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Friday, May 2, 2008

Lunch in Section 17

Sunday: Sunny

Dear diary,

Today I went for lunch in Section 17 from my office. I was having the urge to eat the 'siu yuk' (roast pork) in Hong Seng Restaurant which is opposite the CIMB Bank in the Section 17 market. I reached there at about 1 p.m. and the 'siu yuk' was already sold out :(

All that is left is a few pieces of siu yuk that another customer already booked. All I can do is take the pictures of the 'siu yuk' and look at it to calm my urge for this yummy 'siu yuk'.

No more siu yuk! Argh......

Because there's no more 'siu yuk', I'll have to go to Lucky Restaurant a shop lot away to find another good lunch to eat.

Do you know what's the best food in Lucky Seafood Restaurant Dear Diary?

Well it's wantan mee of course.

The wantan mee prepared by Hong Kee here is handmade. The texture of the mee is so 'Q'. The char siew might not be as good as Restoran Famous Seremban but it's good nevertheless. The cook say that to cook the mee until the texture is so 'Q' the timing of cooling and cooking the mee is very important. The sauce used for this dry wantan mee is just right not overly dry or overly wet. In less than 5 minutes, the whole plate of wantan mee has gone to my stomach.

Rating: 4/5

Lucky for me there's still some mee left, if I come half an hour later, I might have to go to Say Huat Restaurant to eat Thai Prawn Fried rice instead.

Dear Diary, some of my friends also had their own opinion about having lunch in Section 17. I'll put in their views here:

Hong Seng Roast Pork:

Tan Kiasu

Lucky Seafood Restaurant:

Julian Si

Dear Diary, from now on I'll remember to come before 12 p.m. to prevent another disappointment of not able to eat the 'siu yuk' in Hong Seng Restaurant. See you another day Dear Diary.


joshuaongys said...

lolx wts with u and ur dear diary haha this post is funny =)

史坦利 said...

I prefer going there at night. Got tong sui eat. HahA :D

Unknown said...

oh man! i so friggin' like siu yuk! YUMM!!!

Marc said...

I like yr blog layout, very clean n neat. Anyway do u care to exchange link?

Kevin Tan said...

i dun get wats nice about siu yuk lorr... its salty and dry and stuff...

i love wantan mee.. got one shop in petaling st with damn nice char siew

Anonymous said...

Walau... siu yuk so good meh until have to book some more? Hope you have better luck next time, Simon! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks very syiok!

BublaKong said...

i understand ur feeling when u wan to eat sth so badly.

my roti canai sold out today. =( =(

Holly Jean said...

ur posts always make me hungry.. it's like 5.30am in the morning now lor.. where the hell to get siu yuk!!!??? you tell me!!!???

super craving now!!!!

Monica said... fast? less than 5 minutes!

Simon Seow said...

joshua: thanks, glad you like it.

sj: lol, seldom go at night nowadays.

zhengdhong: yeah, siu yuk is so irresistible.

marc: thanks, I'm just lazy to mix and match colour. Linked you adi.

kevin: anything with pork, I like, slurp slurp.

kenny mah: yeah, it's that good. yeah better luck next time, thanks.

sunny: best!

lydia: yeah, roti canai also can sold out, you must tell me where

holly: next time when reading my post prepare some food first lol.

monica: ok la, less than 10 minutes la, exaggerate a bit cannot meh.

wmw said...

The wantan mee is nice but I prefer the wantan itself across from this place, Wah Cheong.

ling239 said...

love the roast pork, but timing has to be good too....XD