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Friday, May 16, 2008

Rush Rush in Singapore

I have to go back to office for a monthly morning meeting. Then went back to home to change. By the time I reached 1 Utama for Aeroline it's almost 11.30 pm already. Lucky there's still seats available. Return tickets cost me RM 160 -_-

My ticket envelope

I sit in a single seat.

The whole bus only 10 ppl

Since, I was last minute, I was only served Maggi Cup Noodle as lunch wtf. -______- Next time must book earlier.

Camwhore on the bus wtf

Arrive at Harbour Front around 5.30 pm. Rushed to the MRT to get to my sis' place in East Coast because dinner appointment with Uncle Nic and XLB is 7pm. Reached sis' place at about 6.30pm and was greeted by Polo.

Polo so excited to see me

After saying hi to mum and dropping my luggage, I rushed out and take a cab to City Hall to meet up with Uncle Nic and XLB. On they way I passed by Singapore Flyer again. The first time was during the last trip, that time going to Central.

Singapore Flyer, heard from Uncle Nic it cost about $36 for a ride

Oh yeah, there's a change of plan. We're going to Hanabi in Odeon Tower instead of Ma Maison. Will blog about the dinner later. Now very tire and need to take a bath. Such a rushing day today. Post some teaser pictures first below.

P.S. Mrs Forest just post her first ever post here.

P.P.S. Can I join JFKA now?

Salmon sashimi

Coke Zero, I still prefer Coke Light


LogicYuan said...

wah i long time din go singapore already

p.s. nice meeting u at NokiaIAC

Monica said...

the Salmon sashimi.. *drooling*

Btw, you've been tagged :-D, it's a simple one okay...

Simon Seow said...

ji yuan: nice meeting you too.

monica: new profile pic wor. why ler tag me -_-

Kenny Choo said...

Eeek....Singapore! Going down to one of these days. Great Singapore Sale!!! Here I come!

Christine said...

oh my god.. Ur work place is so near to my uni... Hahaha

Simon Seow said...

kenny: yeah, i came too early.

christine: you study in HELP right?

Monica said...


Anonymous said...

eh Aeroline is the bus that have food to sell on the bus right?

Simon Seow said...

monica: done already la your meme

vickie: they serve food on the bus, you don't have to buy because it's included.

haan said...

hey simon, ask u sth. we haven't got coke zero sold in msia, right? why ar? i have been curious about this for few years!!!