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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pan Heong @ Batu Caves

I've been reading about Pan Heong in a few food bloggers' post already but didn't have the chance to go and try it due to the location of it is quite difficult for us noob to find. Then one day, SC invited me to join her in another round of Sang Har Hor Fun trip with her friends to Pan Heong and I eagerly accepted. So, I invited ArmyHead to join too but too bad ArmyHead have some gf crisis thus we was late to join SC.

When we reached Batu Caves, SC and her friends were done and on the way back home already. Based on the map I captured on Food4Thot, we tried to navigate around Batu Caves and find the location where the yummiest Sang Har Hor Fun is located. After about 15 minutes of driving around the area, we still can't find our destination. So, I made a call to SC to ask for direction, and alas were able to find Pan Heong. Thanks SC.

Reaching Pan Heong only around 2pm, finding a table is quite easy since the lunch crowd is not that many anymore but still the place is almost 90% occupied.

Photos of fehmes people that came here

The lunch crowd. (Flash is not used, I worried I'll scared them)

We were already quite hungry, so we start ordering. SC recommended the Sang Har Hor Fun and porridge but ArmyHead is not a porridge person, so I ordered Sang Har Hor Fun with two big head prawns (minimum 2 prawns if you are ordering Sang Har noodeles). Usually other restaurant will use 'sang mien' (egg based noodle) instead when making this dish but in Pan Heong you can choose either 'hor fun' (flat rice noodle) or 'loh su fun' (short rice noodle). For another dish, I ordered mee goreng mamak which is another notable dish here.

Our Chinese tea

ArmyHead and moi

We don't have to wait very long, about 10 to 15 minutes after ordering, the Sang Har Hor Fun was served.

Makes me drool

Two very big prawns sliced in half

Just by looking at the gravy, I know that this dish won't disappoint me at all. Taking a bite into the 'hor fun' that is covered with the grave that filled with the sweetness of the prawn and the richness of the prawn roe, now I know why people will drive all the way from PJ or KL to Batu Caves just to have lunch here. The prawns are very fresh also you won't find the freezer taste in the prawn. We regretted to only ordering 2 prawns to shared among the 3 of us. Next time we will be smart to order 1 prawn for each person to satisfy our glutton.

Rating: 5/5

How can one resist that?

Next up is the mee goreng mamak.

Look simple but taste good

One would have think, this is a Chinese restaurant serving Chinese cuisine, how could the mee goreng mamak be good? Well, at first ArmyHead was also skeptical when I ordered this but after he took a bite at it, he have to agreed with me that I've made the right choice. The mee was cook to the right fluffiness that one expected from a plate of good mee mamak. It's no spicy at all so for those that cannot eat spicy food can also enjoy it. Something simple yet so tasty, this is a another must try dish when you come here.
Rating: 4/5

Only two dishes and we were already full. The prawns are just too rich. Lucky we didn't order more dishes. The food are reasonably priced. I will sure make a returning visit to try the porridge and steam fish, which are the two other dishes that I saw most of the customers there were eating.

The bill

Map to Pan Heong that I captured from the PC monitor. For a clearer map, you can go to Food4Thot and check it out.


No 2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,
Batu Caves, Selangor.
Tel : 03-6187 7430.
Business hours: 8.00 am- 3:30pm.

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Anonymous said...


Simon Seow said...

Rose pergi makan mee kolok lah.

joshuaongys said...

aiseh nvm wan.. just use flash... if ppl see jz paiseh paiseh smile smile den can dee haha

Big Boys Oven said...

Aiyoh, next time call me also lar! lol!

Christina Kim said...

wow.....I could only see the Sang Har!:p big is the portion? How many can the portion feed?

Hehe...and no worries about flash lar, since the whole team there are floggers anyway:D

Simon Seow said...

joshua: ya, next time i'll do that.

sunny: don't have your contact la bro.

christy: can feed 3 of us ngam ngam.

My friends are not floggers. I didn't manage to meet up with SC.

choi yen said...

Went there quite a few times, need to take number for the tables..sigh..but I do like their porridge, u should try it next time. The egg base gravy of the "wat dan hor"/sang har hor fun also my favorite too coz it really different with those dai chao, they use less corn flour to thicken it, much more egg....

Fireopal said...

sure looks tempting...

Jason Lioh said...

OMG. Sang Har Min!

ling239 said...

u just reminded me abt this place again...
been wanting to try the food but never find the chance to travel that far >.<"

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm thinking a good foodie trip would be to go to Batu Caves for some morning exercise up and down the steps, and then lunch here. Cos the Sang Har Hor Fun looks so very the tasty lah... Oh but so far away...

Simon Seow said...

mimi: will try porridge next time. gravy best!

firepopal: it is tempting

jason: slurp! slurp!

ling: let's organize food trip there

kenny: it's about 45mins drive from my place.

Babe_KL said...

darn! i was there last sat lunch BUT it was so packed dat we have to go elsewhere :( next time must go earlier!!!

Monica said...

wah, the Sang Har Hor Fun makes me drool too!!! :-D