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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Been Selected...

as one of the contributor for Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Blog. At first I saw this in Nuffnang's Blog, and so I sent in my application. Just now I've got the confirmation from Capxion that I was selected. Woot!

I still remember early this year, I was following MDG Season 1 and was supporting Ringo all the way till the end. I did stuff like putting up a side banner like the one below. How time flies? It's almost one year already since the first audition of MDG Season 1.

So now as a blog contributor, I'll have to be neutral. One of the perks of being a contributor is got a chance to be invited to see the shooting of MDG2. I've always wanted to know what is it really like behind the scene.

Picture sourced from Nuffnang

Okay. Cut the long story short. For you girls that think you have what it takes to be a Malaysian Dreamgirl, and of course courage to join this reality show, click here and fill in the audition form. You can get the audition schedule and location here or here. This time I think the judging will be more professional and judge oriented because in addition to incumbent Elaine Daly and Lim Jimmy are Andrew Tan (who owns Andrews Models) and Julie Wong (founder of Beautilicious brand). Both replacing Kenny Sia as judges for 2nd season. For those that didn't follow season 1, Kenny was one of the 3 judges with Elaine Daly and Lim Jimmy. More info about the judges and prizes here.

Update: Looks like Kenny is still a judge in MDG2 after all but not on screen but online. Joyce will be joining him as an online judge too. I got that from her post here. Found out about that from Kenny Sai, so he/she do get his/her fact right first in this case and not simply blast Kenny Sia out of thin air.

You'll be able to see the list of blog contributors here.


Anonymous said...

simonnnnnn.. XD
congratz!!! I guess I'll be seeing u in KL soon.. :D
btw, i din receive any confirmation email yet...

Jordan Tan said...

Cool man I soo really wanna go and be an official blogger for some event tooooo !

Luthien Thye said...

got dream mommy to join or not :D anyway congrates :))))you must be a happy man!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats, mate! Make sure you post up those juicy stories for us all. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah famous d lor...some more can earn pocket money also hor..

BublaKong said...

Woooot. congrates!!! i will be updating from u then. Wooot! =P

Sheryl0202 said...

wa! Must let us know the juicy gossips first hand k! Well done!

Simon Seow said...

Diese: You will get the email don't worry. I got another email from Nuffnang today.

Jordan: Just look around.

Winnie: LOL. Still not very sure what I have to do.

Celine: My post have to go through the editor first lol.

Joe: There's no money involve here. Not as famous as you la, always get to eat for free. :p

Lydia: Thank you. Don't know about that yet, you might be more informative than me lol.

Sheryl: We'll see, we'll see.