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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Lust @ Nuffnang Pajama Party

This is a hot post in terms of content and timing. Almost all blogger already posted about the Nuffnang Pajama Party that was just held last Saturday night. I'll break the post into 3 parts because it's just too many to write about. I don't want it to be too wordy, so I'll use mostly pictures to do the talking.

The first part, is My Lust, so this post will be about girls that is in the party and most of them is in my blog roll (Lust).

I reached Barok Borneo Club at about 5.45 pm with my 'date', Amy . Of course it's quite early not many people are there except Nuffnang's staffs.

Skyler or Winnie?

With Nuffie Cop, Emily Chai. She spanked me with her whip.

With Nuffie Nurse, Natalie Fong.

Yes, Nuffnang hired 4 girls dressed as Cop, Nurse, Student and French Maid. There are called the Nuffies. Oh, so kinky.

The pretty admin, Wen Qi wtf.

Michelle and the Nuffies. Er..the one in the robe is Kate not a Nuffie. Sorry I didn't get her name.

Su Ann the game master of the night.

That's the hot and pretty Nuffnang staff, now we move on to hot and pretty bloggers. Although the Nuffnang's staffs are also hot and pretty bloggers but I have to differentiate the host and the guest mah.

Kelly Tan, me and Amy

Sexy ladies in pink, Ione and Yvonne arriving at the entrance.

Ione and I.

How can there be no angel in a party like this?

Esther Chin in her cute boxer.

Aronil and PamSong in person, so beautiful can die wtf.

May Leng and Sara. Will ask May Leng for Sara's blog URL later.

Hot Holly Jean from Singapore.

Xia Xue and Ringo.

Ringo, me and Energizer guy. She's hot. Send DREAM 11 to 33001.

Lisan. Sorry for mistaken you with someone else.

Dawn Yang. Please ignore the guy in orange, he's in the My Envy post.

So many hot and beautiful bloggers that night, I can't take pictures of all of them. Suanie and Thai Boxing Girl were there too but don't know why they always moved when I took picture of them.

Lastly, I will like to thank Nuffnang for inviting me to this great party. Great job the gang from Nuffnang has done here. Pleased to meet everyone that I met in the party.

Tomorrow will be My Envy. Stay tuned.


revel in me said...

So YOU are energizer man! :P

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

so i do have a pic with you! faster gimme :) ... and ooo do i detect a crush on miss song :P kidding la kidding la

Anonymous said...

wow ..i never realized i am in your lust list ! ermmm..thank you ? I'm flattered. =)

nice meeting you btw.

sara's blog -

TZ said...

Dude, people like me don't wear pyjamas, so what to wear to the party? hehehe... So, what i wear to sleep? Back to nature! LoL

Anyway, by the time i saw the party notice, it was too late, the event has passed, otherwise i will join the party too but of course not joining with my nature pyjamas ;-p

Anonymous said...

envy envy..awwwwwwww i shud have write something on chipster coz i can have 3 packet of chipster at one the biggest fan of chipster ok? :p

Sewjin said...

just go there to touch dawn yang enuf d. looks damn hot la, surprised u didn't melt when you go near her.

Monica said... many hot girls ;-)

Anonymous said...



amb3r1te said...

hey, thanks so much for allowing me to tumpang ur car :D
and for the lil bear too! :D

Simon Seow said...

revel: No la, I'm just a guy with a stuff Energizer battery.

Aronil: I meant both of you are beautiful, can die wtf. Pam so attractive sure got a bit crush la. LOL.

May Leng: I'm so sad, it's been there since Traffic Jam. Thanks for Sara's URL.

TZ: No problem, you come in a towel mah, sure the most popular guy.

kampungboycitygal: ya lor, I didn't see any Chipster post from your blog. So, I expect both of you are not going. Why la? I so want to meet you both.

sewjin: dude, I'm not some inexperience high school boy

monica: yeah, hot, hot ,hot

lisan: so so sorry, I've edited it already. Too many pretty girls, blur liao. Come join me and Amy next month for dinner in Palate Palette as a show of my sincere apology.

Amy: you're welcome, the bear you thank Nuffnang la. Remember next month it's time to claim your prize.

ling239 said...

hahahaaaa.... i tot u only post pictures of pretty ladies not until i read the last line :p

yapthomas said...

Whoa.. Palate Palette for your sincere apology!!


Simon Seow said...

ling: I'm not that shallow la.

thomas: What to do, my mistake mah.