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Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Project Trafford Team

All of you should have known by know what is Project Trafford is all about. Hence from the name Trafford, you football fans, especially English Premier League will have thought of Old Trafford the home ground of Manchester United.

Yes. Project Trafford is about a contest that being run by Mister Potato that will get 30 lucky winners to go to Old Trafford for tour of the stadium and Manchester United's museum . Our task is too come out with the strategy that you can follow to win the contest. ;)

If you missed Manchester United live in Russia, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Boss Ming, you interested then help to promote my team. Lol.

Now let me introduce my team leader and member. By the way, our group got a lady boss, and she's pretty too.

Simon Seow (that's me)

And no she's not my lady boss but I know she's one of the team leader for another group

Chic from Bootylicious

Kif from 3.8, which is one of my regular read that's in my Envy list.

The artistic Aronil, which is also my regular read in Lust list.

So artistic right the look.

Andy from Delta Dark Den of Destruction

And, last but not least our lady boss.....

Non other than The Team Leader That Always Travel Around the World, The Star Metro Columnist, Travel & Food Blogger a.k.a Nicole Tan a.k.a. Nicole Kiss.

She's one of the rare blogger that is in my Lust and Gluttony list because she got a food blog too.

OMG, I'm led by a columnist in the Star

Btw, read Nicole's first column entry in the Star.

Stay tune for our next post on the game plan to win the Mister Potato contest to Old Trafford. So, please continue to visit me and my teammates' blog for updates.


chics said...

I am sexcited already!

curryegg said...

I know the person will be nicole.. Haha.. ;)

3POINT8 said...

Nicole wrote a column for the star newspaper???
Oh man, feels like i'm being cut of from msia.

Justine said...

wow!so good!i got sent the e-mail but not selected@@~~~~~~~~~~

babychyu said...

mummy just show me nicole's entry in the paper tat day ~

Simon Seow said...

chic: Me too!

kelly: it's quite obvious.

kif: yeah, you should read more on Malaysia.

justine: there's always next time.

chyu: oh, I only see the online version.

davidlian said...

Wow... cool! I've always dreamed of visiting Old Trafford. Looks like you'll get to do it in real life!

Simon Seow said...

david: no la, I just help promote the contest. I still have to do the contest like everyone else.