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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Simon Says Turns One

Wow, how times fly. It's already one year since I've started to blog in Simon Says. If you checked the archives you might think that I started since November 2007 but actually some were back dated post that I brought from my old blog Ya, ya, I'm the funny one that doing it backwards, while others move from Blogspot to .com, I switched from .com to Blogspot. Long story there. The official date that I started to blog in Simon Says is 28th Dec 2007, and this is my first post.

I only started to blog actively after I changed my job. There's very little time for me to blog on my previous job. That's why the Blogosphere suddenly see this person call Simon Seow pop up almost everywhere.

The blog becomes more active after I joined Nuffnang Community. At first just want to see what how many people are reading my blog from their stat. Yes, I was a noob that don't know about tools like SiteMeter out there.

At first, there's only about 2 to 8 visitors to my blog but as I wrote more things, read more blogs, and leave more comments, more and more visitors come in. Some from Google search, some were link from other bloggers and some were throught the comments I left. I remembered there's one time my visitors shot up to 500 because I was the first to comment in one of Ringo's post. Of course, then we have Innit from Nuffnang and I started to post once in while to PetalingStreet.

In this one year of blogging, I've come to knows a lot of people (bloggers mostly lol), some has become friends. Suddenly my Facebook friends shot up to 447 friends up till now. If you want to get started and get motivated in starting your own blog. You should gate crash on KY's Christmas Eve party, that's what I did and I got motivated.

And to continue to have fun and meet more other bloggers, join events organized by the like of Nuffnang or AMBP. There's was like non-stop events, contests, gathering, movie, and party month-in-month-out especially by Nuffnang.

Some of the major events that I got to go to are Nuffnang Pajama Party, Hennessy Artistry Zouk, Malaysian Dream Girl Finale, Nokia IAC, Nuffnang Maxis Wild Live Blogging, Hennessy Artistry Indoor Arena, Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing Grand Finale, and Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween to name a few. Click here to see more.

As I have been nicknamed EPF (Event, Party and Food) by WMW, other than event and party, I blogged mostly about food that I've eaten. From Chinese to Malay to Japanese to Korean to German. I wanna save up next year and try to tackle some fine dining like The Sage in The Gardens. :p See all the food post here.

In one year of blogging, I also got to earn some side income, mostly ads campaign from Nuffnang. What I didn't expect is that I also get to do some advertorial. I don't earned much like most top bloggers but it's decent enough I would say that the total that I earned this year is suffient to buy a HP Mini 1000. That's just an example, I didn't buy it ok.

Then my blogging activites started to expand into more projects like the Trafford Project, MDG2, Time Out KL, and another one that still in the pipeline as I haven't have time to meet up with the person in charge to discuss in details. Which, will keep me busy until mid of next year besides the occasional events that might come up.

I've got more than 50k of visitors to Simon Says in this one year. Nothing to shout about comparing to but I am happy with the result. So to commemorate the 1st year anniversary of Simon Says, I've changed the blog header as what you can see now. I have to thank Kif again for doing my old blog header. The one below.

Hope that for you, who is reading this will continue to come read my not so creative writings for many years down the road. There's more exciting things ahead next year in 2009.


CheaYee said...

Indeed, Flamers are welcome. LOL.

3POINT8 said...

fuiseh, someone is popular now. Don't mind me riding your fame ya.

CheaYee said...

bt seriously, as for attending all those events... been away too long to know what's happening in KL now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Simon. Not bad, not bad at all. Frankly speaking, I've been running for like .. 3 years now but due to lack of focus .. it's just a food blog. Glad to see your achievements. Great job man !

Simon Seow said...

Chea Yee: That's just some that I was able or got invited to attend. There's a lot more that I weren't able to or not invited to. lol

Kif: you're more popular leh

Timothy: Well, I tried to focus on food but I just got too many distraction. Specialization in food blog is not a bad thing. Thanks for the encouragement.

Edmund Yeo said...

Well, happy 1st anniversary to the blog! Here's hoping for many years more of blogging.

[SK] said...

you are becoming more and more popular here.. anyway congratulations, keep up the motivation and blog hard~~ :)

Anonymous said...

You are more and more famous now... well done! Do drop by my blog once in a blue moon, okay. :)

Carrie Tai said...

Congrats! You are really doing well.

Can see our efforts.... Keep it up!

Breadpitt said...

wow, looks fun , should join u guys haha, but im blogging sweets only haha!

Simon Seow said...

Edmond: Thanks.

SK: popular? still a noob here

Cheddarina: thanks a lot for the encouragement.

breadpitt: everyone has their own path

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Hahaha now i baru know you meant KY's party XD.. at first tho its a new place in town XD..

Btw, congrats on your anniversary :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

eiling lim said...

wow impressive. That's a hell lots of pictures you posted! Congrats!

Wilson Ng said...

Congrats... many great stuffs had happened... more greatness to come!

choi yen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to ur blog!!! ^.^

rokh said...

keep it up! ;)

Simon Seow said...

Thank you all. I'll do my best in 2009.