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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale - Event

Updates: Just found out from MR. BBQ that Ringo won the Red FM Red Babe contest, a side contest of Malaysian Dreamgirl.

By now all of you should have know the results of Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale that Cindy won the first prize and drive home the Nissan Latio. Continue here is some of the pictures taken from the event. Some pictures are stolen from Chris. :P

The other 8 finalists were call back to do catwalks on the stage on the finale night. So, all in we have 11 girls doing catwalks displaying a few local designer's label such as Carven Ong and shoes provided by Nose. Jean was not there because she's oversea concentrating on studying in IMU, that's what I heard from Pinkpau.

The 11 finalists are:

Adeline(1st Runner-up)


Cindy (1st Malaysian Dreamgirl)


Fiqa (very pretty in person)

Hanis (2nd Runner-up)



Ringo again

and Ringo

Yes, another one of Ringo

Er..Ringo? Yes lah, I know I'm very bias lah.

I almost forgot about Valerie, thank you Pinksterz for reminding me

Sorry, I can't find Natasha's photo. Look her up in the group photos of the girls:

Opening Group Photo

Finale Group Photo

Elaine Daly was the MC for the night and she call upon her two fellow judges on stage to chat a bit while the girls are changing in the backstage.

The judges, Kenny, Elaine, and Jimmy

The judges actually only responsible to pick the 12 finalist, after that it's all purely based on SMS votes from viewers.

The top 3 winners taking photo with Tan Chong's Executive Director

After the prize giving session, all the finalists were mobbed by their fans to take pictures. Yours truly of course will not miss this opportunity. Even though the SD card is missing from my camera, I am able to ask bloggers around me to help take some picture to diversify the memory usage. I still didn't get photos from Nigel, so I'll so you what I got in my limited memory first.

Adeline and moi

Gorgeous Fiqa

Finalist 13, me, finalist 14, and Kenny

Finalist 14 being bullied by Kenny, poor girl T_T

I would have stay back much longer but I was working night shift that night, so have to go back to do the graveyard shift. Great show done by the girls. Will be looking forward to Season 2.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale - Results

Just came back from Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale in 1 Utama. Thanks to Ringo, I am able to go in as an invited guest. Will blog about the whole event in a later post. Now let me tell you guys the hot results of who won the Malaysian Dreamgirl after two months of controversial competition shown online.

Alison won the Escada Moon Sparkling girl, which is voted by the contestant themselves.

And here's the result, ***drum roll***

2nd Runner-up went to


A lot of bloggers predicted Hanis will be crown the Malaysian Dreamgirl but when she was announced to be the 2nd Runner-up we're all so disappointed. Pinkpau even shouted out so loud that all of us laugh at her. Anyway, she's still get a modeling contract and some cool prizes. By the way, she got so many supporter there in the Oval, 1 Utama, shouting their support everytime she walked on the stage. They even have uniforms.

The 1st Runner-up goes to........


She can be said an underdog which did not so any potential from the first few episode. I think after she won the Escada TV commercial challenge, people started to notice her and vote for her. And here she is taking the 1st Runner-up.

Nuffsaid, now you all will know who won the Malaysian Dreamgirl title and take away the Nissan Latio. Yes, it might be due to her rich dad but still we have to accept that this is a popularity show. All the girls have given in their hard work the whole two months. The final 11 were there to do a series of catwalk before announcing the winners. Jean was the only one not there.

Let me present to you the first Malaysian Dreamgirl,


Well, after two months of MDG craze, and finally it's all over. Now every Thursday and Saturday there's nothing for me to look out for already. There's gonna be season 2 which will be bigger and better. A nation wide audition will be conducted I heard. Well, to all the 11 finalist that did the catwalk tonight, GREAT SHOW. Wish you all the best.

Categorizing My Posts

For my frequent readers, you'll notice that there's something new on the right frame. I've installed a widget that categorized and list my post by labels. Took me 2 hours to reorganize and simplified my labels. Currently there's 94 posts, so it still bearable to organize the labels. So from now on I'll label my post carefully. You guys can now browse through the categories and look for posts that interest you. Happy reading! :)

Best regards,
Simon Seow.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cova @ The Gardens

As I've said in my review for Forbidden Kingdom, that we went for the press screening which is held in GSC, Mid Valley. Thanks to Nuffnang, a few of use Nuffnanger were able to attend this screening.

From left: Kenny Choo, me, Joshua, Robb, Michelle and Mr. Tang

Michelle & Robb fighting it out to be Nuffnang's best intern

Bumped in to KK from 98.8

After the photo sessions in front GSC, Robb says he have to go to Pavillion. So the rest of us look around the Garden for a good place to have our lunch. I suggested to try out Cova as I've read some good review and I've tried here once before. Everyone agreed and here we are.

Cova @ the Gardens

They got lunch set at affordable price. Good.


Let's see what is offered in the set lunches.

The main ala carte will cost RM 28.50 each.

Nice environment

Nice & quiet lunch environment

Group photos while waiting for our food

The set lunch includes two beverages that you can choose from.

Ice Lemon Tea

Lime Juice

Soup of the day is Cream Brocolli Soup

The Cream Brocolli Soup is not bad at all. Rich taste of brocolli and not very salty.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mr. Tang's Braised Beef Spaghetti with tomato coulis

Kenny's Duck Confit & mushroom vermicelli with garlic & asparagus

Mitchbaby and I ordered Seared Dory Fillet with garlic mash & butter reduction

The Dory Fillet is cooked to the right timing, making the texture smooth and fresh. The white sauce also goes well with it and the garlic mash is so fine. Eating both fillet and garlic mash together create a new kind of taste altogether.

Rating: 3.5/5

Joshua's Stuffed Chicken breast with wild mushroom & butter mash

The dessert of the day is Banana Chocolate cake

It's not as chocolaty as Secret Recipe's but still tasty on it's own accord.

Rating: 3/5


Lot F-226-B, 1st Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2287 6260
Opening Hours : 10 am till 12 midnight (Wed to Sat), 10 am till 10pm (Sun to Tues)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Conversation With Little Brother

Location: 4th Floor Office's Toilet

Man come in, unzipped and started to pee in the toilet bowl. Suddenly ManPeeing speaks.

Here's what he says:

ManPeeing: Little brother, it's been a long time since we have a talk.

ManPeeing: Come on, we should let it all out.

ManPeeing: That's good. Let me put you in first.

Scroll down to continue....

ManPeeing zipped his pants, washed his hands and walked out, continued talking to his Bluetooth receiver.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MyReview: Forbidden Kingdom

Last Thursday, I was invited by Nuffnang once again for another movie press screening. This time it is Forbidden Kingdom.

As I have watched the trailer before, I know that this movie is going to be in English. Yes, Jackie Chan and Jet Li will be speaking in English most of the time. It all starts with Jason () a fans of Shaw Brothers' kungfu movies having found a golden staff in an antique store ran by an old Chinese man.

He was then teleported in to another world which look like China and sound like China but I don't think it's China. I think it is Jason's fantasy world of the Shaw Brothers' kungfu movies. At first everyone only speaks in Mandarin but after Lu Yan said to Jason "Because you're not listening hard enough", suddenly everyone knows how to speak in English. In this world, Jason found himself as the chosen one (sounds familiar) to return the golden staff to the Monkey King (Jet Li). As he travels, along the way he met Lu Yan (Jackie Chan) which is a master of Drunken Fist style of kungfu, Golden Sparrow (Liu Yi Fei), The Monk (Jet Li), and chased by villain like the Bride with White Hair (Li Bing Bing), and the Warlord (Collin Chou).

For those of you that is not familiar with Shaw Brothers' movie, Golden Sparrow is a character in of their movie Come Drink With Me (大醉俠) which is played by Cheng Pei-Pei who is famous for the role of Silver Fox she played in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Travelling through the dessert like Journey to the West

Interesting thing to note is that some of the character from like the immortals are from the story Journey to the West, the first time we see Monkey King God and The Heavenly King speaks in English. Shaw Brothers also made a few movies on the story Journey to the West. Also the villain Bride with White Hair is another character from another movie that is based on a martial arts novel written by Leung Yu-Sang.

The Bride with White Hair (Li Bing Bing)

This is why I say this is a fantasy world of the kungfu movies cramped into one. One have to really watch this movie with open mind to appreciate this movie. Two of my friends watched and they told me it is not too bad at all. Not many films you'll get to see Jackie Chan fighting Jet Li.

Dueling it out between Lu Yan & The Monk

Fighting over a stick? Both got your own, right?

Jokes aside, one of my favourite fight scene is Jackie Chan fighting the soldiers with his 8 Immortal Drunken Fist style kungfu. I like his movie back in the late 70s which is comical kungfu fighting.

Lu Yan teaching Jason the way to do a good fart

Golden Sparrow (Liu Yi Fei)

The Warlord (Collin Chao)

Overall, it's quite an entertaining flick if you watch it with an open mind and accepting that Jackie Chan and Jet Li speaks in English. It's more for the American market, it's opening week is top in the Box Office in US. You must first empty your cup to fill in more tea.

Rating: 3/5