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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nokia IAC @ Zouk

This is a very late post, I might be the last one to post about it. Thanks to Nigel for giving me VIP pass to Nokia IAC.

Yours truly

Thanks to Nigel for the VIP pass.

Jan, Nadia and Mei Lin

Skyler, Billy and Li Yuan

This is what bloggers do when they're bored while waiting.

Hwei Ming, David, CincauHangus, and Thomas (Re-entry arrow pointing at him lol)

Lucky David Lai was there to kept us entertained with magic.

David Lai, moi, and Joshua Ong

Rock is at the Zouk main room

David Lai the mentalist bending a spoon with his mind power.

Soothing voice of Alaling in Terrace Bar

Alaling with her cute pose.

Hip hop and R&B in Velvet Underground and Point Blanc is performing.

Bloggers waiting to go up to the Loft for Nokia IAC private function, only those with VIP passes can go up.

Thank you David Lian for the VIP passes

David sure is a popular name. In this event alone I've already met 3 Davids, David Cheong, David Lai, and David Lian. If David Lai didn't back earlier, three of them can take picture together just like the three Joshuas.

Got another VIP pass from David Lian for Kate but all bloggers went home already, so we just took some pictures and left.

Me with my Nokia IAC V.I.P pass

By the way, Alaling will be performing with Superbar at Groove Junction, Sri Hartamas on the 29th of May 2008, 9.30 p.m. If you like to see her performing live, come and support her. I'll be going with Justin.

Click here for map.


史坦利 said...

Yo, you more late than me huH ? LoL :D

andrew said...

you met david lai???????? ish... haha anyway link d... and bye.... off for a week to mount KK expedition!!

joshuaongys said...

lolx hahahahahaaha joshua and david seems to be the HAPPENING name around huh!!

chiiiiing said...

hi simon! hehehe thanks for posting up the pic.. great seeing u yesterday!! thanks for the support wo!! :D