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Friday, June 20, 2014

My Favourite Clothing is T-Shirt!

I only buy clothes once or twice a year and it's mainly for working attire like long sleeves shirts and slacks. There is one particular type of clothing that I buy almost every quarterly. That's because I wore this type of clothing everyday and at almost any time if the occasion is suitable.

Yes. You are right. My favourite clothing that I wear everyday is t-shirt. I wore it when I go out for a movie, I wore it when I am meeting my friends, I wore it while working out and I wore it when I sleep too. It's convenient and comfortable.

It's easy to match t-shirt with any other clothing. I can wear it with jeans, khakis, shorts and etc. My favourite style is t-shirt, khakis and sandals, so comfortable and yet not too sloppy. T-shirt also can comes in diffrent colours and prints. I love those t-shirt with a clever quote or picture. Also, prints of my favourite anime or cartoon character or special kind of prints that is collaborating with well known designer/artist/comic blogger.

Of course, being a man, shopping is not my forte and going out to a mall to buy t-shirt is a rare occasion. Thank goodness for the invention of Internet and online shopping. Where I can browse the different kind of t-shirts without stepping a foot out of my house. Best of all, I can even compare the pricing of a few online shops to find the best deal.

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