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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Help Me Win A HP Mini!

Simon says: Thank you Kif for the title pic.

HP just launched HP Mini, a sub-notebook that is as small as a book. This is HP's answer to ASUS PCEE. Currently HP is running a contest, and the prize is HP Mini. I've submitted my entry. Please register here as a voter and choose Urban Males category and look for the name Seow Ying Yuen and vote for me.

Navigation: After you registered, login then click on Start Voting tab, then click Urban Males category, and go through the page until you see the name Seow Ying Yuen and this picture below:

Taken in Aloha. From left: Steph G, me, Steph K, and Rachel.

Please vote for me. Thanks. LOL.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

again with so many girls..*envy*

Anonymous said...

hey simon. enjoy yourself at the nuffie events. lucky u live in kl. especially the latest wild live event coming up :)

curryegg said...

Simon with so many 'leng lu'.. again.. haha.. agree with "joe".. ;D

Anonymous said...

P I M P !!

Anonymous said...

uuhhhhhhh chicks!

damn player la u


Simon Seow said...

joe: you can too if you gf don't mind :p

samantha: well, it's lucky most event in KL because no one will sponsor me air tickets for events like er you know who.

kelly: this is just all ilusion

mike: this means Steph G is er...

firdauz: just frieds la boss.

davidlian said...

LoL! I also want to win.