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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Laughing Out Loud On Thursday Night

Last Thursday as I've announced in my previous post, I went to Little Havana again for a dose of the best medicine. Was rushing from 1 Utama after eating my White Oreo bagel. Normally it will only take me 30 minutes max to reach there from 1 Utama but that night because of this natural disaster, it took me about 1 hour plus to reach. Lucky for me the show haven't started yet when I reached Little Havana.

Time Out KL put up a new background for the stage. Look grander.

The usual suspects were there, Kel Li, Yatz, Joshua, Aaron, Nigel, David, and Jen. This time Fuzz and Celine joined us too.

While waiting for the show starts, as usual bloggers will be bloggers.

The venue is full house again. Shows that people like a good laugh in this stressful city.

Matt is again the MC for the night. This time he sang songs to introduce the stand up comedian that will be performing.

Imagine Matt singing low, low, low, low.....

First up is Zac. He wasn't schedule to perform that night, he was standing in for Alfred whom can't make it in the last minute. So I think he was not well prepared which makes his performance a bit off his usual standard. He's very good when I watched his performance in Comedy Thursday November.

Zac dishing out his stuff.

This is Chi Ho. His jokes are not bad. Like he's impersonation of a Chinese Ah Beng lol. I like his finishing joke the most about how the dance steps of Michael Jackson came about. Salah parking oii!

Chi Ho with his Ah Beng look.

I don't know why but this picture reminds me of Heroes.

Introducing another first timer that night. Also the first female stand up comedian ever to take the stand in Time Out KL: Comedy Thursday. Introducing Davina Goh. Seeing that she's a first timer, I tried very hard to catch her jokes but HOW CAN I LAUGH AT A JOKE WHEN SHE'S SHOUTING OUT THE PUNCHLINE! I can't catch a freaking word of that she's shouted out.

Oh, Happy Belated Birthday to you Davina. They presented a cake to her that night, her birthday was last Tuesday if I remembered correctly.

After a 10 minutes break. It's Kavin's turn. He's a funny guy. Especially like his joke about "the man there will come over to take you candy", a bit like Russell Peters "someone will get a spanking tonight" joke. Still I think it's original.

Kavin the funny guy.

Last but not least, we have Jimmy from Canada who hates Singapore that he even wrote a song call "I Hate Singapore". The lyrics is so politically correct lol. Jimmy is a natural, maybe because he's a seasoned stand up comedian with years of experience performing in Canada and Singapore. As the say, they always save the best for the last.

Jimmy singing "I Hate Singapore".

After the show, we went to Jalan Alor to eat supper. Yat told us that there's a Alor Corner there that serve up some good nasi goreng. On the way walking to Jalan Alor, Celine and I bumped in to this man in silver.

I read about the gold man in The Star, didn't know there's a silver man too.

Oh, Time Out: On the Up December in No Black Tie will be on in two weeks time. 17th of December. Check out Time Out KL for more info.


Anonymous said...

I love the Silver Man. Why is he smoking in costume? Heh!

BTW, thanks for the cigarette. Sorry to bum it off you. Cheers!

Simon Seow said...

It's because he finish work already lol. No prob man, always can buy a new pack.

Anonymous said...

thanx for teh review man...appreciated

Unknown said...

awesome review man! will the do the next wan better!

Simon Seow said...

Kavin: you're welcome man, ditch out more funny stuff for us lol

Rambling: thanks, ganbatte.