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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lim Mee Yoke, Cheow Yong, SS2

Last Tuesday I went to Lim Mee Yoke in Taman Cheow Yong, SS2 for dinner after work with a few friends of mine. It's been quite sometime I didn't have old friends gathering like this.

Don't pray pray, now it's Restoran Mee Yoke Lim Sdn Bhd

Not very often I come to this restaurant. Usually will eat in Section 17 or restaurant near my place in Taman Sri Sinar. Even if I come here, it will be Kayu behind it for Nasi Kandar. It is my friends' first time here, and they ask me what's good. I'm not very sure what's good here too but when it comes to Lim Mee Yoke, then the prawn mee here must be good.

My prawn me with added pork intestine

So, the four of us ordered prawn mee but I added pork intestine to put in more kick. Normal big bowl is RM 4.80 and add in pork intestine add RM 1, which make my bowl of prawn mee cost RM 5.80. True to it's name, Lim Mee Yoke really does serve up a good bowl of prawn mee with the soup full of prawn flavour. It's comparable to the normal hokkien mee (prawn mee) that you find in Penang. The pork intestine is cook up just right and you don't find the funny smell in it that you usually finds if it is not washed properly. One thing I don't favour though, is the amount of MSG in the soup. Damn thirsty wei after eating this. Good alternative for us that can't go to Penang.

Rating: 3.8/5

Mantra Grilled Stingray

A bowl of prawn mee mana lah cukup for four guys like us. I remember I read from KampungBoyCityGal that the grill fish here is good. So, we ordered a grilled stingray for 4. True to their review, this grilled stingray is absolutely marvelous. All my friends find it tasty. The sauce they used is not the hot & spicy type but is rather fragrant & spicy. The vegetable that comes with it is not over cook. Remember to dip the grilled fish in the special sauce provided before you eat it. Absolutely love the sauce. Lime, chili and fresh onion I think, looks like what they use to make 'cincaluk'.

Rating: 4/5

Mantra Grilled Fish stall (Picture taken from KampungBoyCityGal)

After our meal, we have two big bottles of Carlsberg to wash down our meal. It's been a long time never have beer with friends. Usually only teh tarik in mamak. Good or bad food, cheap or expensive food it is more fun eating with your friends and family.


Restoran Mee Yoke Lim
Taman Cheow Yong
SS2, Petaling Jaya
(Just behind Kayu Nasi Kandar)

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Anonymous said...

aww i miss the grilled fish so much..will drop by after work :D

Big Boys Oven said...

oh! you had forgotten to try the yong tau foo, I think one of the best tau foo I ever eaten!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

with frens..the food crap or not..also good 1 lar..with beer lagi best..

r u sure its the prawn mee or the dehyrdation from the beer?

Anonymous said...

The sause must be really smelly.I like!

And I had gourmet macdonald this morning-_-"

Yin Hao said...

OMG! Pork intestines! I never had the courage to try that. lol giving the food ratings, later the chef surf for blogs search until your how? ><

迷迭香 said...

i tot the prawn mee standard had dropped......

Anonymous said...

Their grilled stingray IS GOOD, no doubt about it... I used to stay at SS2, miss it too.. :(

Horny Ang Moh said...

Wah! The food so yummy! So hungry after looking at ur foody pic!
Oh! U r so lucky! Got so many hot ladies as friend!
He! He! May be transfered to KL not so bad! Can introduce kar???
Have a very nice day!

Simon Seow said...

kampungboycitygal: lol, so fast meh

sunny: Oh, i didn't know that, next time will surely try YTF.

joe: I only had two small glasses of beer.

evolna: whatler, gourmet McD's also -_-", -_-

yin hao: I put ratings on almost all the food I post. It's just my view. If they are not happy with the rating I gave then invite me for a meal and make me happy la.

迷迭香: Yeah, I thin 10 years ago is better.

kennymah: yeah, slurp slurp. should have order grill sotong too.

horny ang moh: sure, if you come KL sure will intro to you.

joshuaongys said...

wow this is soooooo yummy!!! when bringing me along simon hahaha since we stay so near =)

Anonymous said...

Added to my food hunt list XD

choi yen said...

I only knew pasar malam there... :P

Monica said...

I miss the grilled stingray too!!;-)

JuLJuL said...

Looks so delicious. *droolz*

Anonymous said...

long time din't eat their prawn mee alr...wan to drop by 2moro...

JOjo said...

Muahaha, prawn mee with pork intestine? this is my first time hearing this! Sounds so interesting, interesting combi~

Tummythoz said...

When there, I only have eyes & appetite for the mee yoke. Looks like nx time I shd expand my horizon.

Simon Seow said...

joshua: I only go there after work, so didn't go back home.

vkeong: from Penang to KL, cool.

mimi: what? I always avoid pasar malam there lol.

monica: drop by there and have them lor.

juljul: yeah, they're good

squall: go go before the prawns gets away

jojo: this is nothing, HYK even can add stuff like sotong, clam, and etc. btw you can add pork ribs too in Lim Mee Yoke.

thummythoz: you should, in the morning there's nice Chu Cheong Fun too

Anonymous said...

hey. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. anyway, the pics of food on your blog look awesome. and the zouk party too haha

Anonymous said...

oh my god.
rating 3.8/5? HAHAHAHAHA!
Some good math you hav there wtf

fatboybakes said...

phew, i thought i saw MANTA ray at first....
have linked you btw.

ling239 said...

the one at O&S tastes better right ? :p

Simon Seow said...

Chrys: Welcome, and thanks.

ione: 4 is too much and 3.5 is too low, so 3.8 lor lol.

fbb: woot! thanks.

ling: I haven't tryied O&S one, so can't compare.

Anonymous said...

his mee yoke is among the most consistent in PJ so you got the right one !

Precious Pea said...

I grew up eating mee yoke from this place which used to be located in SS2. Have been using this as benchmark against all other mee yoke i have...still this one the best.