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Monday, May 26, 2008

Upcoming Event: Hennesy Artistry @ Aloha Club

All of you remember the Hennessy Artistry event in Zouk back in April? Well, this month there will be another Hennessy Artistry event in Aloha Club. This time Point Blanc, Bangkok Invaders, and VJ Callen are the invited performers of the night.

My invitation to Hennesy Artistry this Saturday

Event: Hennessy Artistry
Venue: Aloha Club
Time: 10 p.m.
R.S.VP here.

Updates: For Nuffnang Glitterati you can go ask Nic for a VIP invitation.

I can't wait to taste the Hennessy Miami again. See you all there.


May Zhee said...

You don't have link because you're not even mentioned hahahahaha! Too bad, if you have voted for me I planned to link you to say thank you!!!

Eh but a lot of other DLSR have taken photos of me before, but they're quite crappy too compared to KY's. Why ar.

KY said...

yeay may zhee pimped me again!

andrew said...

Hello broda!! hehehe =D nice meeting you!! looking forward to the next gathering or perhaps bump into u somewhere in KL.. hahaha

2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

i guess we would eventually see you there? >.<

amb3r1te said...

y are so many things happening when im not there!

Simon Seow said...

may zhee: sigh, woman so siu hei. maybe because KY knows how to capture your best angle.

ky: you lucky bastard.

andrew: yeah, next gathering, call me if you happen to be in kepong, pj, segambut, sri hartamas, manjalara area.

unclejosh: yes, I'll be one of the earliest there

amy: it's because every month also got something up, it's not about you.