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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Gigi 炎明熹 - 透光者 Review

The first single for the year 2024 for Gigi Yim. 透光者, which mean The Translucent One wants to tell a story of someone that is invisible to the one he/she likes. No matter what they do, the person they like won't take notice. 

Using a kind of mixed voice to sing this song, Gigi said that it is a new approach for her and she was not satisfied with her performance during recording. Such a perfectionist. She said that she hopes that she will do better when doing live performances of this song.

This is of a more band sound and a bit of Country influence. Gigi handled the transition of chest voice to falsetto nicely. I especially like the Bridge and the ad hoc at the end. This song might not be a song that hit you when you first hear it but after looping it a few times it will gets more and more hook on you.

Seow Listened: 9/10

Monday, October 23, 2023

Windy 詹天文 - 《大雕刻家 The Great Sculptor》

《大雕刻家 The Great Sculptor》, the second single from Windy Zhan is very different from her debut single 《沒有你的新學期》. This new song is more towards KPOP dance genre and it can be seen in the MV that Windy has a dance choreographed for this song.

This song is about when a human from being born till they grow up, many input and opinions sculpted by their parents, teachers, friends and etc. But the great sculptor should be themselves. No one can shape oneself other than themselves.

Seow Listened: 9/10

Monday, October 9, 2023

Gigi 炎明熹 - Only For Me

Only For Me, the latest single from Gigi Yim which is composed by J. Arie Lui. This is the second song after Little Magic from the same composer. This time the genre is R&B.

The MV is off the Gothic theme is something dark that Gigi have not done before. The melody of the chorus it very catchy that the tune will be looping in your head in no time. I personally love the bridge part which showcases Gigi's Legato. 

Fun fact is that this song was sang live during Gigi Yim's Gi-FORCE concert on 7th October 20233 before the song was released to digital platforms on the 9th.

Seow Listened: 9/10