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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Bumped Into Malaysian Dreamgirl Finalists

I was in Mid Valley Megamall just now. I watched Gone Baby Gone because today is Super Wednesday, ticket only selling at RM 7. After the movie I just walked around the mall, I was about to take the elevator down to the basement when a girl wearing a shiny duck beak cap walked passed me. I took a glance because the cap is really shiny. One glance, and I think that the girl looks so familiar. Then it hit me, she looks like Jay the finalist from Malaysian Dreamgirl.

I turned back and saw two other girls, and one of them from the back really looks a lot like Ringo only much taller. I checked her shoes, and it's about 2-3 inches high, this confirmed that it is possible to be the Malaysian Dreamgirl. So, I followed them from 1st floor down Ground floor. I was trying to make sure whether that girl is Ringo or not. SuspectedRingo glanced back for a split second when I was following them but I didn't take a good look. Now I feel like a stalker, so I don't dare to follow too close.

From the first floor they went up to the first floor again. Hello! Make up your mind la. They stopped to look at the event going on at the center court, so I overcame my fear and approached SuspectedRingo and it is really Ringo aka Cheesie. She's a bit thinner than last I saw her look naturally prettier without heavy makeup. She's quite surprise to see me there too. I told her I went for the Press Screening of 'L change the World' and then for another movie until about 9 p.m.

She then asked Jay to come over, Jay saw my 'I Love Nuffnang' pin. Hope she doesn't misunderstood. They then went inside Oasis Food Court, it turns out that they were coming here for dinner. I was about to recommend pan mee to Ringo but she already ordered Lui Cha. Well, Lui Cha not bad too. We chat a bit, she told me she's fine, and I told her that her supporter also fine and will support her.

Too bad she can't tell me any insider news at all. So, I don't know whether she's there for her last dinner with the other eliminated finalist or they are still in the competition. I only saw 3 finalists there, Jay, Ringo and another girl that I can't see properly. Are they the 3 that got eliminated? Ringo why la don't tell me, make me nervous only.

Well, episode 7, which is an elimination episode if I'm not mistaken will be uploaded tomorrow. I'll be watching it tomorrow to find out.

Finger crossed hoping Ringo won't be eliminated. I voted for you Ringo.

P.S. If anyone know Alison please tell her that Ringo wrote a letter to her.

Updates: Come to think of it the third girl from looking from the back the hairstyle look a lot like Cindy or Eyna.


Copykate said...

omg who's the other girl???

i think 3of them prolly got eliminated. or else they wouldn't possibly be in mid valley!

ringo got kicked out so fast??? X(

David Cheong said...

lucky bugger! go there never call me lah! hahaha

couldn't go also.. wanted to go for the movie as well but then working haiz...

Anonymous said...

aiyo..each week only eliminate 1 gal la,and i'm sure is not ringo..maybe valerie or ena.

joshuaongys said...

wahhhh... i should have stay with u all and den tag along with u!!! lolx anyway nice meeting u at the press screening just now hahaha

joshuaongys said...

eh i just noticed my blog link in ur blog... u just added it or u link to my blog for quite some time d?? under envy sumore arh.. haaaa my blog nothing to be envy of lar =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah no ned to work screening and sommore extra movie?

Monica said...

:-D you confirmed that was MDG becoz of the 2-3 inches heels?

Anonymous said...

So lucky le you!I got free tickets you got to see the girls!lol

KY said...

waaa i wanna watch laa L change the world!

Anonymous said...

wheee.. you're welcomed for the photos

Simon Seow said...

Kate: The other girl not too sure, either Cindy or Eyna gua. You have to watch Episode 7 to find out lor.

David: It's Nuffnang's call, and I'm free on that day.

Anonymous: Episode 5 elminated 3 la.

Joshua: Haha, I just added la. I don't to put you in lust mah.

Joe: Usually don't have to work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and alternate Wednesday. Coincidentally , that yesterday I'm off.

Monica: I confirm the heigh matches Ringo's if there's not 2-3 inches high heels.

Evolna: Yeah, yesterday got a bit of luck.

KY: Watch it with Hot Chick in Australia lor.

Shaun: Haha, thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

I missed meeting you at the screening! I had to rush off for some work so couldn't talk to the other bloggers I saw (or at least those who looked like bloggers...)
Maybe another time...

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

That's a gorgeous shot of Ringo. Hope she doesn't get eliminated too :) See now who says watching a show on modelling is silly...hah! Guys follow Simon :P

Simon Seow said...

julian: No prob. There's always a chance.

aronil: yeah, let's vote for Ringo.