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Monday, December 29, 2008

KY's Xmas Eve Party 2008

Last year Christmas Eve I went gate crashing to KY's Xmas Eve party. Anyway, his party is somewhat an open invitation anyway. This year is the 5th installment of the annual affair and I once again went to KY's Xmas Eve Party to celebrate Christmas Eve because I know it will be damn fun.

From top left:

Sheryl which just came back from Germany, she just finished her Masters there and will be continuing her PHD after this. She's a common friend of KY and me before KY and I know each other.

With KY and his RM 200 worth of Little Chef. His Little Chef is so popular that everyone wanted to take picture with him.

Firdy the web designer of Nuffnang.

Huai Bin whom I just met recently. He really can party.

From bottom left:

Ei Ling came to KY's place already almost drunk. She started drinking since 12 p.m. She brought 2 bottles of Absolut Vodka. Mango and Peach. I only tried the mango's on the rock. Well, vodka is really not my cup of liquor.

Cindy of MDG fame starts to camwhore with anything in sight just as she reached.

Horng opening a bottle of Hoegaarden that I brought for Cindy and her friend with a spoon.

Cindy camwhoring with KY's disco light.

Pictures with some of the regulars in KY's Xmas party.

Clock wise from top left: Reta, Nicholas, Kimberly and Suanie.

Later into the night a lot more people came. Some are new and many more familiar faces.

Tock Tock came with Zoe, they were stuck in a jam after they did Christmas shopping in 1 Utama.

First time meeting Selina.

Yee Hou, whom is still sober at the time.

Holding a bottle of Tuborg there and taking picture with ST, Michelle and SM Chicken. Thanks Siao Ling for bringing the free beer sponsored by Tuborg.

Then Terrence started diligently going around distributing his self-mixed cocktails, asking everyone to try. One is call Life and another is Death. Each is contained in a large mug.

Terrence creating a whirlwind in the bottle which will make the beer gushing out, the person that accept the offer must down the beer in one go.

Huai Bin accepted the offer twice, you can see the videos here. We all lose to Rachel in this because she did it like 4 times and still going strong. I only managed to finish the bottle in two interval.

Zoe trying out the taste of Death.

Ei Ling not only brought the vodkas but also brought a box of Fidani chocolate from her company. KY distributed the chocolate to the all the people there. The taste is marvelous.

Huai Bin then started the Fidani challenge by sharing one piece of chocolate with another person and have to be eaten together using only mouth. More of the kinky pics here.

After the clock strike midnight, it's time for the gift exchange game. This time there's no theme or dress code. Last year's theme is Ah Beng & Ah Lian. Which FA complained me that I didn't dress according to the theme. Too bad this year she's didn't join us. Since there's no theme, so the catch is the gift is something wearable. The person who open the gift have to wear the gift.

There gift like condom, lipstick, socks, lace stockings, scarf, apron, panties, night safety vest, Japanese pervert hero costume, bra, Dragon tie clip, Heineken Hat and etc.

Zoe is no.1 and she got a safety vest but not for long because I stole it from her at my turn.

Yee Hou got a lipstick and he has to wear it and he kissed KY after he wore it on his lips.

Faye got the Hard Knocks School apron that I got from Royal Selangor Pewter Factory during my visit there.

Shaolin Tiger stole the Dragon tie clip from Horng while Kimberly covered herself with the scarf.

Huai Bin then try to demonstrate the right way to wear the condom because Terrence broke the condom with his hand.

By far the most popular gift is the Heineken Hat which was brought and then got it back by Michael because Elfie wanted it.

After the gift exchange, it's all else break loose because Huai Bin, Faye, Zoe, Yee Hou and I started some kind of kissing spree. With Huai Bin and Faye in the leading because they kissed the most people there.

You can see from here that some of us are very highly under the influence of alcohol.

Yee Hou, Zoe, Faye and Huai Bin are testing out the lipstick.

The nice people from PDRM was alerted once again and Huai Bin manage to get a picture. This is like an annual affair to them too lol. After most of the people went home, some of those that stayed is either passed out or is highly intoxicated or those waiting to go for supper.

I think Huai Bin didn't really know what he's doing when he's trying to do "foot reflexology" on Siao Ling. Zoe too got the same treatment from Huai Bin and Faye.

After that we all went to Ming Tin to have supper. Huai Bin really passed out after the supper. Shaolin Tiger and Terrence have to carry Huai Bin to Tock Tock's car. Tock Tock, Yee Hou, Zoe and I then have to carry him when we reach his place. He kept leading us to the wrong direction and making us walking in circle. Lucky Yee Hou make a decision to go to the floor that Huai Bin first mentioned to us. We then sent him to his apartment safely.

It was already 5 am when I reached my home, I felt like puking at first but I was too tired. I slept like a baby and woke up in the afternoon. After a drinking session like this, I think I'll let my liver rest for one week first before I drink again. New Year's Eve coming, and I still don't have any plan yet. Anyone having a party on New Year's Eve?


backStreetGluttons said...

such fun happy beautiful people !
next year our turn to gateCrash . Tell KY to get ready TQ

happy new year !

kellster said...

nice collage :)
hope u had a good happy nye too! :D

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

wahh that's 1 crazy party hahahaha XD

Anonymous said...

one cool party, Hope I can join!

3POINT8 said...

sounds like you guys had heaps of fun

Simon Seow said...

BSG: come come, remember to bring some exotic food

Kel Li: thanks,you have a great NYE too, as for me, still no plans yet, might be counting down alone T_T

Miao: Yupe, crazy fun. Always won't get home sober

Edison: KY will surely welcomes you. Come join us next year.

Wilson Ng said...

I wish i'm invited... sigh...

Zoe Yve said...

the massage din feel as good as how you wrote it. Hahaha, i enjoyed myself a lot toooo.

Simon Seow said...

Wilson: There's invitation needed?

Zoe: Fun, fun ,fun. The best part is you kissing me lol.

eiling lim said...

Do you have to tell the world by posting my picture of the supposedly "pretending" to be drunk picture? I'm not drunk la.

JuneJune said...

wah!!u guys enjoy very much for X'mas celebration o...alot of photos...nice....

Anonymous said...

I didn't know crashing was an option... :) Maybe next time lol

ai wei said...

not just cool, i guess it is a crazy party!

Simon Seow said...

Eiling: you're good, you fool me, I thought you're really drunk.

june: yeah, it's crazy fun

julian: yupe, KY's welcome anyone except for maybe Josh Lim.

ai wei: yes, it's crazy fun party