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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hanabi Restaurant, Odeon Towers Singapore

As promised, my dinner on the first night in Singapore. After some direction and mis-direction from Uncle Nic. I've finally able to meet up with him and XLB in City Hall MRT station. We then walked down to Odeon Towers to go for Japanese ala carte buffet in Hanabi Restaurant & Sake Bar. Lucky Uncle Nic made reservation already because the restaurant is almost fully pack.

Hana(Flower) bi(Fire) means Fireworks

For $33 (RM 77) you get to order ala carte from the ala carte buffet menu from 6pm until 10.30pm. Since we only reached the place at only about 8pm (partly my fault of not knowing the directions and a low batt mobile phone) , we got about 2 and a half hour to devour the food. Oh, it comes with free green tea.

The menu, there's front and back. You can imagine the choices that they have.

Uncle Nic's Zaru Soba

Negi toro maki

Buta kimuchi (Pork with kimchi)

Sashimi moriawase (Salmon, yellow tail, octopus, squid, tuna, and white fish)

Salmon sashimi. XLB's KPI for Japanese restaurant.

Agedashi Tofu. Not too bad.

Er..forgot. XLB what's this already?

Shishamo yaki. You can skip this.

Saba shioyaki (salt grilled Mackerel). Recommended.

Unagi sushi. Taste ok but size too small. Well can't expect much from buffet.

Some unagi roll. Sorry, XLB ordered so I don't know the name.

Eel fried rice.


Grilled salmon.

Tonkatsu. (Fried pork with bread crumbs) A bit too thin and dry.

These are just 50% of the food we ate. I literally was 7 month pregnant after the dinner. Some hit and misses here and there but for $33, this is so worth it. There's also ramen, and tataki that I didn't take the picture because there's just too much food on the table. Very lazy to shoot all. Uncle Nic should have more pics. Thank you Uncle Nic and XLB for bringing me to dinner.

Oh by the way, remember there's no ground floor in Odeon Towers. No. 1 means ground floor already. So don't go to the lift and press 1 to go first floor, once you are in the building, you're already on the 1st floor.


Hanabi Restaurant and Sake Bar

331 North Bridge Road
#01-04 Odeon Towers Singapore 188720
(O) +65 6338 6626
(F) +65 6338 3090
(Reservation is recommended to avoid disappointment)

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wmw said...

Great that you met up with them...more reviews from our neighbouring land?

ling239 said...

Eel fried rice?
no eel one... >.<"

Fireopal said...

welcome to Singapore!

Peter said...

Foood... i want!!

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Omgz. The Tofu looks so awesome!
Not like normal ToFu. =)

Anonymous said...

The logo...reminds me of naruto.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

WAH!..not bad i must admit..50% food surprised that you can still take pictures..i probably just continue in the bag..hahaha...

Simon Seow said...

wmw: yeah, they're fun ppl. yes, more review from across the Causeway

ling: maybe it's too small already

fireopal: thank you.

wenzi: go buy lor

jerome: yeah, taste good too

3.8: lol, long time didn't watch anime already.

joe: lol, I still have a lot to learn from Uncle Nic, he took all the food pics.

HairyBerry said...

nice meeting you, simon...i counted already...on average, we had 7.XXX dishes each...very impressive, eh? lol!

oh, my post shd be up before end of june *fingers crossed* backlog gila-gila..sigh

babychyu said...

huhuhuhu T_T mum mum neh ~
too bad.. too far !!

fatboybakes said...

oooh, i oso must go and leech on nic's hospitality.

choi yen said...

next time I go s'pore also 1 2 ask Nic bring me cari makan...

Simon Seow said...

nic: nice meeting u too. yah, we're real eaters lol. My backlog quite a lot too. Sigh.

Adeline: Come I belanja you somewhere nearer.

FBB mimid3vils: Go go go. But don't go on weekend, he's going back KL every Friday after work.

babychyu said...

nah... kenot tarik balik what u promise yea

simsimseow said...

Bro,there is no GROUND FLOOR within Singapore buildings.FIRST FLOOR=GROUND FLOOR.I took some time to be used to this too;)

chiiiiing said...

hi simon! your food reviews and pics make me really hungry lah.. hehehe. anyway just wanted to drop in to say hi coz u passed me your blog add :-)

we'll be sharing the stage with Superbar at Groove Junction on may 29, show starts at around 930pm and no cover charge i think, so come if ure free k!

take care!

ching/alaling & the kaya koks

Carrie Tai said...

I'm drooling for the foods d.....

Simon Seow said...

Adeline: Promise is a promise. You email me your contact, I'll call you out for dinner

Sister: Oh I see.

Alaling: Hi. Yes, I'll be there. Sorry I haven't have time to post the Nokia IAC event. Maybe I'll post it next week.

chedarrina: I'm drooling over you too.

sookyee. said...


Thw raw fish look nice!!!!!!!!!!

I was sick of having that!!!
But not the salmon^^

Simon Seow said...

sookyee: why sick of mackerel? quite nice wat. I'm quite sick of salmon actually, it's like too common, every Japanese restaurant also have.