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Friday, June 20, 2008

Bedok North 85 Hawker Center

Being a blogger has given me opportunity to get to know a lot of friends and especially as a Nuffnanger. I got to know bloggers not only in Malaysia but also a few bloggers from across the Causeway. So, whenever I come to Singapore, I'll try to meet up with them if possible. I got into contact with Holly, and she was so nice to bring me to go to Bedok North 85 Hawker Center to eat bak chor mee.

Bedok North 85

Hawker center like this is very common in Singapore.

Nice and pretty Holly Jean.

Bak chor mee

I'm not sure whether or not vinegar is a default for bak chor mee but I don't find it in this one. Still the mee is so 'song hau' and a bit of spiciness from the chili oil is so appetizing. Well, for me, I still prefer the bak chor mee in Hong Lim.

Pork balls and minced pork soup that come with my dried bak chor mee.

This is one of the most delicious pork balls and minced pork soup I've ever tasted. You can't find the stence that you find in some other pork soup. The minced pork is not over marinated like some. Nice.

Rating: 3.5/5

Or Chien (Oyster Omelet)

The Or Chien is not too bad but I still prefer the one in Malacca which I've never eaten since like ages ago.

Rating: 3/5

Holly was nice enough to dropped me back to my brother-in-law's place after the dinner. My BIL's place is apparently on the way to her home. Thanks Holly. ;)

Camwhoring in taxi wtf.


Samuel said...

I think I should stop reading blog early in the morning...

damn!! those food is really making me hungry...sigh :D

Anonymous said...

Living in S'pore for the past 30+ years, I will have to seriously comments that M'sia food is yummier than here!