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Monday, March 31, 2008

Of Donuts & Meatballs

Last Friday, I was happily watching Episode 7 of Malaysian Dreamgirl, while waiting for it to load I read some of the blogs from my blog roll. I stumbled upon Michelle's entry on Big Apple Donuts whyla she's post something so evil and tempting, trying to lose weight here leh. Oh, she's so evil that she must have got Wenqi's Evil Look when she's posting the entry.

The famous Wenqi Evil Look

After that temptation read, I just have to sink my teeth into those deliciously looking donuts. So, I say wtf, I'll just drive down to The Curve and order as many donut as possible. Muahahahaha....

So, you'll see me doing the never seen before Wenqi WTF Look.


Picture of Wenqi Evil Look stolen from KY and picture of Wenqi WTF Look stolen from Kim.

So, I arrived at The Curve, went straight to Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, lucky the the queue is not very long. I ordered this:

Caffe Latte and the free Glacier Donut.

What? 1 free donut is enough, no way, at least must have The Alien as posted by Michelle. I also bought the Duran Duran and Kimochi.

Kimochi, The Alien, and Duran Duran.

Kimochi, donut with almond and nuts. Not too sweet and nutty taste from the almond and nuts is just perfect. I like this.

Rating: 4/5

Duran Duran, is actually donut with durian cream inside. Find it lack of durian taste but still acceptable.

Rating: 3/5

The Alien, is very reach with chocolate indeed. Covered with dark chocolate on the outside and inside there's dark chocolate cream. It's so chocolaty yet not too sweet. Perfect. No wonder Michelle like it so much until she have to postpone the post of movie 'L change the World'. It's a must try for those of you that like chocolate.

Rating: 4.5/5

As the title say it's about donuts and meatballs. No, Big Apple Donuts do not have a new product call the Meatballs. To find meatballs, I have to walk across to Ikea just opposite The Curve and savor their famous Swedish meatballs.

Once in Ikea, take the elevator and turn right, you'll find a shortcut to the restaurant. If not, you'll have to walk through the showroom only you can find the restaurant. Ikea call it restaurant but to me it is like the cafeteria the you'll see in the high school of US TV series. You have to queue up, take the utensils, grab your food or order your food, and pay for your food in a very systematic way. Feels like the military except that the food is better.

Queuing up to get food.

Cold dishes that you can take. There's prawn salad and salmon gravlax.

I grab a plate for Salmon Gravlax which is cured salmon as appetizer, it comes with honey mustard sauce. Of course, the must have is the famous Swedish meatballs. Since I had 4 donuts already, I ordered 5 meatballs which comes with French Fries. They have options of 5, 10, and 15 meatballs all comes with French Fries.

My balls meatballs and fries.

The brown sauce that comes with the meatballs is kind of bland in taste and the meatballs are kind of processed feel. At first I thought it's like the texture where you can fell chunk of meat. The texture here feels like processed fish ball just that this is harder. I think the meatballs here might be a bit overrated. Also, I don't know why they put a bit Raspberry sauce too. Really, I don't fancy salty mixed with sweet.

Rating: 2.8/5

Salmon Gravlax and honey mustard sauce.

The salmon Gravlax on the other hand is good and it goes well with the honey mustard sauce. You can still taste the salmon and it's not covered by the marinate. It's a good choice for appetizer.

Rating: 3.5/5

The restaurant that looks more like a cafeteria.

The meatballs sure is value for money though.

I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't see this so I didn't clear my own table. :p

By the way, Gravlax is also called Gravad Lax in Swedish according to Wikipedia. Ikea is selling the salmon Gravad Lax in their mini supermarket so you can dish it up at home. I also went there to do some food sampling. The cheese not bad too. There's also ABBA canned Anchovies and other canned fishes.

Ok, that's my adventure of donuts and meatballs. I still have to kill Michelle for posting the donut. See ya.


Big Apple Donuts and Coffee
Lot G72A, Ground Floor
The Street
Western Courtyard
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

IKEA Malaysia

No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutlara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Tel: (603) 7726 7777

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Short Encounter With Ringo

I was working tonight (Sunday) and suddenly I saw Ringo was online in Google Talk. This is the short encounter that I've with her in Google Talk. It's not easy, since she only have another 5 minutes to use the Internet. You'll know why if you read Tim's visit to the Dreamhome. Below is the screenshot of the chat.

Yupe it was a short encounter indeed. Ringo's birthday coming up next Wednesday. Was able to wish her birthday, will not know when can can go online again. Just a short post. ;)

Friday, March 28, 2008

MyView: L change the World

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to go to a Press Screening for the movie 'L change the World'. It will only be shown in the cinemas on 3rd of April 2008. That's the previleges of being a Glitterati.

'L change the World' is a spin off from the successful manga turned movie Death Note and Death Note 2. In Death Note and Death Note 2, L is the genius detective that is in a battle of witts to catch Kira (Yagami Light) who have been killing criminals using a notebook that can kill a person by writing the name of the person in the notebook hence the name Death Note. In Death Note 2, to prove that Yagami Light is Kira, L wrote his own death on the Death Note and he has 23 more days to live (23 days is the maximum number of days that the Death Note can control the death of a person).

Sypnosis from the official distributor:

"The film presents the “final 23 days of L.” The mystery that the world wanted to know will be revealed.

This may indeed be the inevitable spin-off. DEATH NOTE’s hero was Light Yagami, who stunned the world with his superior intellect. L was the other genius, and the two fought ferocious intellectual battles. To put an end to the seemingly unending conflict, L makes the ultimate choice, leaving him with only 23 days to live. From the moment he makes this decision what will happen in these last 23 days? This void, which was not presented in DEATH NOTE, is, in fact, dense and full of surprises. The mysteries of L that you craved to know will finally be revealed in his last 23 days. Even L, himself, fails to predict the turn of events.

This time, the enemy comes into possession of a “God of Death” made by man. After losing Watari, his mentor and most trusted partner, L faces a crisis of global magnitude. For L, who has solved worldwide cases through the monitor with his superb intellect, this will be the first and last case, forcing him to go outdoors, interact with people and take physical actions. Like Kira, the person in possession of the synthetic “God of Death” also utters the words: “change the world.”

What will happen to L? What will change? The 23 days are packed with turn of events that even L himself cannot predict. The final countdown are about to begin!

Starring Kenichi Matsuyama and directed by Hideo Nakata, L enters a new evolutionary stage in 2008.

Director Nakata’s The Ring 2 became the top grossing film in the United States, and led to offers for this director worldwide, including those from Hollywood. But why did Nakata decide to take on L change the WorLd? A major reason was Matsuyama. Though Matsuyama’s L struck Nakata as being bizarre at first, he was drawn in by this actor’s complete assimilation with the character. “I was fascinated by the power of his presence as one who seems to be unable to manage his long limbs. I will present an attractive L, who is like a demon in our dreams in various settings.” says Nakata. The director and actor have joined hands to create a cooler, more eccentric and aloof L to present aspects of this character, which have never before been highlighted. Matsuyama’s L is definitely a must-see."

L (Kenichi Matsumaya) with his candies and sugar.

The plot as compared to Death Note and Death Note 2 will be a dissappointment for those that expect it to be as twisted and brain tweaking. There' s not much twist in the plot of 'L change the World'. It's more like a in depth development of L. You can see how L deal with death of the person that's like a father to him, and how he interact with children.

The only survivor of the virus outbreak and a math genius. BOY (Narushi Fukuda)

Maki (Mayuko Fukuda) a key to the antidote of the virus.

There are some humour in some scene, and this is the first time the L goes out and do some running and chasing. He usually only sit in front of his laptop to solve all the cases. The actor who played L is Kenichi Matsumaya. I first saw his performance in a Japanese drama series called 'Sexy Voice and Robo', in there he played an Otaku which is very different from L. If I haven't seen the report in The Star, I won't have known that L and Robo is played by him. So, his acting is really in the character.

Kenichi Matsumaya as Robo and Susuka Ohgo as Sexy Voice in 'Sexy Voice and Robo'

Interesting Note: Susuka Ohgo played the young Sayuri in 'Memoirs of a Geisha'

What I can say that, the starting of the movie is quite slow and dull to put the plot of the movie into place, with some flashback to Death Note and Death Note 2. If you're manga or anime fan, you be glad to find that Near or 'N' will he's first appearance in this movie. Clever audience would have guess by now who is 'N' in the middle of the movie. It's worth a watch for those that have been following Death Note whether from the movie, manga or anime. For those that haven't seen Death Note or Death Note 2, you might have a bit of catching to do but this movie can be watch as an independent story because it really doesn't have much continuance from Death Note.

The bad guys. From left, Megumi Sato (Natsune Misawa), Dr. Kimiko Kujo (Youki Kudoh), and Sei Hirazumi (Kouichi Matsudo).

Rating: 2.5/5

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Bumped Into Malaysian Dreamgirl Finalists

I was in Mid Valley Megamall just now. I watched Gone Baby Gone because today is Super Wednesday, ticket only selling at RM 7. After the movie I just walked around the mall, I was about to take the elevator down to the basement when a girl wearing a shiny duck beak cap walked passed me. I took a glance because the cap is really shiny. One glance, and I think that the girl looks so familiar. Then it hit me, she looks like Jay the finalist from Malaysian Dreamgirl.

I turned back and saw two other girls, and one of them from the back really looks a lot like Ringo only much taller. I checked her shoes, and it's about 2-3 inches high, this confirmed that it is possible to be the Malaysian Dreamgirl. So, I followed them from 1st floor down Ground floor. I was trying to make sure whether that girl is Ringo or not. SuspectedRingo glanced back for a split second when I was following them but I didn't take a good look. Now I feel like a stalker, so I don't dare to follow too close.

From the first floor they went up to the first floor again. Hello! Make up your mind la. They stopped to look at the event going on at the center court, so I overcame my fear and approached SuspectedRingo and it is really Ringo aka Cheesie. She's a bit thinner than last I saw her look naturally prettier without heavy makeup. She's quite surprise to see me there too. I told her I went for the Press Screening of 'L change the World' and then for another movie until about 9 p.m.

She then asked Jay to come over, Jay saw my 'I Love Nuffnang' pin. Hope she doesn't misunderstood. They then went inside Oasis Food Court, it turns out that they were coming here for dinner. I was about to recommend pan mee to Ringo but she already ordered Lui Cha. Well, Lui Cha not bad too. We chat a bit, she told me she's fine, and I told her that her supporter also fine and will support her.

Too bad she can't tell me any insider news at all. So, I don't know whether she's there for her last dinner with the other eliminated finalist or they are still in the competition. I only saw 3 finalists there, Jay, Ringo and another girl that I can't see properly. Are they the 3 that got eliminated? Ringo why la don't tell me, make me nervous only.

Well, episode 7, which is an elimination episode if I'm not mistaken will be uploaded tomorrow. I'll be watching it tomorrow to find out.

Finger crossed hoping Ringo won't be eliminated. I voted for you Ringo.

P.S. If anyone know Alison please tell her that Ringo wrote a letter to her.

Updates: Come to think of it the third girl from looking from the back the hairstyle look a lot like Cindy or Eyna.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Looking For Swimsuit Models

Note: This is not an Advertorial because I don't get pay by posting this. This is just a favour for a friend of mine and also to let more people know about this coming audition.

Ok, girls that missed out the audition for Malaysian Dreamgirl but are still interested in joining the modeling industry? Here's your chance, SGX Faces, a modeling agency is looking for swimsuit models for their client Nikonian Academy for their April Swimsuit Photography class.

I'm not sure whether they need guy or not but SGX Faces do look for male model if the need arise, so guys you can try to submit your application too. No, I won't be submitting mine.

Those interested can send your photos to SGX Faces will be having an audition to look for swimsuit model. You'll be call for audition after they qualify you. If you are not suitable for swimsuit modeling, you might be chosen for other assignment that they have on hand because there are many other projects going on. No guarantees though.

For further information you can give a call to SGX Faces office at 03-7955 2998 or 012-391 6833 and ask for Andrew Boey. Full contact details here.

Closing date is 7th of April 2008.

Below is a sample shot of the model from the March Swimsuit Photography class of Nikonian Academy.

Click to enlarge:

Model: Natasha

Makeup: Simple makeup by Natasha herself.

Photographer: Andrew Boey (Director of Academy, Nikonian Academy)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blog of the Week:

It's been a long time I've never write any Blog of the Week post. Been busy to Singapore, then got so much food post to write and lately about the Nuffnang Pajama Party. So, now that most of it has settle down, eventhough I still haven't really finish my post about my Singapore trip. Will leave it for later post.

Today I present you Blog of the Week 3, that is Fire Angel in short FA. How I come to know FA's blog, well if you follow my Blog of the Week 2, you 'll know that from KY's blog roll there is a link to FA's blog. After, I have read all the posts in, I've got nothing more to read, so I checked out the I Stalk These list there. I mouse over on the link FA and see the URL is I think to myself, hm.. interesting name. So, I click on it and see a hot babe.

Hot babe saying Hi!

Of course, I am more interested to know more of what this pretty hot angel writes. After reading a few post, I know now why it's Fire Angel not Sweet Angel or Pretty Angel. If you want to learn Advanced Ranting 102, here's the blog to start. No one can use the word fuck or cock as effective as FA. She can totally create new words using the word fuck or cock alone. So, it's pretty interesting to read about her ranting post. She especially like to post rant on Monday.

From her blog too, you'll know she likes to drink alcoholic drinks. She even put the title for her ads as $$ For the Booze but due to her laziness of fixing the bugs in her own blog, the ads never load properly and after you submit a comment you'll be taken to a error page. Anyone nice enough to fix it for her? You might be able to get a date with her.

Apart from the FA ways of ranting that I like about her posts are the sarcastical way she wrote about current affairs that's on the newspaper. I only got to know about the Dr. Chua Soi Lek's sex video after reading her post about it (I was in Singapore so didn't get to read any news from Malaysia). The lastest current affair is about the indelible ink.

Sometimes she can be very sentimental and blog about relationship, friendship, The Ship, companionship and etc. After that you'll be able to get many advises from her readers about the topic. Sometimes she'll post personal question like where to get a braces done? Ask about her car. Also she sometime likes to do some experiment.

As much as I like to visit her blog (she's full or surprises), I have a fear to do so too. Why? Well, I won't want to see my car registration number as the title of her post for one thing. If my car registration number is the title of the post, it can only mean one thing, I'm the cockfag that cut into her line without signaling and made her have to do an emergency brake. There's two cockfags already, here and here. It's funny the way she blasted those bad drivers. By the way, what's a cockfag? I know it's not a compliment.

Enough said, she's very famous already so I don't have to write too much about her. Lot's of people know her already. Here's another picture of her, so hot, one picture where got enough.

So, let me present to you Simon Says Week 3 Y08 Blog of the Week; ***drum roll****

Friday, March 21, 2008

Breakfast in Imbi & Lot 10

Last Saturday morning due to the anxiety waiting for the Nuffnang Pajama Party and shifting from night shift to morning shift, I woke up at about 6 in the morning. Listen to the radio for half an hour, then I drove myself down to Bukit Bintang because at 10 am there will be an event outside the entrance of Sg. Wang, will blog about that later.

The event that I'll be at in 3 hours time.

I reached Jln Imbi at about 7 a.m. and park there. Free parking mah. At first I was thinking to have Bah Kut Teh for breakfast but thing it's too heavy a meal. So, I went to a coffee shop opposite the famous bah kut teh restaurant. The restaurant name is Restoran Mei Sin.

I settle for a bowl of pork balls ho fun. The special thing about this stall is that you can had fried intestine which other pork balls noodle stall don't have. So, I added the fried intenstine. Cost me RM 5 for the bowl of noodles. Consider normal for eating in the Golden Triangle.

I ordered the dryversion.

Pork balls in soup.

Ah, the fried intestine.

The taste is normal,better than the average but not the best in town. The Chinese sausage taste not bad, and the fried intestine is crispy and flavourful. The stall also sell intestine soup and belly soup. There's also a stall selling curry mee and dry curry mee which seems delicious but I can't eat too much.

Rating: 3/5

After that, I walked to Sg. Wang Plaza and take a few pictures. There's still not many people in the area, it's only 8 a.m. Shops are not even open yet. Then I walk to Pavilion and then from Pavilion walk back to Lot 10 and from Lot 10 walk back to Pavilion. After that much walking, I feel I have to sit down and rest. Starbucks don't serve breakfast so it's not value for money to drink coffee only. Coffee Bean's breakfast is not ready. So, I went to the San Francisco Coffee outlet in Lot 10.

8.45 a.m. in Lot 10, so quiet.

They opened at 7.30 a.m. and they serve breakfast set which comes with refillable coffee or tea. So at about 8.45 a.m. I ordered Coddled Egg set, and they are serving Brazil coffee on that day. The set is RM 8.95 before tax.

The breakfast here is 1 or 2 ringgit cheaper than Coffee Bean.

My Coddled Egg set.

Comes with a cup of free coffee that is refillable.

The egg is not as liquid as half-boiled egg and enough to dip the toast into the yolk and eat. Still I think I prefer the set served in Coffee Bean, Mont Kiara. Still if you're here in the morning and want to eat breakfast quietly, the San Francisco Coffee in Lot 10 is a good choice.

Rating: 3/5

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Energizer Guy On Nuffnang Pajama Party Events

I'm Ener G.

Hi folks, my name is Energizer Guy, Ener G for short. I'll be the one reporting about the events that happened last Saturday in the Nuffnang Pajama Party. Someone got too exhausted taking pictures with other bloggers and slept on his job for reporting about this party.

The someone that slept on the job. Picture stolen borrowed from Kelly Tan.

Let us rewind back to 5.45 p.m. on 15th of March 2008 before the party start again. Sounds familiar? I arrived with Simon and Amy to Barok Borneo Club for the Nuffnang Pajama Party. We're the earliest to arrive given Malaysian timing which will always be 1 hour late. We met the staffs of Nuffnang busy preparing for this big event. So, I go around taking pictures of the perparations.

Yatz, Nicholas, and Skyler were busy piling up the goodies bag that is to be given to the invited bloggers. While Robb, Yee Hou and Michelle were busy with the reception and Samantha busy laughing.

Samantha busy laughing away.

Then Skyler went on to move the Nuffnang banner to be place near the entrance, and no man there to help her, poor girl. I can't do nothing, I'm just a stuff battery.

Nuffies were given instruction by Yee Hou of what do to when the guests arrive. First you spank them then you kiss them. First ask whether he/she is from Malaysia or Singapore, second single or taken, for single give the green wrist band and taken give the red wrist band, third write on the wrist band the group (Ken, Barbie, Superman, Lois Lane, Tarzan, Jane, Prince Charming, Cinderella, and etc), fourth spank the girl first if there's two, then only spank the guy.

Guest and media starting to arrive at around 6.15 p.m. Early juga Malaysian. That's why you see the Nuffnang staffs were not in their pajamas yet.

Fast forward to about 7.30 p.m., all the guests from Malaysia and Singapore have arrived and Liang the MC for the night went up stage to greet the crowd. First announcement, SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE BECAUSE TIMOTHY JUST HAD AN EYE OPERATION A WEEK AGO. He then invited Ming and Timothy on stage to give their speeches.

Timothy giving his opening speech.

He then invited all the staffs from Nuffnang to thank them for a job well done in organizing this event. A round of applause please. *clapping sound*

Let the party begin!

The first ice breaker game is to get an item from the people in the party. The first item is....the smelly bolster of Timothy. Just as Liang announced this, everyone rush to Tim who was sitting in one corner. He had to run out to the floor and smartly he threw the bolster far away so that he won't be stampede. Someone got his bolster and claim the prize for the Nuffie on the stage.

The second item.... both socks that Ming is wearing and the crowd started to chase Ming around the club, and within 30 seconds someone got Ming's socks. He went up stage and Liang ask him to smell the socks for 10 seconds before he can get the prize.

Wah, the sock smell so nice ah.

Nicholas's pair of slippers are the next target, and both Daniel Bong and another guy got one each. So, to see who's the winner both of them have to do push up with a Nuffie sitting on top of each of them and see who can last longer. Alas, Daniel emerged the winner with 26 times of push up.

After this, another game was introduced. The pairing game. Remember the grouping written on the wrist band. The participant have to look for another participant that is a pair with him/her and to be the first to go up the stage. For example, Liang will announce, Tarzan and Jane, so the guy in Tarzan group with have to look for a girl in the Jane group and vice versa. Together both of them be the first to reach the stage and claim the prize from the Nuffie.

Oh, hi folks, Ener G here reporting live from the first floor. Kenny Sia just arrived from Bangkok and are now on the stage greeting all the bloggers, while I'm upstair chatting with Malaysian Dreamgirl that is upstair having their dinner. Of course, as blogger we must give support to a fellow blogger that made it into the final of Malaysian Dreamgirl, its none other than Ringo aka Cheesie. To vote for her send DREAM 11 to 33001.

The sleepy head suddenly so fresh in front of Ringo. Stop hugging me like that, I can't breath.

Kenny was there that night to be the MC for a game that is play with the Malaysian Dreamgirl finalist and the invited guest. A finalist will be call out and strike a pose and the participant have to follow the pose, the one that can do better than the Malaysian Dreamgirl finalist win a prize.

Kid Chan posing for the competition.

Valerie aka Chipster Girl.

After the posing games, a cake was brought on the stage, and it's time to sing birthday song to Nuffnang. Ming and Tim were invited on the stage to blow the candle on the cake after 300 plus people sang the birthday song.

A rememberance frame was given to Su Ann aka Pinkpau as a gratitude to her for planning out the games and help in organizing this party.

Su Ann receiving the frame from Ming. She was surprised.

It was time to announce the winner for the 3 Chipsters posts.

David Lian won the Nintendo Wii

Valerie won the Best Pyjama category. She even brought the Chipster pillows to the party.

The Nuffnang staffs then gave their bosses Ming and Tim each a pair of underwear that was written with a message to show how much they love their bosses. Liang asked Ming and Tim to wear the underwears on the spot.

Tim checking out the special gift from his staffs.

Nuffnang money was given out that night as the currency to bid for prizes. Nuffnang money can be won from other by engaging in a game of War of Thumb or Paper, Scissors, Rock. Prizes for bidding are 3 Panasonic Lumix digital camera, 1 plug on, 1 plug from and a kiss from Dawn Yang.

KY won the bid for a Lumix. He bid with about 8000 Nuffnang money.

Roshann won the kiss from Dawn Yang with the help of a few other bloggers.

At about 10.30 p.m. the party ends and the stage was given back to the singers from Borneo Barok Club. Some of the bloggers were still there taking pictures and mingling. While the bloggers from Singapore gathered at the entrance to go on the coach that will take them back to the hotel.

People from Nuffnang started to clean and pack the place. Even Timothy gets his hand dirty to help out, so Nuffnang is a successful dot com startup has it's reason. See the attitude of the people behind it and you'll know why Nuffnang is what it is today.

People from Nuffnang busy clearing up.

A job well done. Picture courtesy of Michelle Tan.

Thank you Nuffnang for inviting me, Ener G to this great party. So, this is Energizer Guy, in short Ener G signing off, a report brought to you by Simon Says @ I think the sleepy head still sleeping inside the club. Well, let him sleep, I'm going to Coffee Bean with two beautiful ladies, Aronil and PamSong. See ya.