that got a map for that area that I'll be going to, so I clicked it and to my pleasant surprise, this site is something like a food review site. Yes, I've found

After reading a few post and I got hooked. As I am a food lover myself, the urge to know where to get some good food is strong. I've read from the latest to the archived. When I am having trouble of thinking where to go for dinner or lunch, kyspeaks is a good stop for me.

What do I like about this food blog?

1. It's categorized by food type, state, and down to a typical area. For example, you can look for food from Sea Park or PJ Old Town.

2. The KY style map. Reading about good food but don't know how to go to the place is like saying to a girl you like, I bought a diamond ring for you but you'll have to find the way to it yourself. With a map provided, I can find the food reviewed with ease without me having to google it again.

3. The no-nonsense collate style photos that let you see about 4 dishes in one picture rather than 1 picture of each dish will save the loading time as you anticipating how is the food look like.

After a few months of reading the post in, I've also decided to start my own blog so born the now defunct I failed as a food blogger because I don't have a camera to take the picture of the food. Who will read a food blog without any pictures? That's why Simon Says start without any food post but soon it may have some food post because I can now borrow my cousin's 3.2 megapixel digital camera.

By the way, I just found out from that turned 3 year old on the 1st of Febuary 2008. So, this post is posted just at the right timing LOL. Here, I wish Happy Birthday to and may you continue to blog about good food for a glutton like me. So, let me present to you Simon Says Week 2 Y08 Blog of the Week; ***drum roll****


amb3r1te said...

OMG, i really won!
*jumps up and down in excitement!*

Simon Seow said...

Yupe, tembakan awak tepat pada sasaran. Congrats and welcome.

KY said...

Tenkiu very much! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you :D can postpone to march 2009? :P lol

yammylicious said...

aww cutie ky!!! ^^

ling239 said...

stupid streamyx at home not working properly and i din get to vote !!

* but then again if i voted, i wont get it right too ~ XD

Simon Seow said...

ky: welcome, you inspired me to blog.

val: er..I passed the prize to Suan, postpone is impossible but thanks for participating. Maybe, I buy you some bak kua and ask the Guy to bring it to you in April.

Jasmine: nice right that pic, Asyraf did a nice job

ling239: nvm, there's always future. maybe we can go food crawl