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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blogging Live with Adeline & Hanis

Hello folks. Currently Adeline and Hanis is standing next to me in Modesto Rain. Yes, I'm blogging live in Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Party.

As the title says it. Thanks Nigel for this pic.

Everyone is a party animal here.

Cherie the Mouse, Kenny the Pooh, Adeline the Zebra and moi (supposed to be a horse but I forgot to put up my horse board)

We also have Firdauz the Gorilla, Timothy the Lion, and yes me as the Horse. It's a horse, not a donkey ok.

This is me blogging live in the Wild Live Blogging Party.

Ok. Not to be long winded here because there's a game going on here and Liang is giving away good prizes. So, off I go to participate in the game. Come here you all.

Got to go, Tarzan Liang is waiting for me.

Ok, that's all folks. Robb is waiting behind me to live blog too.


Anonymous said...

what's robb? porcupine?

Charlie said...

ah hahhh nice party over there. too bad i didnt get the invite. Eh put more pictures lah

BublaKong said...

lollll....u as the horse looks real cute wehhh.

Wingz said...

i think your horse very hansem!

Balqiz said...


Anonymous said...

hahaha i like how you wrote "HORSE!" down there


actually your costume is damn unique!

Kutu Cat said...

And what does your placard say on the BEHIND hmmmm....?

§pinzer said...

stoopid horse i forgot to pay you your grass! why u so poor one lol

imblogger@sh ™ said...

nice horse you draw there .. at least you are the only horse there .. hehe... nice meeting you there .. is an awesome party ..

Unknown said...

i saw you last night at the party, and i like your costume!
i think it's damn cute hahaha xD

Simon Seow said...

yatz: yes, Robb is porcupine but everyone says it looks like turtle. LOL.

charlie: will do that.

lydiakong: thanks.

baby: Nope, it's a horse.

wingz: thanks. Nice to meet u again.

balqiz: thanks.

pinkpau: thanks su ann, glad someone appreciate it.

charity: it says nothing.

tock: yes, I'm pretty broke T_T

rash: yeah, i'm the only horsy.

sammy: thanks, good that you like it.

3POINT8 said...

oh man...i missed another great event.

Charlie said...

will be looking forward to see more picturessssss...

samantha said... were so cute with the sandwich plyboard horse. hahaha. and i thought it was for the mr potato thingy initially.

//ps: nice meeting you though ;)

babychyu said...

check out michael blog.. he lie to ppl i watch him blog...bluek:p

Anonymous said...

hahaha u look so serious blogging in the first picture!

Mayz said...

Hi Hi.
Nice meeting ya.
Thanx for dropping by at my blog too.

I actually find your animal costume one of the most creative. I mean, not many will think of such idea. We should have played a game call "pin the tail to the horse" or something. And the person who attempts to pin should be blindfolded.. know that kiddy game?

Haha.. As for the 3Ks, they used to be my schoolmate back in when i was in Form 6... hehe, my very young juniors (^_^)

Actually, i've met ya several times (but didn't intro myself la 'coz i feel very sesat). I saw you in .. let me recall... there's "The Forbidden Kingdom" screening in MV (was there with Kenny), MDG Finale (with Andrew Wong) prior to Wild Live.

Simon Seow said...

Kif: Faster come home.

charlie: posted

samantha: yes, that's me, nice meeting you too.

chyu: already left a comment before you leh :P bluek

valerie: yes, it's quite difficult to blog live with two pretty girls looking at you.

mayz: thanks for the compliment. why did you come up and say hello? i know la, I'm not fehmes. LOL. Just kidding. Next time must say hello.

Anonymous said...

lolz you look so funny.. oh my many leng luis!!