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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve

Kinda busy with so many events and upcoming events lately that I neglected my food post. So, look back at some of my backlog, and I decided to post this visit to Bavarian Bierhaus (Beer House = Pub) which serve up some finger licking good German food = pork. So, this is a non-halal post for my Muslim readers out there.

I chose to post this at this time also because Suanie's First Husband (SFH) is now in London, so it's a good time to be thinking of him and pawn him. LOL. A month ago I called out SFH whom is emoing at home to have dinner, and I was craving for German pork knuckles. So, I dragged him to German Bierhaus in the Curve.

SFH still emoing.

SFH ordered Hungarian Beef Goulash (RM 12.50)

While, I ordered House Specialty Pork Knuckle (RN 52). That's my purpose for coming here.

As for his main, SFH ordered Basted Hickory Pork Chop (450 gm) grilled and roasted with smoked BBQ Liquid, sauteed Spinach and mased Potatoes (RM 45). Phew!

Me with a duck beak cap, rare.

My Paulaner Salvator, taste like Guiness Malta. I still prefer Hoegaarden Light.

I tasted a it of the goulash. Nothing spectacular, something like your normal beef stew.

Rating: 3/5

My pork knuckle comes with a sauce that is rather bland in taste, nevertheless the pork knuckle is tasty but SFH and me found it to be too dry. The sour Cabbage goes very well with the pork knuckle, easing the 'jelak' feeling you get when eating such fattening gourmet.

The ever tempting inside of the pork knuckle.

With the balanced of the fat and meat proportion, one just can't complain too much. Slurp, slurp.

Rating: 3.5/5

SFH's sissy drink.

SFH's pork chop.

I helped SFH finish almost 1/3 of his pork chop. It is well cooked and the sauce is nice. I also have a weakness for spinach but after I tasted Elcerdo's pork. The pork chop here lack the juiciness and tenderness.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ah, so filling.

Down it with Guiness Malta Paulaner Salvator.

As I've written in the first part of this post that I'm going to pawn Suanie's First Husband. So, may I present to you.....

Sorry Chris, it's just too funny. It's hard for me not to post this picture. No hard feeling, ok?


Bavarian Bierhaus
G66, The Curve,
6 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya

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s.kuan said...

the last time i had pork knuckle was 2 years ago at euro deli. i got so jelak i vowed never to have it again... at least not in 5 or 10 years LOL

curryegg said...

sissy drink? So great.. nice?

Anonymous said...

wha....the drink looks good!

TZ said...

I'm looking for a nice German restaurant in KL ... So do you recommend this restaurant? Wanted to bring my parent for a nice dinner before leaving Africa.

BTW, I like the picture that you have taken on Chris... looked like he was enjoying his meal :->

ling239 said...

a porky meal...
try elcerdo yet ? ^_^

§pinzer said...

curryegg, my drink not sissy la... i didn't wanna drink malty beer, which is even sissier wahahah...

TZ, i got nicer picture of enjoying my food ok, this simon purposely wan!

simon seow u so seow u sow my buttons upside down wtf I KILL YOU WHEN I GET BACK!

Simon Seow said...

kuan: lol, that reminds me 4 years ago that I had pork knuckle and felt so jelak. I even have to tapao that pork knuckle. It is that big.

kelly: I don't know, i'm not sissy.

3.8: which drink?

tz: German food not bad here. You can try.

ling: yeah, tried Elcerdo once. Just no time to post it up yet. Only regret is didn't do reservation for the piglet.

Chris: relax la brother, it's just for fun.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha i find some of their portions ridiculously small..had some pork belly that was 3/4quarters fat with meat..hardly filling to say the least..knuckle it shall be the nxt time i go..n hav to cut dwn on the ridiculously expensive beer too!

Anonymous said...

Eee.. why the pork chop like that geh?

choi yen said...

pork chop with bone?

wmw said...

Food reviews on this place have been so so, that's probably why I haven't really made it a point to drop by this place for a meal.

Anonymous said...

next time if u ever go there again, get Paulaner Hefe weissbier, if u like hoegaarden this is taste even better....cheers!!!

Simon Seow said...

Joe: Finnegan's one quite big

Ah Lost & Mimid3vil: Different cut gua

wmw: where's the best german place in Malaysia?

kenny: Hoegaarden is my favourite