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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm In The MY FM Life Size Card Board Carrier Contest

That is what I perceived the contest should be named lol. The real contest name is "MY FM Brand's 白兰氏鸡精飞天遁地阳光帮". From 19th Feb 2009 onwards to 15th March 2009, I'll have to carry the life size card board of MY FM 101.8 FM's DJ Jack Lim (林德荣), Mei Yan (颜薇恩), and Nicholas (翁书尉) from the morning show every I go and take picture of the card board and me in it at each place. The purpose is to create publicity so from my guess the places with more people and the more people that I took the picture with will earn me more points. This contest is limited to 1,000 contestants. The top 10 finalist will get RM 1,000 each and the winner will get RM 15,000.

So, that fine Thursday morning on the 19th of Feb, despite it's a non-working day for me, I get my ass up and reached Sg. Wang Plaza to sign the contestant form and collect the life size card board.

I'll be carrying one of those until 15th of March.

I heard some of them took leave just for this.

Registration is quite fast as the queue is not long. Maybe it's still early. I gave the Brand's staff two Brand's bottle caps to join the lucky draw which will be held at the end of the launch. About 10 a.m. Already they gave me a Japanese clay tea cup by giving those two bottle caps.

Me and the life size card board.

The MY FM DJs were on the stage entertaining the contestants there while doing a live broadcast.

At about 9.30 a.m., it's time for the swearing in ceremony for the contestants led by Ah Beng (the alter ego of DJ Jack Lim). At first he read the testimonial of marriage, then the swearing of organized triad and only the third time is the real deal. Funny man.

Ah Beng leading the swear.

After that we all yum sheng with a bottle of Brand's Chicken Essence. My 2nd bottle that day. Then it's lucky draw time. 5 winner will be draw. Each will go home with RM 100 worth of Brand's hamper and RM 50 cash. The last and fifth draw was done by the GM of Cerebos Malaysia. He announced the name,"Seow Ying Suen". Sounds familiar. Only when DJ Mei Yan corrected the pronounciation to "Seow Ying Yuen" and also read out my Chinese name that I am sure that I was the winner. Woot! Not a bad start.

After all that, most of the contestants went their own way. While some stayed back to take this opportunity to take picture with the DJs.

With DJ Mei Yan (颜薇恩), she's holding her own head lol.

DJ Nicholas (翁书尉) same surname as Ong Tee Keat (MCA's President)

DJ Jack Lim (林德荣), he had a role in Jack Neo (梁智强)'s Ah Long Pte Ltd (老师嫁老大) and also the latest movie Love Matters (幸福万岁).

I start to think where to go after that and since I'll pass by Nuffnang's office, so I stop over there to enlist help. Surprise, surprise. Boss Ming and Hui Wen were there too. Robb said,"Things people do for money", after he opened the door for me. I'm doing it just for the fun of it lol. Thanks to the Nuffnang team for the support. I'll buy the whole Nuffnang team dinner if I win the RM 15,000 grand prize.

I then went to Mid Valley and had lunch with Jess in Kim Gary. I chose Kim Gary because I thought there will be a lot of MY FM listener eating there and I will get spotted. Non-contestant also can participate by spotting the contestant with the card board. Take a picture of the contestant and card board or the card board only. But make sure to ask the full name of the contestant. In my case, "Seow Ying Yuen". Then upload the picture here. Listen to MY FM for the queue to call. Call in and if you get through, you'll win RM 100 cash.

One of the busiest entrance in Mid Valley Megamall.

I even brought them with me to the toilet in the Gardens.

They were there too when I was having my facial treatment in MTM Skincare.

With the staff of MTM Skincare at the Gardens.

When I was about to get my car, I got a call from my colleague that I am being activated for standby that night because one of my colleague called in sick. Well, since I don't have plan yet of where to bring the the DJs so might as well go for the standby and earn extra money. It's a difficult time currently. I was working morning just yesterday and being call in to work night today. Hope I don't fell asleep while on duty.

Last but not least.

My lucky draw goodies. RM 50 real hard cash, a nice tumbler and 2 dozens bottle of Brand's Chicken Essence in big and small sizes. Just in time for my night shift standby activation.


ai wei said...

haha, u brought them into the loo?!

good luck and add oil add oil in this contest!!!

debra fong said...

I help you publicise in my blog that you need people to take pictures with your cardboard thingy you knowww: )

Belanja makan if you win RM1K yahhh.
hahaha:P :P :P

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: yeah, I can't leave them alone mah.

debra: wow, thanks sure sure. Mamak ok? :p

soulesscloudy said...

wow.. I saw one person carry this board and snap photos at Tmn Connaught on saturday morning (21.02.2009)... izzit you???

Andrew said...

walao... damn semangat!! LOL =D i suppose i'll see you next wednesday with that.. haha

maro^gal said...

a nice contest... i listen to tat radio program too...
very funny of them three...hahaha

good luck to you..!!!!

Vincent said...

lol. good luck dude. do remember all of us here when u get the RM15k. lol. =)

Satkuru said...

walau, i just got up and was reading this with my eyes being @_@

ahahahahaha. nice effort man, hopefully you win :D

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Congrats Simon !!

Come to Kuching we all support you lar :D

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