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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Red Beanbag, Publika, Duta Solaris

Nowadays, Publika seems to be my favourite hangout place on a lazy Sunday. I buy my organic oats from B.I.G. here bi-weekly. It's just 5 minutes drive from my place and there are a lot of eateries here.

So, one lazy Sunday afternoon, I woke up at about 2.30 p.m. and craving for a big breakfast. So, I drove to Publika since I have to restock my oats. There are a few eateries serving all day breakfast here. So, I use my Nokia E7 and Googlle "all day breakfast Publika". Voila, out come my foodie friend's blog post about The Red Beanbag.

I kick start my day with a cup of Latte. Not too bad. Better than Stabucks. Since it's a late brunch, I ordered Soup for the Soul (changes daily). Wild Mushroom soup (RM 15 nett) was the soup for the soul that day. I like a dash of white truffle oil on the soup that the chef did. It really brings out the whole mushroomy aroma of the soup. Not too salty and the mushroom is diced just nice. Reminds me of the Wild Mushroom soup in Dave's when they first opened their door in 1 Utama.

As for the breakfast, I had the Red Beanbag Signature Breakfast (RM 19.90 nett). You can choose the way you like your egg. As usual, I go for scrambled and it turned out to be the perfect scrambled egg I had in mind. Not overcooked, fluffy and still a bit of wet smoothness from the yolk. You can choose either chicken or beef sausage and chicken or beef bacon. Comes with beans, hash brown and two pieces of toast. Oh, their bread is very good. Someone told me their French toast is very good too.

Well, it's sure nice to have a place so near my crib to have an all day breakfast. Next time I'll try Wondermilk.


Lot A4-1-8, Solaris Dutamas
(opposite Publika’s open space/Ben’s)
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6211 5116
Tue – Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Pre-booked dinners for functions available.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial "Tag Your Love" Launch Party

So, anyone went to Pavilion and bought a bottle or two of the limited edition Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial "Tag Your Love" champagne? I was there last Monday for their launch party. Free flow of Rose Imperial, I think that night was the night that I had the most champagne I ever drank in my life.

Free flow champagne is one thing, able to bump into local celebrities and take picture with them is the fun part of the party.

Serena C was kind enough to take picture with near the backdrop so that I don't have to be alone. I also got a printed one that was took by the official photographer.

Took a glass of the Rose Imperial and started my non-stop champagne drinking that night lol.

One of the Malaysian Hottest Bloggers' blogger Naomi was there too. Another reason why I like event like this =P

Ezra, the host of "That Effing Show" from the YouTube channel PopTeeVee. The show talks about the current affairs in Malaysia in a sarcastic yet funny way. I am a subscriber to the channel, so it's delightful to bump into him. He happens to be a publisher (he's the publisher of Patrick Teoh's Teohlogy) and a DJ in BFM too.

Bumped into Fiqa again. She's so happening in events. Oh, well she's a model, actress and a student. So event like this most probably will see her lol. How does she juggles so many roles?

It's been a while I didn't bump into Elaine Daly and this is the first time meeting Carmen Soo in person. Thank you for taking picture with me.

Daphne Iking is the MC for the night. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture with her.

Yvonne sure changed a lot. She's a model now and I think she has forgotten that we first met in Nuffnang Pajamas Party 4 years ago lol.

Nice to meet Jess again in event. Every few months or weeks we're likely to bumped into each other.

And she brought her housemate Pamela along. Another lovely lady.

Surprise of the night. Ringo was there too! OMG. She looks so different without her gyaru way of makeup. Still beautiful as ever without gyaru makeup.

Lovely Esther was there too. Is it only or she's getting more beautiful each time I see her?

I saw Carmen Soo sitting in a corner talking to Melvin Sia, so I borrowed her for a while to camwhore =P

Okay, girls please don't say that I only put up girls picture here. Come, come, here's the picture of the handsome hunk, Melvin Sia (谢佳见). He won the Best Actor in a Drama Series in the NTV7 Golden TV Awards. He told me he shot a Taiwanese serial drama and a Singapore movie "Dragon Dragon Dance" will premier in the cinema here next month, March.

It sure was a fun night and took away my Monday Blue. I wondered if there's still any bottle left now.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nuffnang Turns 5!

Wow. Time flies!!! It was like yesterday when I went to Nuffnang First Birthday Bash - Nuffnang Pajamas Party. After that I was looking forward for annual Nuffnang birthday bash but, I have to be dissapointed to wait until year end the next year because Nuffnang decided to put in their resources into the 1st Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards, which I was lucky enough to be invited to join the fun in Singapore. Then the next year, no birthday bash too. Then last year it's the 2nd NAPBAS and of course yours truly was there too.

Alas!! This year, Nuffnang Birthday Bash is back. Y U TOOK SO LONG??

How will Nuffnang Stickman celebrate his 5th birthday? Oh, well. First, of course he'll need some booze. Recently I tasted Moet & Chandon Rose before and I think it's perfect for celebration. Pop one or two dozen bottles of the champagne with all the invited bloggers would be nice start.

Because Nuffnang Stickman is so famous among the bloggers. He should setup a line for the bloggers to camwhore with him using instamax/polaroid and then all the pictures will be put on the Nuffnang Wall.

Imagine Boss Ming is Nuffnang Stickman.

Prizes! Is a must in a birthday bash. But as Nuffnang tradition, it will be Nuffnang Stickman giving out prizes to some lucky bloggers instead of bloggers giving him the prizes =P

What's a party without some games? Let it be more extreme than the one in Nuffnang Pajamas Party. Taking off cloth is not enough now, Nuffnang Stickman. What about cross-dressing?

Maybe Nuffnang Stickman should also ask Boss Stewie to bring his bolster to the party again this time and let Mrs. Tiah hit him with it. Ok. Just kidding.

Nuffnang Stickman should again invite a French Maid, Police Woman, and a Nurse to usher us bloggers. This time maybe change that to cosplay popular Anime character such as Miku from Vocaloid.

I'm sure Nuffnang Stickman will invite famous bloggers like Cheesie to make the party merrier.

It's a must for Nuffnang Stickman to call up Chipster Girl to come and join the fun.


Because Chipster Girl is now Miss Universe Singapore 2011.

Last but not least, please invite EnerG too because he haven't been partying for a very very long time already. Pretty please.

Happy 5th Anniversary Nuffnang!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do you know...

that you can help to contribute to a great cause of helping less fortunate children by just purchasing P&G product in Tesco? Starting from 9th of February until 28th March, 6 sens will be donated when you purchase a P&G product worth RM10. It's good that while you are doing your weekly groceries shopping you also can help contribute to the donation to help those less fortunate children to participate in the Special Olympic. The target is to collect RM 100,000 donations in a month time.

Click here to read more about it.

This is a community service announcement brought to you by Simon Says.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moët & Chandon Rosé - Tag Your Love

Who don't love champagne? Especially a bottle of Moët & Chandon. What about a limited edition of pink Moët & Chandon Rosé bottle? Too beautiful to resist, right?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this fun, customisable Rosé Impérial bottle will be exclusively available at the Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial “Tag Your Love” showcase at Centre Court, Pavilion KL from 8th of February to the 14th of February 2012 only.

And by tag, doesn't mean tag your love one on Facebook but write a message or his/her name on the bottle. Get a bottle to celebrate Valentine's Day and do some creative love tagging on the bottle. Don't worry, a specially crafted marker pen is provided. =P

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Redeeming a free meal from Kenny Rogers with Bcard

Two weeks ago I got my Bcard. Why I got the Bcard? Well, it is to go and test it out in some of their merchant and then write about it. This is my experience using Bcard in Kenny Rogers.

So, last week, I went to Kenny Rogers to redeem a meal using the Bcard.

I ordered Cream Chicken Soup and a Dynasty Quarter Chicken meal. Only then I found out that now I can change the muffin with one more side dish. Nice.

When it's time to pay, I tell the staff that I want to use my points in my Bcard to redeem for the bill. The staff will swipe the card, then I'll enter the PIN. Yes this loyalty card comes with a PIN, which I think is very good because other people cannot redeem the points if I lost my card. After approval, the staff will key in the amount and the points will be deducted accordingly.

I forgot to use my 10% discount voucher T_T

And that is how I redeem my free meal from Kenny Rogers using the Bcard. You can sign up for a Bcard free of charge and start collecting points from the participating merchants too. Those participating merchants will have form in their outlet for you to sign up or better yet, sign up now here from one of their participating merchant. Who are the merchants? Click here. Starbucks is one of them too.

Speaking of Starbucks. I have a tip on how to utilize Starbucks Card and Bcard to get you more coffee. When you order in Starbucks, use your Starbucks Card. Do you know that you'll get a free Starbucks coffee after ten coffee you purchased with your Starbucks Card? Not only that, you can collect points using Bcard when you purchase Starbucks coffee using Starbucks Card. So, you'll get a cup of coffee free and also points to redeem.

By the way. Now is a good time to apply for a Bcard and starts collection points because you might win an all expense paid trip to London and other cool prizes.

"Don't forget to take part in the Bcard Swipe and Win contest from 2nd January 2012 to 29th February 2012 to win some cool prizes like an all expense trip to London!! Check it out on for more details."

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bianca Wu 胡琳 Jazz them up

I bought this CD "Bianca Wu 胡琳 Jazz them up. Bianca with the new york village jazz cat" from Rock Record yesterday. It cost me RM 75.90. I think it's worth every sens I paid for. Why? Well, the CD is of Analog Quality and is pressed on Silver Alloy disc by Japan Memory-Tech. Getting a bit lost with the technical terms? Oh well, I'm lost too until I played it on my car.

When I played the CD on my 7 year old car audio system, I'm still using the stock audio system. The quality of the sound is really very good. The normal CD that I played on my car never sounded so crispy clear before and the detail of each instrument is so solid. The drum, the guitar, the piano and of course the vocal. Imagine if I play the CD on a good hi-fi or vacuum tube system.

Bianca Lim 胡琳 has a vocal that can put most popular Hong Kong singers to shame. Her technique is also quite good. This album is a cover of the songs sang by the Four Heavenly Kings in the 90s. Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok. The songs were rearranged into pop jazz.

Once I listened to the AQCD, and then listen to MP3 format, the MP3 now sounds like crap. No matter how high the quality the MP3 is converted to, it still can't beat even a normal CD. Take AQCD into account, MP3 is just a convenient sake.

Some of the songs that is in this album.

Oh夜 (Leon Lai)

我為何讓你走 (Aaron Kwok)

忘情水 (Andy Lau)

If you are in to high quality sound and is a Hi-Fi enthusiast, then this album is surely one that you will want on your collection. By the way, I am not a Hi-Fi enthusiast. The only devices I have to play CD is my car's CD player and laptop =P

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So, I haven't blog about Nuffnang Asia-Pacificc Blog Awards 2011 dinner huh. Okay here it goes. Last year December, I was lucky enough to be invited again to NAPBAS. This time it's held in Marriot Putrajaya, the first NAPBAS that I went was held in Singapore and I got to travel and stay in Singapore for free thanks to Nuffnang.

As this is a Black Tie event, I purposely went to buy a blazer a day before.

Saw my secondary school's juniors, Vivien, Natalie and Ginny there. Jamie went to my alma mater for a short while too I think =P When I was in Form 5, they were still in primary school lol.

Bloggers from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Philipines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Japan were there. Spotted these three familiar bloggers. Hui Wen, Ringo and Audrey.

Oh. Omedeto again Ringo for winning the Best Fashion Blog.

and Chee Ching. The former was NAPBAS 2009's Most Original Blog Design nominee and the latter is NAPBAS 2011 Most Original Blog Design nominee.

came all the way from Penang and she won a hair make over for this event. She sat at the same table as me at NAPBAS 2009 and this time she's sat at the same table with me again lol. This time she can't bring her Mr.B though.

was one of the Singapore blogger that I met way back in 2008 during Nuffnang Pajamas Birthday Party. She is now Miss Universe Singapore 2011. I remembered I used to ask her for a Nang on MSN lol.

Boss Ming, co-founder of Nuffnang need no introduction.

Nuffnang Singapore Country Manager, Hui Wen and ex-Nuffie Robb.

Mentioned of Singapore and who won't know their famous blogger, XiaXue. Coincidentally we were both late on posting about NAPBAS 2011 =P She won Most Influential Blog and Region Best Blog.

Jiayeen with her tanned face. She came back from Krabi a day ago before NAPBAS 2011.

Ken was nominated in the Best Hidden Gem category.

, Joshua Ong and Michelle. Michelle put in a lot of hard work organizing this award dinner for us bloggers.

Of course, I have to take picture with Timothy co-founder of Nuffnang. A thumb up for you. Please invite me again for NAPBAS 2013 =P

The awards night was done greatly. The performers invited were very entertaining, especially Harith Iskandar. The stage is quite creative too. How they show the nominees. Good job done here Nuffnang Malaysia. You all can check out the full list of winners here.