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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Gigi 炎明熹 - 透光者 Review

The first single for the year 2024 for Gigi Yim. 透光者, which mean The Translucent One wants to tell a story of someone that is invisible to the one he/she likes. No matter what they do, the person they like won't take notice. 

Using a kind of mixed voice to sing this song, Gigi said that it is a new approach for her and she was not satisfied with her performance during recording. Such a perfectionist. She said that she hopes that she will do better when doing live performances of this song.

This is of a more band sound and a bit of Country influence. Gigi handled the transition of chest voice to falsetto nicely. I especially like the Bridge and the ad hoc at the end. This song might not be a song that hit you when you first hear it but after looping it a few times it will gets more and more hook on you.

Seow Listened: 9/10