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Friday, December 10, 2010

Sup Tulang and Waffles, Golden Mile Food Center, Singapore

It's been quite a while that I read about this Haji Kadir Sup Tulang but for some unforeseen reasons, the few times when I was in Singapore I haven't had a chance to try it out. Last month when I was in Singapore, I make a promised to myself, by hook or by crook I must go and try it out.

Haji Kadir Food Chain Pte Ltd is popular for it's Sup Tulang that even Anthony Bordain made a stop here to try it out when he was in Singapore to shoot "No Reservations". I traveled from Simei. So I took the MRT from Simei Station to Kallang Station and then walk to the bus stop to take bus no. 100 which will stop right in front of Golden Mile Complex at Beach Road which is just opposite of Golden Mile Food Center.

Basically sup tulang is mutton bone with a bit of meat cooked in a kind of red sauce. A bit spicy but for me, I can feel the spiciness at all. Order a portion for SGD $5 which comes few breads and few 4 pieces of bones. I don't like the bread that much, not too fresh.

The red sauce is a bit sweet and tasted with a lot of herb and spices in it. It goes quite well with the mutton, the little bit of meat still sticking on the bone that is. Most of us know that eating sup tulang is not for the meat but the bone marrow buried deep inside the hollow part of the bone.

You can opt to suck it out with no tools, which I found it to be quite difficult. Some will ask for a straw. I used the back of the plastic spoon given to dug out the bone marrow. It's worth the hard work. The bone marrow is smooth, soft and melt in my mouth. Too bad that's not much bone marrow in one bone.

Rating: 3.5/5

After eating with my hands, all the red sauce sticking on my hands. I went to the first floor to look for the washing basin. After washing my hand I was attracted by a lovely aroma of waffles. Following the smell, I found a stall specializing in waffles and homemade gelato. Voila. Sweet Stone's Liege Waffles & Belgian Chocolate.

This stall is run by two lovely old couples. There are a few set that you can pick from. They also have Belgian chocolate fondue. Where else one can find Belgian chocolate fondue in a food court?

How can one resists those lovely waffles.

Instead of using the mainstream ice-cream, Sweet Stone made their own gelato to go with the waffles. The flavour is quite interesting too. Ever heard of using Horlick to make gelato? I ordered set C (SGD $4.30) which comes with a piece of waffle, choc dip and a scoop of gelato. I of course chose Eat-a-Horlick for the gelato.

I love the waffle. It's quite crispy and yet there filing inside is quite solid. Unlike some waffle that I tried before which the inside is quite empty. The Eat-a-Horlick gelato ice-cream tasted very malty. A lot of Horlick has been put in there. Yums. It's fun mix and matching to eat the gelato with choc dip or gelato or both. It's good to know that coming to Golden Mile Food Center, is not only for the sup tulang but can come and cured the sweet tooth with the yummy waffle and gelato here.

Rating: 4.5/5


Haji Kadir Sup Tulang
Stall No. #B1-13, 14 & 15

Sweet Stone's Liege Waffles & Belgian Chocolate
Stall No. #01-67

Golden Mile Food Centre,
Beach Road, Singapore.

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Hayley said...

Wow, the waffles look good! Are you working in Sg now?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried looking for this waffles stall on multiple occasion but it is closed forever, not sure it has moved or owner ended the biz ady.

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: No. I was there for leisure and visit family.

Ano: Hmmm..maybe maybe. Retired already maybe.