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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

EnerG on Cat Got Your Tongue

Hi guys, remember me? It's EnerG here again. I'll be your commentator for today since I last commentated for Nuffnang Pajama Party in March. This suppose post suppose to be written last month but Simon is just too busy going to event after event such as Hennessy Artistry, MDG Finale, and most recently Nokia IAC. So, here I am to take you to a simple tour of Cat Got Your Tongue that was held last month. Thanks to RudyFairyFest.

Me with Joyce, co-host of the party. Brijesh is the other co-host.

The party is held in Heritage Mansion @ Heritage Row

I want booze. Give me booze.

Rudy showing off his bubbling skill to Joyce

Me with Elif Phant

Simon with Rudy

Thomas brought his pretty friend Queen Zee

Met some old and new friends

Amy, Ms. Mushroom, Simon and I

Luxury furniture in Heritage Mansion. Cinderella was being played on the LCD TV on the wall the whole night.

Me with Bear Disguised as Chick and Little Moo

Celine Yap was there too

Rudy showing the prize for a game

Shoot the mini basketball in the hoop and win a prize

The winner giving her speech. Simon participated too, he lost and have to drink a shot of Tequila. Maybe he purposely lose.

Simon brought Esther to the party, she's now in USA

Simon with Queen Zee

Karen and Amy licking their lollipop

While everyone is dancing and having fun......

Poor Simon have to jaga their belongings

Joyce kidnapped Froggy to dance with her

Little Moo found Mama Moo

Amy & Karen trying to make baby big bubble

Alas, Simon going home with Ms. Mushroom and Froggy.

Just got invitation to Cat Got Your Tongue 2 yesterday. If you miss the first one, now it's your chance to join in the fun. Faster put in your RSVP now. Don't know whether Simon is bringing me there again or not?


joshuaongys said...

hahhaha GO ENERG!!

Monica said...

Poor Simon!!! have to jaga their belongings...hahaha...

Anonymous said...

"I want booze. Give me booze."

ROFL! Is EnerG an alcoholic now?

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

So kewt.. not everyday u see a full grown man still enjoying his stuffed toy

Anonymous said...

fuiyoh.. so busy going for events huh... :p

Big Boys Oven said...

this looks fun yeah! so many . . . ..

Anonymous said...

hey, i got the mama moo
i bought for my bf. is inside his car~
anyways everyone brought so much toys

ekeng said... many leng lui time bring me along la..hehe :)

ling239 said...

the mushroom is so cute ! ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Hi guys, EnerG here.

joshua: EnerG ftw!

monica: yes, simon is too nice

kenny mah: burp.. what did you say?

aronil: yeah, last time I saw it was in Nuffnang Pajama party.

michael: blek :P

sunny: so many what??

jan: everyone just brought one each

ekeng: sure sure, I'll try to ask Simon

ling: I think I'm cuter :P

Anonymous said...

Wah... so happening leh. Why no ppl in pajamas?

s.kuan said...

how come enerG and simon gets to go to all cool happening events :S

Simon Seow said...

jason: this is not pajamas party mah -_-

kuan: coz EnerG and Simon got time and like so seek out free event.