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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Mood

Not in the mood to blog but must find a place to rant. Sigh. I'll just share this nice but kind of sad song by Kay Tse 謝安琪.

The song name is 喜帖街 (Wedding Card Street), it is a old street in Hong Kong that used to have a lot of shops providing wedding related products and services but now the street is empty, which is kinda sad.

By the way, Happy New Year 2009. Where you guys counting down tonight? I'll probably be counting down with myself in 1 Utama. T_T

Monday, December 29, 2008

KY's Xmas Eve Party 2008

Last year Christmas Eve I went gate crashing to KY's Xmas Eve party. Anyway, his party is somewhat an open invitation anyway. This year is the 5th installment of the annual affair and I once again went to KY's Xmas Eve Party to celebrate Christmas Eve because I know it will be damn fun.

From top left:

Sheryl which just came back from Germany, she just finished her Masters there and will be continuing her PHD after this. She's a common friend of KY and me before KY and I know each other.

With KY and his RM 200 worth of Little Chef. His Little Chef is so popular that everyone wanted to take picture with him.

Firdy the web designer of Nuffnang.

Huai Bin whom I just met recently. He really can party.

From bottom left:

Ei Ling came to KY's place already almost drunk. She started drinking since 12 p.m. She brought 2 bottles of Absolut Vodka. Mango and Peach. I only tried the mango's on the rock. Well, vodka is really not my cup of liquor.

Cindy of MDG fame starts to camwhore with anything in sight just as she reached.

Horng opening a bottle of Hoegaarden that I brought for Cindy and her friend with a spoon.

Cindy camwhoring with KY's disco light.

Pictures with some of the regulars in KY's Xmas party.

Clock wise from top left: Reta, Nicholas, Kimberly and Suanie.

Later into the night a lot more people came. Some are new and many more familiar faces.

Tock Tock came with Zoe, they were stuck in a jam after they did Christmas shopping in 1 Utama.

First time meeting Selina.

Yee Hou, whom is still sober at the time.

Holding a bottle of Tuborg there and taking picture with ST, Michelle and SM Chicken. Thanks Siao Ling for bringing the free beer sponsored by Tuborg.

Then Terrence started diligently going around distributing his self-mixed cocktails, asking everyone to try. One is call Life and another is Death. Each is contained in a large mug.

Terrence creating a whirlwind in the bottle which will make the beer gushing out, the person that accept the offer must down the beer in one go.

Huai Bin accepted the offer twice, you can see the videos here. We all lose to Rachel in this because she did it like 4 times and still going strong. I only managed to finish the bottle in two interval.

Zoe trying out the taste of Death.

Ei Ling not only brought the vodkas but also brought a box of Fidani chocolate from her company. KY distributed the chocolate to the all the people there. The taste is marvelous.

Huai Bin then started the Fidani challenge by sharing one piece of chocolate with another person and have to be eaten together using only mouth. More of the kinky pics here.

After the clock strike midnight, it's time for the gift exchange game. This time there's no theme or dress code. Last year's theme is Ah Beng & Ah Lian. Which FA complained me that I didn't dress according to the theme. Too bad this year she's didn't join us. Since there's no theme, so the catch is the gift is something wearable. The person who open the gift have to wear the gift.

There gift like condom, lipstick, socks, lace stockings, scarf, apron, panties, night safety vest, Japanese pervert hero costume, bra, Dragon tie clip, Heineken Hat and etc.

Zoe is no.1 and she got a safety vest but not for long because I stole it from her at my turn.

Yee Hou got a lipstick and he has to wear it and he kissed KY after he wore it on his lips.

Faye got the Hard Knocks School apron that I got from Royal Selangor Pewter Factory during my visit there.

Shaolin Tiger stole the Dragon tie clip from Horng while Kimberly covered herself with the scarf.

Huai Bin then try to demonstrate the right way to wear the condom because Terrence broke the condom with his hand.

By far the most popular gift is the Heineken Hat which was brought and then got it back by Michael because Elfie wanted it.

After the gift exchange, it's all else break loose because Huai Bin, Faye, Zoe, Yee Hou and I started some kind of kissing spree. With Huai Bin and Faye in the leading because they kissed the most people there.

You can see from here that some of us are very highly under the influence of alcohol.

Yee Hou, Zoe, Faye and Huai Bin are testing out the lipstick.

The nice people from PDRM was alerted once again and Huai Bin manage to get a picture. This is like an annual affair to them too lol. After most of the people went home, some of those that stayed is either passed out or is highly intoxicated or those waiting to go for supper.

I think Huai Bin didn't really know what he's doing when he's trying to do "foot reflexology" on Siao Ling. Zoe too got the same treatment from Huai Bin and Faye.

After that we all went to Ming Tin to have supper. Huai Bin really passed out after the supper. Shaolin Tiger and Terrence have to carry Huai Bin to Tock Tock's car. Tock Tock, Yee Hou, Zoe and I then have to carry him when we reach his place. He kept leading us to the wrong direction and making us walking in circle. Lucky Yee Hou make a decision to go to the floor that Huai Bin first mentioned to us. We then sent him to his apartment safely.

It was already 5 am when I reached my home, I felt like puking at first but I was too tired. I slept like a baby and woke up in the afternoon. After a drinking session like this, I think I'll let my liver rest for one week first before I drink again. New Year's Eve coming, and I still don't have any plan yet. Anyone having a party on New Year's Eve?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Simon Says Turns One

Wow, how times fly. It's already one year since I've started to blog in Simon Says. If you checked the archives you might think that I started since November 2007 but actually some were back dated post that I brought from my old blog Ya, ya, I'm the funny one that doing it backwards, while others move from Blogspot to .com, I switched from .com to Blogspot. Long story there. The official date that I started to blog in Simon Says is 28th Dec 2007, and this is my first post.

I only started to blog actively after I changed my job. There's very little time for me to blog on my previous job. That's why the Blogosphere suddenly see this person call Simon Seow pop up almost everywhere.

The blog becomes more active after I joined Nuffnang Community. At first just want to see what how many people are reading my blog from their stat. Yes, I was a noob that don't know about tools like SiteMeter out there.

At first, there's only about 2 to 8 visitors to my blog but as I wrote more things, read more blogs, and leave more comments, more and more visitors come in. Some from Google search, some were link from other bloggers and some were throught the comments I left. I remembered there's one time my visitors shot up to 500 because I was the first to comment in one of Ringo's post. Of course, then we have Innit from Nuffnang and I started to post once in while to PetalingStreet.

In this one year of blogging, I've come to knows a lot of people (bloggers mostly lol), some has become friends. Suddenly my Facebook friends shot up to 447 friends up till now. If you want to get started and get motivated in starting your own blog. You should gate crash on KY's Christmas Eve party, that's what I did and I got motivated.

And to continue to have fun and meet more other bloggers, join events organized by the like of Nuffnang or AMBP. There's was like non-stop events, contests, gathering, movie, and party month-in-month-out especially by Nuffnang.

Some of the major events that I got to go to are Nuffnang Pajama Party, Hennessy Artistry Zouk, Malaysian Dream Girl Finale, Nokia IAC, Nuffnang Maxis Wild Live Blogging, Hennessy Artistry Indoor Arena, Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing Grand Finale, and Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween to name a few. Click here to see more.

As I have been nicknamed EPF (Event, Party and Food) by WMW, other than event and party, I blogged mostly about food that I've eaten. From Chinese to Malay to Japanese to Korean to German. I wanna save up next year and try to tackle some fine dining like The Sage in The Gardens. :p See all the food post here.

In one year of blogging, I also got to earn some side income, mostly ads campaign from Nuffnang. What I didn't expect is that I also get to do some advertorial. I don't earned much like most top bloggers but it's decent enough I would say that the total that I earned this year is suffient to buy a HP Mini 1000. That's just an example, I didn't buy it ok.

Then my blogging activites started to expand into more projects like the Trafford Project, MDG2, Time Out KL, and another one that still in the pipeline as I haven't have time to meet up with the person in charge to discuss in details. Which, will keep me busy until mid of next year besides the occasional events that might come up.

I've got more than 50k of visitors to Simon Says in this one year. Nothing to shout about comparing to but I am happy with the result. So to commemorate the 1st year anniversary of Simon Says, I've changed the blog header as what you can see now. I have to thank Kif again for doing my old blog header. The one below.

Hope that for you, who is reading this will continue to come read my not so creative writings for many years down the road. There's more exciting things ahead next year in 2009.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Restoran Well Cook Gourmet, SS 14 Subang Jaya

Simon Says: Happy Boxing Day to you all that haven't open your Christmas presents. By the way, All New Honda City is out already. Call Albert at 016-350 0011 to arrange for a test drive.

I stay over at Justin's place after HH's wedding dinner because his place is near Sunway and I drank quite a lot of red wine, beer, XO and Cordon Bleu. The next day we woke up in the afternoon and Justin brought me to eat brunch at Well Cook Gormet at SS 14, Subang Jaya. This is the first time I come here.

He told me the specialy here is Fried Laksa (RM 5.50) and that's what he ordered. I meanwhile ordered Fried Dong Fun, which is in the new menu. Ben ordered some claypot soup mee that I forgot which already. :p

Ben's Claypot Yee Mee?

Fried Dong Fun

The fried dong fun is not bad but nothing to shout about. It's something that you can find in any tai char out there. Next time, I'll try their specialty, the Fried Laksa.

Rating: 3/5

Po Piah

Everyone seems to be ordering po piah (RM 4.50) here, and that's what Justin did too. The po piah fillings here are consist of sliced tofu, sliced fried egg, and seng kuang. Taste not too bad but there's better po piah out there, not to mention cheaper.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ben reading his newspaper after he finish his yee mee.

Overall, to have nice and simple meal and an environment better than most kopitiam, Well Cook Gourmet will surely be a choice. Although, I don't really have the urge to come back again too soon.


Restoran Well Cook Gourmet
74, Jalan SS 14/2
47500 Subang Jaya
Opens from 12 noon to 9pm.

Direction: It is at the shop lot opposite Metropolitan College across Lebuhraya Pantai Baru.

Google map here.


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!

It's Christmas today, which means one more week and it will be bye bye 2008, hello 2009. How's your year been in 2008? One thing for sure is that things will be tougher in 2009 with the financial crisis and recession looming nearer to Malaysia.

Those of you that still have a job, then count your blessing. Those that don't need a job even better. Those of you that haven't find a job or just lost a job, no worries, time like this is when great entrepreneur is born. I myself will count my blessing for still having a job, even though there's no increment next year but there will be a performance bonus that is better than last year, which will be out in this month's salary.

Ok, craps aside. Christmas came early for me this year. About two days ago I got a HP laptop from Kif all the way from Australia. He really kept his word here. Here's my new lappie.

It comes with a Christmas tree too, how thoughtful. Ok, it's not a real laptop but hey it's hand made customized sticker yo! Not only that, the stamp is custom made too. How cool is that.

3POINT8 marked his stamp!

Let us see what Kif has to say to 5imon 5eow.

Thanks Kif. Appreciate it. I'll er... try to pay it forward.

P.S. You're obsessed with number or something? LOL.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Yep! Merry Christmas everyone. This post is scheduled to be published on Christmas Eve lol. Will be working until 8 p.m. tonight then might go and have dinner with friend/friends. Depending on what's the plan I have. After dinner, I'll go party here. Planning to buy a few bottles of Hoegaarden White over and drink all by myself. Nah, just kidding.

So, where you guys going to be tonight? Nothing to do, you can gate crash at the party I'm going to go. KY will be more than welcome.

Here's something that I've made using picture of a few bloggers, Ringo, PamSong, Huai Bin, and Nicholas. Hope they didn't see this post. If not, I'll be dead. Real dead. Anyhow, enjoy your Christams Eve party, Christmas and of course Boxing Day.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chinese Dessert and Snacks at Kedai Kopi Khoon, Seapark

Simon Says: Penang done, Ipoh done. 10th of Jan 2009 will KL's turn for Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 Audition. Read about the Penang and Ipoh auditions here.

My shift starts on Sunday every week. So, usually me and my colleagues will go out and have brunch together. This also means we will get hungry again around 4 p.m. During this kind of hour there's really not much choice of food that we can choose, maybe mamak but we're sick of roti canai. Lucky there's one stall in Kedai Kopi Khoon, Seapark that's open for business around this hour. This stall sells tong sui and snacks. We like to come here for tea time when we're working on Sunday morning shift.

There are variety of choices for tong sui and snacks here. To name a few is bo bo cha cha, red beans, mak chuk, and fu chuk yi mai for tong sui. As for snacks, there's yam cake, economy bihun, chee cheong fun, yao char guai and po piah.

Variety of Chinese snacks.

One of my colleague ordered Yam Cake. I took a bite. Not too bad. One can feel pieces of yam inside and the sweet sauce and chili sauce blends really well with it.

Rating: 3.5/5

Yam Cake

They sell normal chee cheong fun and Teluk Intan (An Soon) Chee Cheong Fun. I always opt for the latter. An Soon chee cheong fun has dried shrimp and perserved vegelable in it. I never try the real thing in Teluk Intan before so I can't really compare but the chee cheong fun here is nice. This time I added in the chui pei (pork skin), fish ball and fu chuk (dried soya slice) curry. Satisfying.

Rating: 3.5/5

Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun with Pork Skin, Fish Ball and Fu Chuk Curry.

My colleague's Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun in sweet sauce and chilli sauce.

As for dessert, I had mak chuk tong sui. They added corn in the mak chuk, the first time I see this. Normally, I don't see corn in mak chuk selling from other. Not bad at all, the corn gave it a bit of different texture and sweetness.

Rating: 3.75/5

Mak chuk tong sui.

This is a good place to have some snacks and tong sui on a lazy Sunday when we want to take a break from work. I also see a lot of customers ta pao (take away) too. Kedai Kopi Khoon is located near Seapark at the other end of the shop lot behind KFC row of shop. The same row with The 60s Teow Chew Fishball restaurant.


Kedai Kopi Khoon
Jalan 21/19, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Google map here.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Not the Pain of Foot Reflexology

I was chatting with a colleague of mine on MSN the other day after 5 day of night shift in a row.

Simon Seow says: feels like going for massage on friday

-F- says: wah...SPA?

Simon Seow says: don't know, maybe massage center in metro prima gua. before 10 am to 2pm 50%

-F- says: wah....

Simon Seow says: yah, foot relexology RM 20 after discount

-F- says: i wont go for foot...

Simon Seow says: why? (I thought scare of pain or what lah)

-F- says: coz my uncle is reflexologist...

-F- says: i can always had it at home

-F- says: haha

Simon Seow says: -_-

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog War Over F&N Free Party! How It Started.

Christmas is coming but instead of making peace, two bloggers that I know are making war. Yes, that's right they are having Blog War currently. Why they're having a war? No, it's not because they hate each other. No, it's not because they have a pass relationship turned sour (from what I know the only first met 2 weeks ago). It's all because both wanted to win the F&N Free Party With 25 Friends Contest.

Reminds me of the F&N FreeStylz Event that I forgot to blog about. :p

How's the war started? At first PamSong and Huai Bin never cross path. Both posted on their own blog that they want to win this contest here and here. It is all fine until one night both met at the same event. When bloggers meet, they usually exchange their blog URL and WHAM! Each of them found out that they're going for the same contest.

Huai Bin and I.

PamSong and I.

Queen of Multiple Posts Per Day, Queen Pamela then activated her Weapon of Mass Persuasion to get support in her conquest. Which, President Huai Bin of SixthSeal Nation retaliated by declaring war with PamSong Nation. As both of them work as copywriter, we can expect some words fight here.

Latest news is that President Huai Bin had launched his final attack. So, all we can do now is to wait for the result of who will win the war. It might turn out that both will not win because this contest is not about who got the best post lol. Since I already left a comment in PamSong Nation saying that I will vouch for her. I of course will support Queen Pamela. As for President Huai Bin, he already has some very highly connected bloggers such as KY lending a support to him.

See those F&N, it's free yo!

I should have grabbed as many cans of F&N as possible during the Freestylz event but the food from Italiannies distracted me :p We have a small Q& A session with the designer of the new design on F&N Sarsi, Ice-cream Soda and Orange.

Distracted by these delicious meatballs on cream cheese sauce from Italiannies.

Well, I did go home with 3 F&N Freestylz cans autographed by the designers themselves. One of them is our local talented singer, Danny One. One of his more famous song is "Siapa" that features Candy Cheah.

The author and Danny One.

My autographed F&N. Thanks to F&N of course. ;)

I will be happy to donate my 3 cans of autographed F&N to Queen Pamela for her conquest. It won't be of any use though. Why? Okay. I'm a lazy blogger that only posted on this event that happened back in the month of June this year? So the F&N can won't have the "F&N" printed on the tab.

Okay. I might go to supermarket and buy lah but I think it's almost the deadline right? Queen Pamela, if you really need the tab, just buzz me ok? The due date is 31st of December, which is less than two weeks. For those of you that is gung ho enough to challenge Queen Pamela and President Huai Bin in this contest, click here before it's too late :p

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fish Head Noodle at Ming Lee Restaurant

Simon Says: Anyone want to buy pretty homemade cakes or cupcakes for Christmas? My friend Sheryl is taking order now. Click here to see some of her cake design. To order, please email her at

Warning: Tidak Ditanggung Halal

This is another late night lunches place that me and my colleagues go to, Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Ming Lee. We drive all the way from Damansara Heights to in between Jalan Sungai Besi and Jalan Pudu to eat a very nice fish head noodle that opens until late a night about 2 a.m.

Besides fish head noodle, we always order fried fish cake for side. This lovely fried fish cakes come with a generous portion of fried pork lard too. The outer layer of the fish cake is fried until crispy and the inner layer still springy. Four of us finished the whole plate even before the fish head noodle arrives, we later ordered one more plate to satisfy our fish cake addiction. This is a must order side dish if you come here, remind the auntie to put in the pork lard if you don't see any, sometimes she will forget to put.

Rating: 4/5

Fried Fish Cake

We order a small pot of fish head noodle (it is actually mee hoon). The portion is very generous even though it is the smallest size. The fish is really meaty unlike the one that I eat in the normal tai chao which I found bones more than meat. The soup is quite clear with just a dash of milk. There's also a generous portion of green vegetable and some pork lard. Usually I will use the leftover pork lard from the fried fish cake to add in to my bowl and eat it with the fish head noodle. Some part of the fish is really smooth and some got fish oil which is smoother.

The bee hoon is cook just nice, not too lumpy nor too dry. We found that there is more fish than bee hoon. We finished the bee hoon but there's still a few pieces of fish in the pot. The price is not too expensive too. The whole meal cost the four of us RM 44 for a pot of tea, two plates of fried fish cake, and a small pot of fish head noodle.

Rating: 4/5

Still piping hot hence the steam.

Scrumptious piece of fish. The fish is fried lightly first to lock in the juice hence the golden brown colour.

It's almost 1am on a weekday so there's not many customer already.


Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Ming Lee

Google Map here.


If you're coming from Jalan Pudu (from Pudu Jail). Go up the elevated roundabout in Jalan Pudu and take 9 o'clock but don't go into the big Jalan Yew, instead go to a small exit on your left. You will come to a road under the elevated highway, on your left there will be shops and on your right you will see pillars of the elevated highway. There's a left turning immediately when you turn into this road but it's no entry, you have to go about 100 m more to the second left turning and turn into it. Go straight until you reach the end of the row of shops and turn left, then turn left again into two row of shops. Look out for Kedai Kopi and Makanan Ming Lee on your right.

It's almost the same if you are coming from Jalan Yew via Jalan Sungai Besi, at the Jalan Pudu roundabout take 12 o'clock instead of 9 o'clock that's all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HH's Wedding Dinner, West Lake, Sunway Resort Hotel

December, I think is a good month for the Chinese to get married because so many of my friends are getting marry this month. So, early this month, I was a heng dai (brother/ku li/front liner/bodyguard) for my friend of many years (since high school) HH. I literally have to eat shit (made of chocolate and banana) out of a pampers when we go to get the bride from the hotel room. You know lah, there's always games, traps, barricades, quiz, and etc before the bridegroom can even see his bride's face.

Warning: Gross picture ahead

Chocolate Banana Cake?

Warning: Tidak Ditanggung Halal

Okay. Gross stuff aside. Let us go to some real good food that I had during the wedding. First off is the roast whole pig waiting for us in HH's house after we pick up the bride and the chi muis. I personally tell the chef to cut me a "sa lei tuk" (I think it's the upper pig shoulder, I might be wrong) (buttock according to Lisan. Thanks.). This is like the best cut of a roast pig. The skin is so crispy, the whole piece just melted in my mouth. OMG. The best roast pig I've eaten so far. Maybe it's because, the sifu just started to cut it and it was just out from the roaster not long.

My "sa lei tuk" on top of my hakka yong tao fu. My friend purposely go to find to caterer from a hakka village.

Halal from here onwards.

Fast forward to the evening. I was the PA guy but there's still time in between that I can quickly wallop the dishes. The usual 4 dishes combination is not usual at all. This the first time I see lobster salad in this dish in a wedding dinner.

There's also big Japanese dried scallop with spinach. One whole big dried scallop. My "yan ching" (money gift) might not be enough for the whole feast :p

Australian Lobster & Japanese Dried Scallop Combination

Next up, as usual is the shark fin but in this dinner, nothing is the usual at all. Here, there's no diluted and thinly sliced shark fin, instead we have a generous amount of crab meat and a whole pieces of 'Chong Bao' shark fin. The crab meat and shark fin is enough to filled up two bowls for each of us. (Okay, our table is 1 person short but still.)

Braised 'Chong Bao' Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat

They also provide beansprout and ham slices as optional condiment to the shark fin soup. This is the first time I see this comes with the shark fin soup.

Ham Slices & Bean Sprouts

Next is a scallop dish again but this time it is fresh scallop. The size of the scallop is quite big too. The mushroom is also very fresh, I especially like the crunchiness of the lotus root. So sweet and crunchy.

Szechwan Style Sautéed Scallop with Assorted Vegetable

Assorted Vegetable - Lotus Root, Asparagus, Wood Fungi, and Oyster Mushroom

After that is the steamed fish. Nothing to unusual about that except that it's very fresh. The sauce also quite good.

Steamed Bamboo Fish in Hong Kong Style

Feels so like biting it right now.

Next is one of my favourite dish of the night, lucky I eat it while it's still warm. Why? Because there's cheese in the dish. Big ass tiger prawn in cheese. The sauce is so cheesy and creamy. The prawn is fresh and succulent. The prawn head is exceptionally distinct. It's too hard to describe.

Baked King Tiger Prawn with Cheese & Superior Stock

I was eager to dig into the prawn hence this picture is taken very quickly.

This is the last dish that I was able to snap a picture. Were busy going around to drink with the guests when the bridegroom and bride went to "geng chao" (toasts to the guests). It look plain but the ingredient used is not so plain. Chilean abalone and sea cucumber. Nice.

Stewed Chilean Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Gluten

The rest of the dishes are:

Braise Ee-Fu Noodle with Sliced Chicken (Not bad)

Sweetened "Bai Nian Hao Hou" with Lotus Seed (Normal)

Chinese Pastry in Two Varieties (Normal)

This is one of the best wedding dinner that I've ever eaten. Lastly, I want to congratulate HH and WC again. Fast, fast make babies.


West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant
Lobby Level, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa,
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel: (6-03) 7492 8000 Extn. 3181
Fax: (6-03) 7492 8001

12.00noon - 2.30pm (Mon - Sat)
10.00am - 2.30pm (Sun & Public Holidays)

6.30pm - 10.30pm (Mon - Sun)