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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale - Event

Updates: Just found out from MR. BBQ that Ringo won the Red FM Red Babe contest, a side contest of Malaysian Dreamgirl.

By now all of you should have know the results of Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale that Cindy won the first prize and drive home the Nissan Latio. Continue here is some of the pictures taken from the event. Some pictures are stolen from Chris. :P

The other 8 finalists were call back to do catwalks on the stage on the finale night. So, all in we have 11 girls doing catwalks displaying a few local designer's label such as Carven Ong and shoes provided by Nose. Jean was not there because she's oversea concentrating on studying in IMU, that's what I heard from Pinkpau.

The 11 finalists are:

Adeline(1st Runner-up)


Cindy (1st Malaysian Dreamgirl)


Fiqa (very pretty in person)

Hanis (2nd Runner-up)



Ringo again

and Ringo

Yes, another one of Ringo

Er..Ringo? Yes lah, I know I'm very bias lah.

I almost forgot about Valerie, thank you Pinksterz for reminding me

Sorry, I can't find Natasha's photo. Look her up in the group photos of the girls:

Opening Group Photo

Finale Group Photo

Elaine Daly was the MC for the night and she call upon her two fellow judges on stage to chat a bit while the girls are changing in the backstage.

The judges, Kenny, Elaine, and Jimmy

The judges actually only responsible to pick the 12 finalist, after that it's all purely based on SMS votes from viewers.

The top 3 winners taking photo with Tan Chong's Executive Director

After the prize giving session, all the finalists were mobbed by their fans to take pictures. Yours truly of course will not miss this opportunity. Even though the SD card is missing from my camera, I am able to ask bloggers around me to help take some picture to diversify the memory usage. I still didn't get photos from Nigel, so I'll so you what I got in my limited memory first.

Adeline and moi

Gorgeous Fiqa

Finalist 13, me, finalist 14, and Kenny

Finalist 14 being bullied by Kenny, poor girl T_T

I would have stay back much longer but I was working night shift that night, so have to go back to do the graveyard shift. Great show done by the girls. Will be looking forward to Season 2.


Anonymous said...

urgghhh all girl so pretty... Wanted to join but I don't think I have confident .. lol

Monica said...

Fiqa and Hanis looked gorgeous!!!

miss rojak said...
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pinksterz said...

VALERIE FTW!!!11111wanwanwanwan

curryegg said...

Haha... really very obvious that you 'support' ringo! Kekez..

Looks like you're having such a great time there.. ;D

ai wei said...

it's weird. how come i can't really load ur blog?!?!?! the words are okay but not the pics >_<

cindyluv said...

wuu Ringo's cute!

Anonymous said...

Wah so many pics, some more hob-nob with all the stars.

Simon Seow said...

vickie: lol, join in season 2 lor.

monica: yes, they are

pink: where's miss rojak lol.

curryegg: got free finger food and Tuborg beer, I'm pratically in heaven.

ai wei: maybe you come in at a busy time gua, if not then you have to complain to streamyx.

cindy: woot!

shaolintiger: you got more pics than me, and the perks of coming to event like this is can take pic with celebs.

Big Boys Oven said...

walio! next time bring yeah bro!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

I honestly like this post :) and Fiqa really is pretty after seeing her at the pajama party. I think Hanis really shoulda won though. She's a supermodel in the making.. now just fix her articulation to get it far away from Amber Chia :P

Simon Seow said...

sunny: you thin I'm that power meh? I also have to beg for a ticket. :P

aronil: Thanks, a compliment from you is worth million.

Anonymous said...

i like the pic of kenny with finalist 14...

so cute! haha

babychyu said...

hey yea ~ i rmb u ^^

Anonymous said...

hey there Simon..the pictures look great... thanks so much.. appreciate it very much.. =)