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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog War Over F&N Free Party! How It Started.

Christmas is coming but instead of making peace, two bloggers that I know are making war. Yes, that's right they are having Blog War currently. Why they're having a war? No, it's not because they hate each other. No, it's not because they have a pass relationship turned sour (from what I know the only first met 2 weeks ago). It's all because both wanted to win the F&N Free Party With 25 Friends Contest.

Reminds me of the F&N FreeStylz Event that I forgot to blog about. :p

How's the war started? At first PamSong and Huai Bin never cross path. Both posted on their own blog that they want to win this contest here and here. It is all fine until one night both met at the same event. When bloggers meet, they usually exchange their blog URL and WHAM! Each of them found out that they're going for the same contest.

Huai Bin and I.

PamSong and I.

Queen of Multiple Posts Per Day, Queen Pamela then activated her Weapon of Mass Persuasion to get support in her conquest. Which, President Huai Bin of SixthSeal Nation retaliated by declaring war with PamSong Nation. As both of them work as copywriter, we can expect some words fight here.

Latest news is that President Huai Bin had launched his final attack. So, all we can do now is to wait for the result of who will win the war. It might turn out that both will not win because this contest is not about who got the best post lol. Since I already left a comment in PamSong Nation saying that I will vouch for her. I of course will support Queen Pamela. As for President Huai Bin, he already has some very highly connected bloggers such as KY lending a support to him.

See those F&N, it's free yo!

I should have grabbed as many cans of F&N as possible during the Freestylz event but the food from Italiannies distracted me :p We have a small Q& A session with the designer of the new design on F&N Sarsi, Ice-cream Soda and Orange.

Distracted by these delicious meatballs on cream cheese sauce from Italiannies.

Well, I did go home with 3 F&N Freestylz cans autographed by the designers themselves. One of them is our local talented singer, Danny One. One of his more famous song is "Siapa" that features Candy Cheah.

The author and Danny One.

My autographed F&N. Thanks to F&N of course. ;)

I will be happy to donate my 3 cans of autographed F&N to Queen Pamela for her conquest. It won't be of any use though. Why? Okay. I'm a lazy blogger that only posted on this event that happened back in the month of June this year? So the F&N can won't have the "F&N" printed on the tab.

Okay. I might go to supermarket and buy lah but I think it's almost the deadline right? Queen Pamela, if you really need the tab, just buzz me ok? The due date is 31st of December, which is less than two weeks. For those of you that is gung ho enough to challenge Queen Pamela and President Huai Bin in this contest, click here before it's too late :p


Lisa said...

ooo the food looks nice...

Pam Song said...

Wheee!!! I want the tabs!!! Help meeeee!!! And yes yes! We on the same side. A wise man you are, Simon Seow!!! Hahaha.

Annoymous said...

i dun really care whos fighting.. so how about you pass me the plate of meatballs.

Anonymous said...

gassy hisses in everyone's stomachs.. carbonated drinks mmm.

i haven't bee to italiannies :( would go there one day!