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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boss Ming Bring Me On A Tour of Nuffnang SG Offices

Simon's Short Note: Welcome Rachel to be a Nuffnanger.

Some of you may have already guess it. Yes, behind the old blue door is Nuffnang SG office but the front is the site office that belongs to a construction company that is building a building opposite. You have to push the door and go to the back office. There is where Nuffnang SG make shift office will be until their permanent office is completed. Which is an apartment lot or a shop lot in the building opposite.

At first I thought they have shifted office because there's no one in the front office. Holly then gave me Boss Ming's no. Gave him a call, and confirmed that that is the right address.

Nuffnang banner with loads of signature

I smuggled brought Ming and Cherie a small souvenir from Malaysia

Ming so happy getting the merchandise

ManU fans, please be envy because Ming is in Russia now

Although the office is a bit small, but there's only 3 person working here anyway. Unlike Nuffnang KL and Penang which are most of the operation being run. It's more cost effective to hire people in Malaysia rather than in Singapore. Any smart entrepreneur will take this decision. Eventhough small, the place is cozy and homey. There are also a lot of interesting junk toys in the office. The merchandises are from Ming's other business venture.

Position decider

Strip shooter set

Some of the items on the rack

Ming is so nice that he postponed his appointment an hour late so that he can show me around the office. You will be thinking, cheh, office so small can see all at a glance lor. Ah, this is where you guys are wrong, the current office is just temporary, Ming is going to show me the future Nuffnang SG office which is still under construction.

The future Nuffnang SG office, wah so tall. Ok la, not the whole building la. Ming told me it might be a shop lot at ground floor or an apartment on the upper floor, whichever is more affordable. It's a SOHO kind of building btw.

Safety first. Camwhoring with helmet and Cherie.

Me and Boss Ming. I think my head is too big for the helmet.

The old Nuffnang SG viewed from the new site.

Boss Ming deciding where to put the 42" LCD TV to watch porn.

There will be a swimming pool on the roof top, start to envy Nuffnang SG's staff.

You can view Orchard Road from here. I want to work here too :p

Align Center
The SOHO apartment next to it. Might look something like this after completion.

Even have elevated parking. Parking don't come cheap in Singapore.

A heart shape stress ball. A souvenir from Nuffnang.

You too can get this from Nuffnang. Just post a post writing how handsome Boss Stewie or Boss Ming is and send email to

Thanks Ming and Cherie for showing me around. Yes, Nicholas, Cherie thinks I'm good looking :p
The new office might be operational around July or August, might go there and visit again then. I'll even bring my swimming trunks :p
Today, I'll drop by Nuffnang KL for a visit.


Anonymous said...

*lights up the olympic torch*

Come swimming together once we move in! hahaha :D


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh..tryin to move to nuffnang and find a job ar??

choi yen said...

the helmet very obviously cannot fit ur head...hehe :P

Anonymous said...

YOur head looks tough!
Aiya, don need to wear helmet also can!

blurryhunniee said...

i actually like the stress ball! teeheehee*

Hayley said...

the red ball is cutez...;)

Holly Jean said...

hahaha.. yes... your head too big for the helmet... i didn't realise when you showed me the pics earlier... lol

Anonymous said...

swim together with cherie woooot..

i'll be back to nuffnang..just for

Simon Seow said...

cherie: yeah, you must wear bikini wor.

joe: no la. I'm still happy with my current job.

mimid3vils: ya but there's no size

3.8: I'm not Iron Man la -_-

blurryhunnie & hayley: yeah it's so cute and fluffy.

holly: my camera's screen is too small.

yatz: cherie is attracting attention now lol

davienne said...

yay!! glad you've seen our nuffie office altho it's not very grand.. and eeks, i'm guilty of trying on the construction caps too...

argh cant believe our office door is now known as the "big blue door"!! so much so that when i give directions, i have to tell people to "look for the big blue door"

Tummythoz said...

Waaa your posts reli so different from your headmast picture.
The old office looked so inviting from the outside -like grandma's home.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! Why the helmet simon?

Simon Seow said...

davienne: too bad you're not there that day. ya, so easy recognizable the blue door.

tummythoz: headmast picture?

ione: The building is still under construction. Helmet is for safety purposes.

LianneK said...

Hi Simon, I've been bad. I hardly drop messages here and when I finally did, its a tag *grin*

Have fun! We will kira this "sou" one day.

Christine said...

Hi Simon,

Will u be around Hp on Monday around 11am or afternoon? Need to pass you ur toothbrush.. Haha

Simon Seow said...

lianne: what !? No!!!! Sigh. -_-

christine: Sorry, next two week start night shift, work start from 8pm to 8am. 9th of June will work Morning shift, then I'll be there around 8am to 8pm. You email me la,

Anonymous said...

Eee.. Can I go visit them when I go sg? Hehehe.. Never been to Sg though :(