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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Malaysian Dreamboy Results

Remember I've put up a Nuffnang Poll asking you to vote for your Malaysian Dreamboy? The canditates are yours truly, KY, Boss Stewie, Jason Goh, and Kenny Sia. Here's the result.

Simon Seow & Jason Goh tied in the last place :(

Not ying meh me? Why don't choose me. Sigh.

2nd Runner-up is non other than KY.

At least he knows how to find good food to eat when bringing you out.

What surprised me though is that the winner is not Kenny Sia, he only made it to 1st Runner-up.

So popular and sporty also cannot make it to be Malaysian Dreamboy.

As you been reading until now, you've guessed who is the winner. Yes, non other than Nuffnang's Co-founder, Timothy Tiah.

I wonder why people vote a grown man that is still sleeping with his little bolster to be a Malaysian Dreamboy. Sigh. -________-

The Results

Notes: This is just a poll I ran in my blog, there's no Malaysian Dreamboy contest yet.


Qian said...

Haha, funny poll....Kennysia lost to Timothytiah!!

Anonymous said...

maybe Timothy rigged the polls??

joshuaongys said...

Tagged You!! Don't Worry, Its a short tag =)

r.p said...

lol.. y KY face looks like ah beng?! anyway, I give my support to TT lol..

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Lolx.Malaysia Dream boy.
Mostly look like Ah Beng =S

Unknown said...

you are hilarious..

wonder if i should jump in the bandwagon and start a poll entitled : Malaysian Dream-doctor?

err..wait a minute. would all the pictures be 'doctored'? LOL

Simon Seow said...

qian: yeah, it's the fact.

gnomefan: I don't think Tim will be that desperate.

joshua: did you tag.

r.p: lol ah beng.

jeromy: ya, and you look like one too.

cili padi: lol, i know very few doctor.