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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cova @ The Gardens

As I've said in my review for Forbidden Kingdom, that we went for the press screening which is held in GSC, Mid Valley. Thanks to Nuffnang, a few of use Nuffnanger were able to attend this screening.

From left: Kenny Choo, me, Joshua, Robb, Michelle and Mr. Tang

Michelle & Robb fighting it out to be Nuffnang's best intern

Bumped in to KK from 98.8

After the photo sessions in front GSC, Robb says he have to go to Pavillion. So the rest of us look around the Garden for a good place to have our lunch. I suggested to try out Cova as I've read some good review and I've tried here once before. Everyone agreed and here we are.

Cova @ the Gardens

They got lunch set at affordable price. Good.


Let's see what is offered in the set lunches.

The main ala carte will cost RM 28.50 each.

Nice environment

Nice & quiet lunch environment

Group photos while waiting for our food

The set lunch includes two beverages that you can choose from.

Ice Lemon Tea

Lime Juice

Soup of the day is Cream Brocolli Soup

The Cream Brocolli Soup is not bad at all. Rich taste of brocolli and not very salty.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mr. Tang's Braised Beef Spaghetti with tomato coulis

Kenny's Duck Confit & mushroom vermicelli with garlic & asparagus

Mitchbaby and I ordered Seared Dory Fillet with garlic mash & butter reduction

The Dory Fillet is cooked to the right timing, making the texture smooth and fresh. The white sauce also goes well with it and the garlic mash is so fine. Eating both fillet and garlic mash together create a new kind of taste altogether.

Rating: 3.5/5

Joshua's Stuffed Chicken breast with wild mushroom & butter mash

The dessert of the day is Banana Chocolate cake

It's not as chocolaty as Secret Recipe's but still tasty on it's own accord.

Rating: 3/5


Lot F-226-B, 1st Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2287 6260
Opening Hours : 10 am till 12 midnight (Wed to Sat), 10 am till 10pm (Sun to Tues)


Anonymous said...

back atcha!

your poll very hard leh. wat if i want to know about food AND events? HOW HOW HOW.


Charlie said...

wah, go for press screening also never call me?

LOL, nice movie i suppose, looking forward to watch it soon when i find the time.

Anonymous said...

wah u always go to those screenings free ah u?

joshuaongys said...

ah finally you posted!! hahahaha

Sugar Bean said...

We passed by this restaurant many times but find it quite expensive. Maybe next time! The food looks good and I've read good reviews about it.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i would hav thought some1 choose sang har mee? or beef salad so there would be a variety of choice?

Unknown said...

Hey I wanna try this out too...soon i hope!Thanks for the review.. you also have nice food what..haha..

Monica said...

the environment looked great! and also the food..

dy said...

i've been to cova few times and they never let me down!! i like their food and the environment. i think their prices are ok cos the food they serve is quite huge portion.

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks really good! wow good movie and good food!

sc said...

their buttermilk scones lovely..moist and's their choc lava cake..yum yum

Simon Seow said...

valerie: lol, thanks. I don't think Nuffnang have multiple choice yet right?

charlie: you have to ask Nuffnang lor. Go watch it not bad.

yatz: I don't have to work on Thursday mah.

joshua: yes, finally.

sugar bean: funny price is a factor for you both when you spent more than RM 28 on Japanese food. :P

joe: I'm the only food blogger, you want me to force them to choose something they don't want to order meh?

sheryl: thanks, yours is nicer lol.

monica: yeah, it's very good both food and ambiance.

dy: good choice

sunny: yupe, movie thanks to Nuffnang.

sc: oh, haven't really try their dessert yet. next time maybe.

wmw said... the food and place here!

haan said...

KK doesn't look that "chubby" standing beside you :)

ling239 said...

is the dessert good ?

Anonymous said...

Me havent tried their desserts yet.. shall come again :)