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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Of Tax & Nasi Kerabu

Most of you probably have submit your tax return form (BE Form) by now. If you still have not. Well, may god help you. I went to the LHDN office in Jalan Duta to submit my BE form. I still have not got my PIN yet because this is the first time I submit a tax return. Yeah, I earned peanuts last time, currently I earn a slightly bigger peanut so I have to pay tax.

After working night shift, on a Monday morning I drove there. The office to submit form is at the first floor, the ground floor counter is for people to pay tax. Since, I get tax rebate, I don't have to go to the ground floor. I was asked to put my filled up form in the envelope provided and put it in on of the two large transparent boxes. One is mark, "Untuk Pulangan Wang", which means me WOOT!

Maybe it's not the last day yet so not many people there. Sigh, Malaysians always like to do things last minute. Feeling hungry, I went to the Penjaja Selera Duta just across the road of the LDHN building. There are a few stalls inside, most selling Malay food like nasi lemak, and roti canai. I passed by a stall which is displaying condiment that you find in nasi kerabu like raw bean sprout, fried coconut flasks, and green leafy thingy that I don't know what it's call.

So, I ordered a packet of nasi kerabu with daging rendang. The lady very quickly put in all the condiments and some special sauce, chili belacan sauce and satay sauce I think. Of course let's not forget the daging rendang.

My packet of Nasi Kerabu with Daging Rendang

This is one of the best Nasi Kerabu I've ever eaten in KL. The rice is so fluffy and fragrant. The bean sprout is sweet and juicy. The daging rendang is cooked right not too hard to bite off. All this for only RM 2.50, can beat the overpriced Nasi Kerabu you find at the 3rd floor food court in Megamall, Mid Valley. Now even if I don't have to submit or pay tax, I'll be paying frequent visit to the LHDN in Jalan Duta.

Rating: 4/5


backStreetGluttons said...

You have eloquently hit the Food Nail right on the Big Head ! Exactly what on the point of argument only we have tried to promote , the best tasting best value for $$$ makan is at places such as you have mentioned ! Unknown to the mainstream but a wonderful secret to the discoverer...
do it more often friend

Jackson said...

hey... that nasi kerabu is so cheap!! Come n try my version of nasi kerabu la!!

choi yen said...

nasi kerabu with daging only cost rm2.50 wor.... r y kidding me? at KL somemore.....

Anonymous said...

simon. ur rice is blue.

Kenny Choo said...

Ah! Nasi Kerabu. My cravings for months. My colleague use to tapau for me from Sunway. Now never work d no more nasi kerabu for me. I'm not use to Jalan Duta :(

Carrie Tai said...

I dont know the existence of nasi kerabu at all.. dunno what it is.. haha. Mayb i seldom try out malay food. So "ULU" hehe

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

It really does look nice. I've tasted from night markets and bazaar Ramadhan as well. It's nice and healthy. The crunchiness of the long beans and bean sprouts blends well with the chilli gravy and grated coconut for the basics. Of course, the rendang comes as an extra.

The blue colour in the rice is due to an extract of a kind of flower.

ling239 said...

bigger size peanut huh ? :P
Nasi Kerabu is always good... i like them with fried fish ~

sookyee. said...

I never seen or eaten this before!
Is the rice blue!?

Simon Seow said...

team bsg: hehehe, thanks. I'll try to uncover more good and cheap food.

jackson: Nasi Kerabu in Pick n' Brew?

mimi: no joke, it's real.

samantha: akira has the answer below. The blue colour in the rice is due to an extract of a kind of flower.

kenny: me la if you want we go together.

cheddarina: lol, not ulu, just different taste.

akira: look like you're the expert in Nasi Kerabu.

ling239: the stall got fried fish too, seems a best seller too because I only saw two pieces left.

sookyee: yes, the rice is blue that's the distintiveness of Nasi Kerabu.