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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

24 Hours Banking my @$$

Am working the graveyard shift again. Went for my lunch (supper) at around 11.55 pm in Damanlela. Look into my wallet and found that I was short of cash. Went to the RHB Bank nearby, saw the sign saying 24 Hours ATM. When I was about to take out my ATM card for withdrawal, all the machines’ screen displayed ‘Sorry, temporary out of service’ (Including the Cash Deposit machine).

I checked the time and it’s 12:00 am. So if the ATM and Cash Deposit stop servicing at 12.00 am. Why the fuck do you put on the 24 hours sign for? What if I need the cash for emergency? So to RHB Bank management, please kindly remove the fucking misleading 24 hours sign in your electornic banking section.

All other banks that says 24 hours banking really does mean it. Another thing is that is not 24 hours also. Try to check my balance online after 12:00 am and will find that the site is under maintenance after I login. Why put the banking online when it only works before 12 am or after 6 am? If it’s fucking normal time, we can check in the branch itself and don’t have to logon to the online banking. In the world of Internet, online means 24 hours availability no matter where I logon from.

So put up a sign in the ATM machine saying 24 Hours Banking My @$$.