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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Japan Food Fair at Isetan, KLCC

Yesterday afternoon I went to KLCC to have lunch with Emily, also to pass her the souvenir I bought in Hong Kong Disneyland. At last, we were able to meet up and chat for more than 5 minutes. The two previous meeting were very short, just like hi, how are you?, and goodbye.

I had the Chicken Devil set from Otak-otak Place in the KLCC Food Court.

After we parted ways, Emily going back to her office while I the one that is off shift get to stroll around KLCC because I saw my parking ticket just slight passed into the 2nd hour, so whether I go or not go I have to pay 1 more hour for just 5 minutes more at Suria KLCC. Off I go to explore the supermarket in Isetan, which is popular for the Japanese goods they got there, especially food.

Petronas is selling their Mercedes GP Petronas Merchandises at the concourse.

It was my lucky day because Isetan coincidentally is having Japan Food Fair from 1st of April until 10th of April 2011. There are a lot of food stuff from Hokkaido. From premium dried scallop to mochi. They even have a small kitchen that can cook up some Japanese dishes like ramen and don there for their customer. Not many table and seat though.

There's also one ojisan (uncle) promting black sesame jam. I found it a bit sweet for my liking, maybe it's because too much jam on a tiny piece of biscuit for the sample. A lot of food stuff there can be sample, so if you low in cash, you can come here and eat free food lol.

Variety of karaage (fried stuff).

So many different kinds of mochi.

My favourite is of course the sushi counter, where they have variety of sushi that usually not able to be find in a supermarket, some I never seen before even in Japanese restaurant. The chirashi don, sanshoku don and etc are so tempting.

So many variety of sushi don.

Some of the sushi I here I haven't seen before.

It's just too tempting to go home without buying anything. So, I bought grilled large scallops (RM 9.90 for 3 pieces) and Nigiri Sushi (RM 30.90) which have 2 pieces of Ikura Sushi (salmon roe), Uni Sushi (sea urchin) and Kani Sushi (Hokkaido crab).

The huge grilled scallops. The orange colour thing is the roe I think. (RM 9.90 for 3 pieces)

Salmon roe, sea urchin and Hokkaido Kind Crab Meat Nigiri Sushi. (RM 30.90)

Yummy. I will say that the price is a bargain. I think I can't find any Japanese restaurant that can beat the price here. If you fancy Japanese food, then you can't miss out this Isetan Japan Food Fair. Hurry up, it's only until 10th April 2011, which is this Sunday.


Michelle Chin said...

Many people tend to shy away from Japanese food these days...

Simon Seow said...

It really depends on which part of Japan that the food is coming from.

ai wei said...

uni!!!! daisuki

kumfye said...

what i know is the food at the food fair quite expensive... ^^ drop me a visit..

Unknown said...

if only i knew i would have gone there last sunday...

Nava Kishnan said...

great fair and plenty to buy and taste, however KLCC is always crowded, so I avoid this place.

Simon Seow said...

Ai Wei: watashi mo

kumfye: quite reasonable for me the price

Baby: It's until this Sunday, u can still go.

Nava: Maybe you can try the Isetan in Lot 10

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