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Thursday, July 28, 2011

(王菲 2011 巡唱 – 吉隆坡站) Faye Wong 2011 Concert Tour - Kuala Lumpur

While Jacky Cheung is coming to Malaysia this December for his Jacky Cheung ½ Century Tour - Malaysia (张学友1/2世纪演唱会 – 马来西亚). Another pop diva from the 90s to 2000s will be having her come back concert tour in Kuala Lumpur this coming November. She's non-other than Faye Wong (王菲). She'll make a stop at Kuala Lumpur on 6th of November 2011 8pm at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Good news if you're a Citibank credi card holder because you'll be able to go for the pre-sales, limited to the first 2000 tickets.

CITIBANK Pre Sale Launch on 19th August Only applicable to TicketCharge office, hotline, internet and its authorised outlets.
- Limited up to 2000 tickets only. Once 2000 tickets taken up, sales will close prior to 9pm.
- 15% off for 1st 500 tickets purchased with any Citibank credit card.
- 10% off for tickets purchased with any Citibank credit card.
* Limited to 4 tickets per transaction
* Seat Selection : System Select Best Seat Available. (no seat selection provided)

Another good news is for you Celcom subscribers.

Official Launch 20th & 21st August Only
- 10% off VVIP, VIP 1 & VIP 2 tickets for the 1st 100 tickets purchase by Celcom subscribers
- 5% off any other category tickets (except VVIP, VIP 1 & VIP 2) for the 1st 300 tickets purchased by Celcom subscribers.
- Dedicated Priority Queue for Celcom Subscribers
* Limited to 4 tickets per transaction
*Seat Selection : System Select Best Seat Available. (no seat selection provided)

For Faye Wong fans you can buy your tickets from TicketCharge.

Here's the seating plan for Faye Wong 2011 Concert Tour - Kuala Lumpur (王菲 2011 巡唱 – 吉隆坡站).

Ticket Pric:RM180/RM280/RM380/RM480/RM580/VIP2—RM680/VIP1—RM880/VVIP—RM1080 (Excluding RM3 service charge)

Notice that the most expensive ticket is selling for RM1080? It's RM392 more expensive than Jacky Cheung's concert's most expensive ticket which sells for RM688. Maybe it's because it is Faye Wong's come back concert and also Jacky Cheung has two shows instead of one. Sigh, two of my favourite Hong Kong singers are having concert here back to back. If I have the cash, I will go to both. If not, I will have to choose either one. Whom shall I choose then?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rare Sighting of A Rare Bird?

Just now out in the garden, I saw my pet dog, Blackie jumping excitedly and looking upward. When I look up. I saw this bird with blue and black feathers resting on the electric cable. It's really a rare sighting for me here in Segambut. Usually the birds I got to see here are pigeons, crows and magpies. So, I quickly went to get my digital cam and snap a few shots of the bird.

I'm no bird watching expert so I don't really now what species of bird is this. Looks a bit like a Kingfisher. It might not be a rare bird but sighting it here just outside my house, I will categorised it as rare :p

A blue bird. Reminds me of this popular blue bird on the Internet. No not that very popular one but this one.

Well, whether or not this is a rare bird, it's wonderful to see this bird in the proximity.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Austin Chase Coffee, The Gardens

I bought a Groupon voucher for 50% discount on a cup of regular hot or cold coffee from Austin Chase. The reason I bought is because I haven't tried Austin Chase before and I read that they sells mille crepe made by Humble Beginnings.

So, last week I went to the Austin Chase outlet at the Gardens. Ordered my latte and to my dissapointed there is no mille crepe available on that day. Also, I was surprised that I was given a paper instead of the ceramic cup. I was planning ot have the coffee in the outlet, not take away.

Only after I sat down and look around that I realised that Austin Chase is not a self service cafe like Starbucks, Coffee Bean or San Francisco Coffee. Noob me *smack forehead*. I noticed that during lunch time there were quite a few attractive ladies have lunch there. They were either alone or with another lady friend.

Their latte is quite standard and almost comparable to Starbucks. If you like a heavier coffee taste, then you should order a double shot. I know that Starbucks will not charge extra if you asked for double shot on a tall latte.

It's sad that I didn't have the chance to try the mille crepe. Oh well, I still have another Groupon voucher on the Austin Chase ice-blended drinks. So, I'll come again next time and hopefully there will be mille crepe available.


Austin Chase Coffee
Lot S-208A, Second Floor,
The Gardens, Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2282 0512
Fax: 03 2164 5002

Friday, July 22, 2011

Manhand - Life Goes On & On

Manhand 最新的专辑也是他们第三张已经上架了。等了两年,终于等到了。上个周末我在甲同一间CD铺里买到"Life Goes On & On"。在我不停的重复地听了又听,以下是我对里面几首歌还有专辑的看法。

Manhand latest album, which is their 3rd album after two years since their 2nd album is now out in store. I've waited quite a long time for this album to be out. Last week, I found their latest album "Life Goes On & On" in a local CD shop in Kepong Baru. After listening this album repeatedly for a few days. Here are some of my thought about the songs and the album as a whole.

Life Goes On

我觉得”Life Goes On”就好像“漫游世界”的延续。用的是轻松的旋律,讲的是用轻松的态度看人生。不同的是粤语换成了华语。

I think “Life Goes On” is like a continuance of “Man Yao Sai Kai” (Roaming the World). Free and relaxing rhythm and a message “to take life with easy going attitude”. The different is “Life Goes On” is in Mandarin instead of Manhand’s normal Cantonese songs.

老朋友 (Old Friend)


“Lou Peng Yao” (Old Fried) is a very Manhand style canto-rap song. It takes me back to when I first listen to “Maan Hang” (Walk Slowly) from their debut album “Manhand”.

继续Latido (Latido Continued)

Alex San 在"继续Latido"的Casanova 的arrangement,彭学斌的词还有Von磁性的声音让这DJ Point所作的曲更有生命。再延续”Latido”成功的秘诀。

The Casanova style arrangement in "Latido Continued" by experienced Malaysian musician Alex San, the lyrics written by Peng Xue Pin, Von's magnetic voice makes the song composed by DJ Point much more vibrant. Continuing the success secret recipe of "Latido".


LaLuLa可以说是个很欢喜还有很搞怪的一首歌。在歌里可以看到DJ Point mixing的功力。CrossOver版本找来马来西亚的Khuro Shiro来合作。

Lalula is a very fun and funky song. In this song we can see the mixing skill of DJ Point put into good use. They work with Khuro Shiro from Malaysia the CrossOver version. Check out the video of Manhand singing Laluna live in Asian Music Festival 2011.

空杯子 (Empty Glass)

Manhand 的新歌“空杯子”让我想起陈奕迅的"Last Order"。就很舒服的旋律,好像坐在一间Jazz Bar喝着一杯Chardonnay听着台上歌手在唱着“空杯子”或"Last Order"。是一首很适合在睡前拿来relax听的歌。专辑里除了原版还收入了Manhand和郑可唯和盈盈Crossover的版本。两个版本都各有各的feel。

Manhand's latest song, "Empty Glass" reminds me of Eason Chan's "Last Order". A very relaxing rythem, just like sitting in a Jazz Bar sipping a glass of Chardonnay listening to the singer singing "Empty Glass" or "Last Order". This song is very suitable to listen to relax oneself before going to sleep. In the album, besides the original version, there's also a CrossOver version done with Tay Ke Wei and Ying Ying.

调理脑部 (Tune Your Brain)

这是一首有些像heavy metal和hip hop音乐的一首歌。我喜欢Manhand用了谐音来唱出不可能出现在他们专辑的‘粗口’(这只是我个人的猜泽)。“调理脑部”是一首拿来发泄的歌。有什么不爽就可以听听来发泄,塞车的时候听就最适合。

Tune Your Brain is a bit like heavy metal style with hip hop. I like the way Manhand play with the tone of the Chinese to be able to in vulgarity into this song indirectly (this is just my own opinion). Those that know how to read Chinese will know what I mean. This is one song that I found is to let off steam. If you are stress or unhappy, this is a very good song to shout it out. I think it works very well when I am stuck in a traffic jam.

总结 (Summary)

可以看到在Manhand的第三张专辑,曲风比较宽,华语歌比例多了(是有进入中国和台湾市场的意思?),还有几个根日本,香港,台湾,新加坡还有马来西亚的音乐人作的CrossOver. 可以听到是一张很有诚意的专辑。其他我没有写到的歌曲也是很值得去听的,只是我有写到那几首是我特别喜欢而已。

The music range in Manhand’s 3rd album is much broader. The ratio of Mandarin songs is more if compared with the previous two albums (plan to go into China and Taiwan market?). There are also 4 tracks where they did crossover with musician from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. This is an album made with heart and the best yet from Manhand. Other songs that I didn’t write here are worth listening to too, it’s just that the songs that I wrote in this review are my favourites.

Rating: 5/5

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HP Warehouse Sales, Save Up to 50%

If you have time tomorrow (Thursday) till Saturday. 21st July to 23rd July 2011. As I've Tweeted yesterday.

Make you way to 3 Two Square, Section 19, Petaling Jaya from 10am - 8pm.

Yes. It's the HP Warehouse Sales again. I'm not sure whether the price is the same that I got or not when HP have sales for employee last month. I bought a HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse for only RM35. Love the mouse. I might drop by there this Friday to check out the 500GB external hard drive. I'll buy it if it's below RM199.

My HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ChurpChurp 1st #ChurpOut at Mark's Place

ChurpChurp #ChurpOut is an event organized by ChurpChurp for the Churpers to gathered and know the people that work hard behind the scene. About 30 Churpers were there at Mark's Place, Plaza Kelana Jaya last Friday for this 1st #ChurpOut.

The Churpies introducing themselves. Michelle, Linda, Leh Bin and of course one of the first Churpie, Jacqkie.

After some intro, then Nick asked, "Who wants to volunteer to come out and play a game. Who's hungry?". I'm very hungry because I just woke up two hours before this and rush to the venue without eating anything. So, I raised up my hand. After five people volunteered. It's time to start the sausage eating competition. The fastest to finished eating these 4 different sausages dished out by Mark's Place will win cash vouchers worth RM100 to dine at Mark's Place.

As, I was one of the participant, I didn't take any picture of me stuffing the sausage into my mouth. My strategy is to starts with the biggest sausage and ends withe the smallest because I am thinking that my stomach is empty so doing the biggest first should not be a problem. If I do the other way around, then I already have 3 sausages inside me, so doing the biggest might proof to be harder. For the account of the whole sausage eating contest, you can read the post written by Madammondog.

My strategy worked and I was the first to finished all the sausages. But it was a very close call between me and Bro Hazman. I think the time is like 0.5 sec.

Then it's time for dinner. Mark, the owner of Mark's Place explained about the dishes that we will be eating.

I didn't have to chance to taste the grilled lamb. Oh, well, I will come back again and use the vouchers to eat lol.

I tried the beef burger. I found that the patty is a bit too dry. Well, this might be because it's not made to order as this is served in a buffet line. So, the chef has it well done to be safe.

Besides the cash vouchers from Mark's Place, I also won two TGV Cinemas complimentary passes and a limited produced ChurpChurp's mascot flash drive, the one that Bendan is posing with.

After dinner. It's time for another game. Each of us was given a number. We have to find the other person that got the same number but without showing the number we got and we can only sound out churp, churp. The fastest five pairs to find each other and run to the front will win a prize. I have no luck this time. Who's no. 12 that night?

So, the five pairs was gathered but before they were able to get the prizes, the pairs have to do a dance battle. Groovy.

They were the first pair to find each other, so they have to dance first.

Photos are not enough for this kind of fun. I captured it in Full HD glory.

Can you see Jackie and Shannon in action or I meant inaction? :P They are just shy, I think.

The fastest pair each got themselves a limited produced ChurChurp flash drive. While the other four pairs got TGV Cinemas complementary passes.

Coming to event like this, surely I get to bump into familiar faces.

YennieDoll whom I haven't met for a long time was there too.

And new faces.

Met Shiok Leng for the first time.

In an event like this, most certain you'll see him.

It's a great gathering. I hope that there will be more #ChurpOut like this. If you have Facebook or Twitter account then you can join the fun too be joining ChurpChurp. Besides, you'll be able to earn some side income by sharing the campaign running on ChurpChurp once you joined.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taman Selera Jalan Othman, PJ Old Town

Do you know that Oldtown Bhd was listed on Main Market in Bursa Malaysia? Yes, old kopitiam selling white coffee in Ipoh is now a listed company. Talk about growth. Now we all can be a shareholder of this coffee chains phenomena.

Okay back to my post hahaha. I went to have dinner in Taman Selera Jalan Othman, PJ Old Town during Chinese New Year way back in Febuary with my sister and bro-in-law. Of course with my two adorable niece and nephew too. This is the Nth time that we've been here because our maternal hometown is in PJ Old Town. So, we've been eating here since we were kids.

It's been a while now that we didn't come to this food sanctuary because we don't come to PJ Old Town as often as we used to. In the past, we come back almost every week with our parents.

There are so many stalls here selling different kind of hawker fare. One of the most blogged about one is of course the Chinese satay stall that sells pork satay. One have to way a long time for the uncle and auntie to dish out the satays.

No worry there, we ordered a lot of other dishes from neighbouring stalls. The Penang rojak is very good. But if you can't take spicy one, remember to ask the boss not to put in chilis because it's quite hot.

I see many customers eating Oh Jien (oyster fried) too. So, we also ordered a plate. True enough, the oyster is quite big in size and juicy. Yummy.

My sister ordered WatDanHor (fried rice noodle with egg gravy) for her kids. Not too bad too.

After like 30 minutes of wait, alas came the pork and chicken satays. The auntie told me, pork is darker colour than the chicken but I still can't quite differentiate which is which until I bite into them lol.

Now I know why so many people rave about the satay here. First, it's not overly grilled like some that the meat is burnt. Second, the satay sauce here is very creamy and have a strong peanut base. It's not so spicy, so even children can take it.

I also ordered TomYam from a Thai stall there. It's so-so only.

Another popular stall there is the ice kacang (ABC, Air Batu Campur). Too bad when we wanted to order they have already sold out (it's about 9pm ++). So next time have to go a bit early to savour that ice kacang.

After dinner we went to my mom's old home to visit our cousins and aunts there. This picture of my niece and nephew on the old swing reminds me of my sister and I when we were their age. I think we took a picture on the same swing before. Too bad I don't know where is the old pictures now.


Taman Selera Jalan Othman
Jalan Othman,
Petaling Jaya.

Google Map here.

Other Ppl's View:

Cumi and Cuki

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

After Bersih 2.0, What Now?

So, last Saturday the Bersih 2.0 rally ended with all parties claiming that they have won, according to the Star Says. For those of you that if up until now not sure what is happening, then should take notice now. Bersih is not affiliated with any political party as what the mainstream media wants you to believe. It is a movement to call for electoral reform to take not into these 8 demands for a clean and fair election process:

Bersih (Coalition for clean and Fair Elections)

They have demanded 8 points
1) that the EC clean up the electoral roll
2) reform postal voting
3) use indelible ink,
4) introduce a minimum 21-day campaign period,
5) allow all parties free and fair access to the media,
6) strengthen public institutions,
7) stop corruption,
8) put an end to dirty politics.

So, what can common people like us do? Well, for one thing is very easy to do. If you have reach the age of 21 year old, then it is time to register yourself as a voter to excise you rights as a citizen of Malaysia. I myself registered as a voter when I turned 21 but too bad at that time I missed GE10 by a few months. On GE11 I went to vote, I voted for BN during GE11 because I believe that they can do a good job for my area, Segambut.

*GE = General Election

During the period, not only there's no improvement but crime rates increase in the area and the roads were left in diminishing condition for a few years and no one come and fix the roads. So, on GE12 I gave my vote to DAP (Pakatan Rakyat). So far I like the MP of Segambut YB Lim Lip Eng that I've voted for, crime rates fell and roads were fixed once he came to my taman and saw the conditions. This is how I excise my rights to choose a leader that can help my area even if I can't decide which will form the Federal Government.

If you don't like what you see now in your constituent, then you should excise you rights to vote in the next General Election if you are eligible. You can choose to vote for any political party or person that you think can help contribute in your constituent. It's your choice.

Below are the list of venues that one can register as voter. The easiest should be POS Malaysia because they have a lot of outlets.

(a) Ibu Pejabat SPR Malaysia
Tingkat Bawah, Blok C7, Kompleks C
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62690 Putrajaya
No. Telefon: 03-88856686
(b) Pejabat-Pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri
(c) Pejabat-Pejabat Pos Berkomputer di seluruh Negara
(d) Kaunter SPR melalui Program Outreach
Tiada aktiviti ketika ini
(e) Pejabat-Pejabat Kedutaan, Suruhanjaya Tinggi & Konsulat Jeneral di Luar Negeri
Sila klik pada
(f) Senarai Penolong Pendaftar

It will only takes a few hours of your time. So, take action now for the future of Malaysia.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Old School Feng Chun Noodle Stall (逢春面档) in Dengkil

If you work or studying in Cyberjaya, you'll know that Chinese food is hard to come by there, especially Chinese food that has pork in it. Yes, there's Old Town, Pappa Rich and Padi that sells Chinese style food but it's not cheap. So, the nearest option for those working in Cyberjaya is to drive to Dengkil to search for affordable Chinese meal with pork.

My colleague and I found this very old school noodle stall that is operating in a makeshift stall in a house. It's just two shops away from Dengkil Ng Seafood Restaurant. What I like about this stall is that the food here has a very homey feel to it.

Even though I say that it's a noodle stall, they also sells rice dishes there like fried rice. Their special fried rice, which is home style fried rice with chicken curry. Man, it's so delicious.

Another thing I like about this stall is that they sells so many different variety of noodle dish here that every time I come here I'll be able to try a different style of noodle dish. Their pork noodle is very different from the pork noodle out there that I tried before. The soup base is not very overwhelming. I love their mui choy (preserved vegetable) minced pork.

They also have wanton mee. Besides the normal char siew (Chinese BBQ Pork) they also throw in my the mui choy minced pork that I like.

One of the noodle dish that I haven't got to try is their herbal noodle. My colleague told me it tasted like bah kut teh noodle. From the look and smell of it, it's really very appetizing.

Of course, this stall is quite well known with their Hakka mee. I must say, it's one of the best Hakka mee I ever tasted. The taste is simple and the ingredients put in matched nicely with the noodle making it not too dry nor too wet. Satisfying. Of course, maybe it's because of the mui choy minced pork that they put in :p

I ordered pork noodle again one day and they told me that they are out of pork. So they substituted with char siew and wanton instead lol. Interesting combination though.

Sometime they will have specialty like vinegar pork trotters. I ordered it to go with my fried rice. So yummy. The vinegar is just nice not too sourish. It feels just like home cook food.

There are still Cantonese Fried Noodle, Hokkien Fried Noodle, Fish Ball Noodle, Yee Mee, Mushroom Chicken Leg Noodle, Fried Loh See Fun, Loh Mee, Mun Fan (gravy rice), Yellow Wine Chicken, Curry Chicken Noodle and Dumpling Noodle that I haven't try yet.

It opens from morning till 3pm and closed on Sunday. The night time is operated by another stall, which I think is okay only.

Don't be fooled by this picture. It's taken around 2.30pm. During peak hour it's packed.


Jalan Kajang-Dengkil
(It's next to Ah Di Bah Kut Teh which is opposite Dengkil Ng Seafood)
Google Map here.