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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog of the Week Launching Contest

This contest is closed. Winner will be notify or find out here.

To celebrate the launch of Blog of the Week in Simon Says. I'll be running a contest.

Make sure to refesh page, you might get new hint.

The contest is:

Guess which blog I'll be featuring next in Blog of the Week?

Rules & regulation:
1. Only one entry is accepted from one reader.
2. Only those that have registered account or ID can participate. Any anonymous or made up name doesn't have any record that can be tracked will not be considered.
3. The winners are the first two that leave the correct answer in this post's comment.
4. Answers(comment) have to be submitted by 12.00 a.m. 4th of Febuary 2008.
5. Prizes cannot be exchange for cash.

The two winners will get to dine with me in Palate Palette on the month of March 2008. Date and time will be arrange privately between me and the winners. Of course, the bill will be footed by me.

Hint: It's one of the blog from Gluttony. So, pick your answer wisely, you only got 1 chance.

Hint No.2: This blogger can write and read Chinese but never write a whole post in Chinese. He only use some Chinese word for food name or ingredient. (Updated at 29th Jan 2008 12.44 p.m.)

Final Hint: One person got it right already, and qualified for the prize. (Updated at 30th Jan 2008 8.58 a.m.) Maybe I should change that hint to Two person got it right but only one qualified for the prize. Read the rules. (Updated at 1st Feb 2008 12.59 am)

Happy guessing and good luck.

Blog of the Week: ling239

Ok, ling239 since you asked for it. You gave me an idea to start a weekly post to write about flogs or blogs that are in my blog roll. Since you're the one that help me with this idea, you get the first to be featured in my Blog of the Week post.

Let me explain how this works:

1. Every week I'll pick a flog or blog from my blog roll and write what I think about it.

2. There won't be negative comment from me on any flog or blog that make it to Blog of the Week to avoid getting blasted from the blogger. Especially don't want to get blasted by FA. I promised, you won't like it to get blasted by her.

3. Your traffic won't shot up because my blog has less than ten (pun not intended) hit per day. Email Kenny Sia and ask him to pug you if you want higher traffic to your blog.

Ok. Enough of explaining. Please let us welcome the first Blog of the Week in Simon Says. *drums roll* ling239's Coffee Garden.

First, we start with how did I get to know ling239's flog. If memory serves me right, I think it's a link from a post I read from either Boolicious or Jackson. Sorry, old already memory tak guna dah.

The first impression that I have about ling239's flog is nice and simple. Nothing too wordy or overloaded with pictures. Just simple and exact description about the food. There are two specialty about her blog that I like. It comes in NICAM (dual language). Yupe, ling239 writes her flog in Mandarin and English. For me that can read both language is an extra bonus because I can get some exact Chinese food name. Sometime using English to describe Chinese food is just not what it meant to be.

The other thing I like about her flog is, the emo icon that she uses and the way she uses it. She put the right emo icon at the right phrase which makes you feel the way she felt when she's writing it. Example, when she got a question , when she likes the food or when she's annoyed . She got a lot more of these emo in her blog.

One more plus point about ling239 flog is that it is updated almost everyday. Each day I go in, I can find a new food post, this is very good for glutton reader like me ;). I think that says it all for the first Blog of the Week in Simon Says.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Blog Roll

Alas, I've added in my blog roll. These are my daily blogs read whenever I am working for 12 hours in front PC when the database servers is not acting up.

I've categorised it into 3 category, which is Gluttony, Lust and Envy. Three sins of the 7even sins. As you may have guess Gluttony is about food, so this category is all the flog (Food Blog) that I read.

As for Lust, since I am not gay of course this category is a list of female's blogger's blog that I read. Don't worry Skyler, you're in the Lust list.

For the third category, Envy, is a list for guys blogger who are either more handsome than me, more famous than me, richer than me, write better blogs than me and so on. In short, Envy is a list of guy's blogs that I read.

So there you have it, my blog roll. If I mistaken you for guy from a girl or the other way around, please leave a comment and I'll correct my mistake.

Breeze Cafe

I taught my friend who runs a cafe in Ipoh called Breeze Cafe to create a blog or two in I created one for his personal and another for Breeze Cafe.

Breeze Cafe can be say is the most happening cafe in Ipoh right now. You can find live band singing every day in Breeze Cafe. The outdoor sitting is very spacious and cooling with nice landscaping. The indoor sitting is somewhat have a Japanese feel to it. Also there are board games, cards and Jenga that you can play upon request.

There is a VIP room with Karaoke system. Just like any room you find in a reputable karaoke lounge. You can use the VIP room with a minimum expenses of around RM 250 120(correct me if I'm wrong).

The food are at a reasonable price. Ranging from RM 5.++ to 20.++. There's Hong Kong style food to Western Food to local food. Specialty drinks like Traffic Light (a drink with 3 different juice) and some cocktails. Sorry to be brief here because their menu is always updated with new items so it will be better if you check out Breeze Cafe blog site often for new pricing and menu items.

Sometimes there will also be celebrity doing their promo in Breeze Cafe. A few that were there for the promo of their album are Serene and Stella Chung. So, if you're happen to be in Ipoh and nothing to do at night, why not head down to Breeze Cafe have some of their famous finger food, specialty drinks and listen to the live band while feeling the breeze that is breezing in the area.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ruth Can Walk Now

Ah, how children grow so fast. Just a few months I haven't seen Ruth (my niece) and she can walk now. My sis updated her photo album with Ruth's photos, so I thought I'll steal a few to post it here as a record of how kids grew so fast.

"She can stand on her own now and bringing her toy around"

"As comparing to this a few months back. Still crawling"

"She even can squat and use her mum's mobile phone. Children nowadays is such a fast learner"

"She can even dance. Ruth says,"Put on your black dress and dance the blue.""

It's nice being a kid. Can be so happy being "caged" by her mum. Will be seeing you soon Ruth on CNY. ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Profile Photo

A lot of you might be wondering what is it that I've written on the white board in my current profile photo. Guess no more, here I'll reveal the answer.


This photo was taken 2 years ago on my trip to Hong Kong in the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in The Peak. I'm not 6 feet tall by the way.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Funny Caption Contest

As I've blogged here, there's 4 Nikonian Funny Caption Contest running simultaneosly. Here's one more of the photo to be contested.

"Hello? DBKL? I think you lost some street dogs here."

I didn't submit this to the contest. Just wanna post something funny ;).

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You? - Test Result

I'm having a blog block. So, I'll just post this test result that I've taken in It is a test that will give you result of which Malaysian blogger are you most similar with. The result I got is:

Congratulations Simon Seow, you are...

Joyce the Fairy of

If you are a car, your fuel of choice would be unleaded alcohol. You are a major party animal with an unnatural obsession with art, toys and all things fantasy. You think the world is too complicated and you wished it could be as simple as it was when you were 7 years old. You live with it. You work hard, but you don't take for granted the simple things in life that make you happy. Sweet candy, cartoon music, crazy friends, all these and more make you a happy person living in your own little world.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

P.S. I've updated the link to The code from was using the old xanga link.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are you a Gardener?

I was reading on Kenny Sia's trip to Kota Kinabalu and as I was reading the post near the end there's one particular photo of Pinkpau that caught my eyes. At first I didn't really notice but on the second time I see the photo, I noticed something. Below is the photo that I took notice of.

Photo from

No, the thing that I took notice of is not the hand that is massaging Pinkpau's leg. Don't get me wrong, Pinkpau hurt her leg during the trip down from the peak of Mt. Kinabalu so she needs to be treated. What I took notice of is the wording behind Pinkpau's green T-shirt. I know, it's not some catchy word like "Fuck you, you're fat" but a rather mundane wording like "SEKOLA" and the bottom part is "AKA?E".

You can't really make out what the whole T-shirt says. It took me 1 or 2 minutes to realise the full meaning of the word, even those that is not shown in this photo. How did I do that? Easy, I just use Photoshop to flip the photo to see the other side of the T-shirt, if this photo is in 3-D that is. How did I know what was written at the back of the T-shirt? It is because I myself own a same T-shirt but mine was blue in colour. Coincidentally that I bought a T-shirt that is the same design with Pinkpau's? I can bet you RM 100 to find that same T-shirt in any boutique or pasar malam out there and you won't be able to find it. Dont' belive me? Look below, I took a photo of myself wearing the T-shirt I have.

Looks the same as the wording on Pinkpau's T-shirt? The wording of the T-shirt is actually, "Sekolah Sri Garden" at the top and "Akademi Badminton Malaysia" at the bottom. This is a sport house T-shirt of my alma mater, I went to secondary school in Sekolah Sri Garden and I was in Blue House. So, if Pinkpau is wearing a T-shirt with the same design but different colour, there's only 2 conclusion I can make out. First, she borrow the T-shirt from a friend who is also studying or studied in Sri Garden. Second, she herself was studying in Sri Garden at that time and was in Green House.

Yesterday, I have confirmed that the second conclusion is the correct one. I asked her myself in the Youth 08 event yesterday in PWTC. So, I actually was 11 years high school senior of Pinkpau. Ah, according to her, so many thing has changed in Sri Garden. I saw her Form 2 class photo that she posted recently on her blog and found that the prefect's uniform had changed. It's been almost 10 years I didn't go back to Sri Garden for a visit.

So, as the title asked, "Are you a Gardener?", I'm not asking whether you attend to flowers and trees in a garden but rather asking whether you've ever attended Sekolah Sri Garden (according to Pinkpau, it is now only refer as Sri Garden). Do you still have the sports house T-shirt? If yes, please take a photo of it and email me. Also, according to Pinkpau, my senior Alan Goh is planning a allumni gathering, so if you're a Gardener you can leave a comment at Pinkpau's blog. Ah, it's not everyday that you bumped into someone that attended the same secondary school as you in the blogsphere. That's all I want to write folks. See you next time. *tune from Looney Tune ending playing*

Friday, January 18, 2008

Funny Caption Contest

Nikonian Academy the appointed professional training center by Nikon Malaysia for profesional photography using Nikon DSLR is running a "Funny Caption Contest" that can win you 1 FREE March 2008 Nikon Creative Lighting System class. All you have to do is just think of a funny caption for the photo that was posted on their website.

I've already submitted my entry. Below is my funny caption:

"Hey! I think my camera can see through her clothes."

For those that are interested to win free class on Nikon Creative Lighting System can visit the contest website here. This can help dig up your funny bones and can have a chance to attend professional photography class.

UPDATES: There are actually 4 contest running with four different picture. The above is only one of them. You can see the other 3 pictures in the official contest website. Rules & regulations also in the website. Please read carefully before submitting your Funny Caption. ;)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sign That Show You've Been Off the Workforce For Too Long

Last morning after I changed into my sleeping attire (T-Shirt and shorts) and ready to hit the bed, my phone rang. J was on the line.

This was our conversation:

Me: Wei, what's up?
J: Hello. (Sounded just woke up from his slumber)
Me: Yes? (I just came back from a 12 hours shift, so it's kinda restless for me)
J: I woke up late and will be late for work, what excuses do you think I should use?
Me: -__________- (Call me in the morning just to ask this question???? WTF?)
Me: Well, just tell your boss your car was got a puntured tyre half way to work and you need to changed it.
J: Hey, why don't I just tell him my car can't start at all. (Indirectly, no need to go to work).
Me: -___________________________________________-
J: Ok. Bye.
Me: Bye. -_-

For those that is confused, J just went back to a paid job after more than a year working for himself.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ah Beng Version of My Blog

Hi. If you think reading this blog in proper English is too dull and mundane. Try the Ah Beng version. Translated using English - Benglish Translator.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yakult Saves the Day

I was down with a mild food poisoning on Saturday. It is mild because it only consist of shitting fluid until I was dehydrated and lost lots of salt, no vomiting involves. I think the cause is the either the salmons or mussels from the company kick-off dinner in a 5-star hotel. Maybe my immune system was affected in late nights sleeping after 2 weeks of night shift, until the point I can eat uncooked seafood.

Went to see the doctor. The doc prescribed me some pills for stomach ache, diarrhea, gas, antibiotic and 3 packets of salt solution. I was not to eat anything for a day and only drink the salt solution mixed with warm water. When you loses water and salt from your body, you'll feel very tire even after 8 hours of sleep.

After a day of not eating anything but the pills and mixed-salt solution, I got better and started to take some food. After 2 days of recovering from the food poisoining, I found out what goes inside me didn't want to come out. I was having a case of constipation now. My stomach felt bloated.

In the afternoon, I went to Jusco Kepong and bought a packet of Yakult. I was thinking that during the food poisoning, all the good bacteria that help with digestion must have been killed thus resulting of in but not out. So, I have to replennish the good bacteria. Drank two Yakult and felt a bit better. The stomach don't feel bloated. A few hours after that, I litterally can shit again. Wow, Yakult really make my day.

P.S. Now I understand why Timothy has an addiction for this drink.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm An Idiot

Ring, ring, ring. The alarm on my mobile phone rang. I checked the time, it's 7.30 a.m. already. "Shit, I'm gonna be late for work". I jump out from bed (literally), changed my clothes and don't even bother to brush my teeth because there's someone in the toilet.

The time now is 8.00 a.m. and I'm still stuck in the traffic jam. I am supposed to be in the office on 8 a.m., that's when my morning shift start. Another half an hour later, alas reach my office. I didn't have time to look for a free parking in the housing area in Bukit Damansara, so I parked in the pay per hour carpark.

Reach my desktop at around 8.40 a.m., started to login. I have to login to the system to sign into the shift attendance. My colleague then start this conversation with me:

Colleague A: Simon, are you coming in to standby for anyone?
Me: No, I'm on shift today.
Collegue A: But according to shift schedule, you're suppose to be on night shift not morning.
Me: What? Is it? *check shift schedule, found out I'm on night shift*
Me: -_- *thinking to myself, WTF?*

So, there you go, woke up early in the morning with only 3 hours of sleep, rush through the morning traffic, pay the RM 4 'First 2 hours' parking fee and come to office and found out I am only needed to be in office in another 11 hours later.

I just pretend to check some mail, and then had my breakfast and then drove home to sleep again. From now on you can call my Idiotic Seow. -______________________________-

First Hair Cut of 2008

As, I've written in my previous post that I will be posting my new hair cut in 2008. ling239 also left a comment asking about this post. So, here it is;

The Front Look

The Right. (Looks like I'm balding in the right)

The Left

The hair was cut in Bianco in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

The address:

10-01, Jalan Kenari 18, Bandar Puchong Jaya,

47100 Puchong, Selangor D.E.

Tel: 03-8070 2386

Creative Stylist: Erica Woo

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm Only 40% Malaysian

According to the test I took in, I am only 40% Malaysian -_________- (The emo copyrights owned by Skyler)

The results:

Congratulations Simon Seow, you are 60% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Am I Having Insomnia?

Got back home this morning after having Umppuma for breakfast in Nirvana Maju, Bangsar. Changed into comfy T-Shirt and shorts ,then brushed my teeth and hit the bed. I was tossing and turning on the bed for more than 2 hours but still can't seems to get sleepy at all.

My mind was so active that I can't get to sleep. Damn, it must be the Nescafe that I had around 4.30 a.m. So, at around 1p.m., I droved myself to Jusco, Metro Prima to buy new toothbrush and also to fixed my car's remote key access. Had a bowl of Nissin noodle at John Kopitiam (yes, now there's so many kopitiam cafe out there like Pappa, Old Town, Uncle Lim, and etc).

Bought my toothbrush from Jusco and looked for the shop to fix my car's remote key access. Passed by Soda and saw a red shirt on display. Since my company kick-off dinner theme this year is Red & Black and I don't have a red shirt, so I went in asked for an XL sized, tried it and bought it. Cost me RM 89, shit my budget is getting tighter this month.

Went to the Minit Cobbler to fix my remote key access, after some test the person in charge told me is because the battery is low. So, changed the battery for RM 12. Since there's nothing there to do, decided to hit home. Paid the parking for RM 1 (might want to consider applying for Jusco card, can get free parking).

Reached home around 3p.m. Hit the bed. Fuck, still not able to sleep. So, there I was tossing and turning until like 6.30 p.m. and finally I dozed off. Woke up and look at my hand phone. FUCK, it's 8.30p.m., I'm late for work. Reached office and I feel wide awake and not sleepy at all eventhough I only slept for 2 hours. So, am I having Insomnia?

XX Blog Generator from

I was browsing through archives and bumped into this post. A XX Blog Generator that will generate blog entry for you to swear a ppl.

The text below was generated using XX Blog Generator Copyrights owned by Kenny Sia:

I was in my room this morning, doing some cleaning up, when a RUDE ANG MOH come by and JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!!!!!!!
I tried to be reasonable so I asked politely why he did that. But you know what the fucker did? HE IGNORED ME AND CONTINUE TO JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!! I was going to confront the RUDE ANG MOH further, but I was scared he might punch my fragile new fake nose, deforming it permanently and leaving me ugly forever. :( So I walked away quietly.SO ANGRY! To that RUDE ANG MOH, I HOPE YOUR TESTICLES DROP OFF!
I am so fucking irritated with that RUDE ANG MOH! So what if he is a RUDE ANG MOH? Doesn't mean he can just JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD like that. If every single RUDE ANG MOH come and JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD, I still need to live meh?!!

So, if you're out of idea how to rant or swear in your blog, XX Blog Generator can do the job for you. It's FOC too.

Alas It's 24 Hours

Unrelated Ranting:
I was suppose to blog about my new hair but Mr. Nitsuj as he always is, took his own sweet time to upload the pictures from his mobile to the laptop. Then he'll have to send to me and I haven't receive the pictures yet. So, I'll have to post some short entry first. "Procastination killed the frog"

About 2 months ago, I blog about RHB bank 24 hours service not living up to the name 24 hour service. After a week or two, I found that their ATM and Cash Deposit machine are running 24 hours. Went there once around 1 a.m. to get some money.

Even the online banking is functioning at 3 a.m., I am able to check my account at that time. Now that is what I call 24 hour service. So to give back credit to RHB, I am obliged have to post this entry. Give credit where credit does. Now I don't have to worry about getting money in wee hour in the morning.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Are you a Nikonian?

So, do you own a Nikon DSLR or you just bought a D300 or D3 but don't know how to fully utilise it. The focus just isn't right, which lens should be use to capture certain spot, how much ISO should be set, and etc. If those are the question you want answer for, look no more because Nikon Malaysia have a appointed Nikonian Academy as the official training center for Nikon DSLR enthusiast.

Courses conducted by professional photographer that has vast experience of using Nikon camera even before the DSLR era. There are various courses to choose depending on your flavour. After completing a course, you'll receive a certificate certified by Nikon.

Look no more if you want to know more about your Nikon DSLR. Click here.

P.S. This is not a paid post.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Countdown to 2008

Won myself 2 tickets to the Midzone Countdown 2008 Party in Mid Valley. So, I invited Justin to come along to the party.

7.30 p.m. - Met up with Justin in Starbucks and then went to get the tickets from the counter. Kimberly was there at the counter. Chat a bit with her and got the tickets.

8.00 p.m. - Justin bought some shirts from G2000. (He's starting new job on the 2nd of January)

8.30 p.m. - Went for dinner in Oh Sushi. Had a katsu don and a soft shell crab temaki. Justin had maguro sushi, sake sushi and California Roll.

9.30 p.m. - Went into the Midzone party area. Receive a party pack. Found out complimentary have no F&B coupon. Halfway to the main stage bumped into Esther. She got the media passes and was standing in a special area with free drinks. KY, Suanie, Jack, Hot Chick, Rachel and ShaolinTiger were there too. Esther invited us into the media area. (Free booze *laugh evilly*)

10.30 p.m. - Was chit chatting with the other bloggers and dance to the music. Skyler came with her friend Jen. She joined us in the media area. Takes some pics. Dance and chat.

11.00 p.m. - It started raining. Skyler brought the rain LOL. Everyone from the main area rush to the side for cover. Esther and Rachel were crazy enough to go out and dance in the rain. I went to joined them for the fun.

11.30 p.m. - Got insider news that fireworks will be at southern entrance, so the gang moved to southern entrance to wait for fireworks. TBG came and joined us after she took care of the organizing tasks.

11.59 p.m. - Countdown to 2008.

12.00 a.m. - Waited for fireworks but nothing. So moved back to center stage.

12.30 a.m. - At last, fireworks show started. Moved to southern entrance to take pictures. First time ever watching fireworks from such a close proximity.

1.30 a.m. - Getting exhausted and tire from all the dancing (sigh, getting old already). So, Justin and I went home.

Sorry, I dont' have any pictures. I'm a poor blogger without digital camera. For pictures and video you can check out the other bloggers' link.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

About Ruth & Noah

Just an ad hoc blog about Ruth & Noah. Who are they? Ruth is my niece and Noah is my nephew. Stole some pics from my sis's friend's Facebook. So, just thinking of uploading them up in my blog. Since you know, I don't have a digital camera. Just want to put up some pics to spice thing a bit.

Ruth, my sis's eldest daughter.

Is she cute or what?

My sis's youngest son, Noah. Not much hair, just like me. LOL.

Ok. This is the first post with pictures. Haven't really meet my nephew though, they are living in Sillypore (Singapore). Should be going there to visit them on CNY.

First Post of 2008

Happy New Year!!

What? Oh, that was like 4 days ago? Sorry but kinda in a lazy mode. I got 6 days off, so anyone will get lazy. Let's see, ok I'll do a preview of what I'm going to blog about later.

1. Midzone Countdown 2008 Party.
2. New hair cut in a new year.
3. Karaoke sessions in Neway, Cheras with some old friends from high school.

I think that's about it. Ya, the other stuff is too boring to blog about. Play WOW, sleep, eat, watch DVDs, play WOW, sleep, eat, and watch DVDs, you got the picture.