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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dragon Ramen at Nantsuttei, Parco Millenia Walk, Singapore

When I was in Singapore early last month, searching for food is one of my main objective. So, I DMed (Direct Message) Nic of Black Tie, White Lie for some recommendation. Came back four recommendations on Japanese food. He wrote that there are many new venues for Japanese food.

Following his advise, I came to Parco Millenia Walk which is just opposite Suntec City. I took the Circle Link and stopped at Esplanade MRT Station. There will be two exits one leading to Suntec City and the other is Millenia Walk. Parco is actually a department stores inside Millenia Walk. On the top floor of Parco there's an area called Itadakimasu (something like Bon Appetit in Japanese). This area houses 5 restaurants and all of the restaurants sell Japanese cuisine except for one that serve Italian cuisince. There are specialty restaurants there like ramen restaurant, sushi restaurant, tonkatsu restaurant, and modern ramen restaurant.

After browsing through all the restaurants there, I decided to have my dinner at Nantsuttei which specializes in ramen. What attracted me is the traditional Japanese ramen shop design of the restaurant. From their website, I found out that Singapore is the only outlet outside of Japan they have. Damn lucky you Singaporean. Can't read Japanese? Don't worry, their Singapore outlet's website is here.

I was having an adventurous mood that evening, so I ordered a bowl of Dragon Ramen (SGD $15). The different is the additional spicy minced pork added. There's also nori (seaweed), beansprouts, negi (spring onions), ajitsuke tama (flavoured boiled egg) and chashu (Japanese BBQ pork). Please do not be alarmed by the dark soup based. It is actually their special miso (fermented bean paste) soup, which the miso is fermented in their own kitchen in Japan and then flown to Singapore.

Their ramen is made in Japan and then air flown to Singapore. Slurp..Oh my, this must be one of the best ramen I've ever eaten. It's so springy and solid. There's no the after taste of alkaline water too. Paired with the rich yet not overwhelming black miso soup it will make you to ask for more.

I also love the ajitsuke tama. Hard boiled on egg white yet the yolk is still in a semi liquid form. I bet WMW will love this egg.

To take the taste of the ramen to another level. I asked of the raw garlic. It's free of charge.

Pressed the garlic juice into the soup and voila. A whole new taste. It makes the rich soup tasted stronger with a garlic oomph to it. If you like garlic then this is a very good option to try.

You haven't finish your ramen until you see this picture inside the bowl. Ginny replied me in Twitter saying that the picture is very cute.

Ramen: 4.75/5

As with any Japanese ramen shop, there will always be gouza as a side dish. The Fuufu Enman Gyoza (Happy Couple Gyoza) (SGD $6) here is quite good but the size is a bit too small for my liking.

Rating: 3.5/5

Although the price is a bit steep for us Malaysian but it's quite worth it for the good quality and great tasting ramen. Service is very good as what one can expect from a typical Japanese restaurant. The staffs are very friendly and attentive. I even heard the Japanese couples sitting next to my table say "Umai" (Delicious).


Private House No.P3-06, #03-02 Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
On the 3F of PARCO Marina Bay .
Tel: +65 6337 7166
Fax: +65 6337 7791
Opens from 11 am till 10.30 pm

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Nikel Khor said...

wah.. clear food

HairyBerry said...

Glad u enjoyed the ramen! Try the nearby keisuke next time. Pretty good too.

Happy new year, dude!

Duncan said...

Looks delicoius..
Thanks for sharing

Simon Seow said...

Nikel: because it is really good

Nic: Wookie. I'll sure try it next time. Maybe during CNY weeks.

Duncan: Taste also very delicious.